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    Collisions and crashes involving buses might not be quite as common as standard car accidents, but they can be disastrous when they occur. You might need to take legal action to get fair compensation from the person or people responsible for the accident.

    Filing a legal claim for damages in any situation can feel a bit intimidating, and many injured accident victims are hesitant to begin a case. Even if you are unsure of exactly what you want to do, you should call a lawyer for advice. Numerous parties might be to blame for the crash, including the bus driver and the company they work for, other drivers, and governmental entities in charge of public transportation. Evidence to support your damages claims may involve photos of the crash scene, security camera videos, witness testimony, and any other evidence we believe is relevant. Injuries in bus crashes are often severe, even deadly. As such, damages and compensation might be quite substantial.

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    Why You Should Hire a Lawyer After a Bus Accident in Killeen, TX

    An attorney can help you in more ways than you might realize. First, our bus accident attorneys can help you explore your legal options for compensation. While a lawsuit is definitely a possibility, there might be other avenues worth looking into.

    Many accident victims choose to pursue insurance claims as a first course of action. Meet with a lawyer and discuss whether insurance is a good option or even available for you. People sometimes do not think they need a lawyer to file an insurance claim, but proceeding without legal representation might be a mistake. Insurance companies do not like parting with their money, and many injured claimants find themselves fighting with insurance companies for the compensation they not only desperately need but are legally entitled to. A lawyer can use the law to get you what you deserve.

    Lawsuits are also a worthwhile option. When people cannot otherwise get the compensation they are entitled to, a lawsuit might be necessary to compel defendants to pay for damages. While often complex and time-consuming, lawsuits tend to result in larger damages awards. Many damages often excluded from insurance coverage, like pain and suffering, may be included in a lawsuit.

    Another possibility is that you and the defendant come to a settlement agreement. These are private agreements reached outside of court. However, the terms may be legally binding and enforced by the courts. Generally, defendants agree to pay for some of the damages while you agree to drop the case. Once the deal is complete, you may not bring the cause of action again.

    Who is At Fault in a Bus Accident Case in Killeen, TX?

    Bus accidents are nothing if not confusing. They often involve numerous vehicles, lots of passengers, and various bystanders with conflicting stories of how the accident went down. As you can imagine, getting to the bottom of a bus accident is not easy. To make things more complicated, numerous parties might be to blame, and you should talk to your attorney about who should be held accountable in your case.

    The Bus Driver and Bus Company

    After a crash, our legal team will help you sue the negligent bus driver who caused the crash. Bus driver negligence is a major concern in these kinds of cases and is often the root cause of collisions. Common examples of negligence include distractions behind the wheel (e.g., cell phones, conversations with passengers, GPS devices), intoxication, and a lack of experience driving a bus.

    If the bus driver is liable for the crash, there is a good chance we can also sue the bus company that employs the bus driver. Under the legal doctrine known as respondeat superior, an employer may be held liable for an accident caused by a negligent employee if the employee’s negligence occurred within the normal scope of their job duties.

    Drivers in Other Vehicles

    In some cases, drivers other than the one operating the bus are responsible for the crash. Other drivers might be liable instead of the bus driver, or they might share liability. For example, suppose you are a passenger on the bus and the bus driver is speeding dangerously. Next, suppose that another driver recklessly cut off the bus without using a signal. The bus driver might slam their brakes, causing the bus to tip over and injure you and others. In that case, both the bus driver and the driver of the other car might share the blame, and both may be named in your lawsuit.

    Governmental Entities

    When the bus involved in a crash is part of a government-operated public transportation system, governmental entities might be liable for the accident. Under the Texas Tort Claims Act, a governmental agency or entity may be liable for personal injuries, property damage, or death caused by a negligent government employee acting in the scope of their normal job duties. However, there are some caveats here, as not all accidents are included.

    You may sue the government if your injuries occurred in a motor vehicle accident, the employee would ordinarily be liable if they were a private person, and the government would be liable if it were a private organization. This generally includes bus accidents.

    If you sue the government, you must submit proper notice of your claim to the appropriate government agency. While the typical statute of limitations is 2 years for personal injuries, you must submit a notice of your claim within 6 months of the accident.

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    Get a confidential case review for no charge from our team by calling The Queenan Law Firm, P.C. at (817) 476-1797 and speaking to our bus accident lawyers.