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    If someone crashes their motorcycle, it can be a tragic accident.  But when someone else causes you to crash or crashes into you, it is so much more than just an “accident.”  These “accidents” often seriously injure and kill people, often because of the other driver’s impatience or inability to adhere to the rules of the road that are there to keep everyone safe.

    If you were injured or a loved one was killed in a motorcycle accident, our lawyers can help you file your case against the at-fault driver and fight to get you compensation to cover your injuries.  These cases are often difficult because courts and insurance companies often have unfair biases against motorcycle riders, but our lawyers can help negotiate settlements and present evidence and arguments in court to help you with your case.

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    How a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help with Your Injury Case in Richardson, TX

    Having a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side during your case can be a help for a number of very important reasons:

    We Fight While You Recover

    If you are seriously hurt in an accident, you have better things to worry about than how to file your case or what evidence you need to gather.  Even without serious injuries, you might still have a full-time job, kids to take care of, and other tasks in your life that you need to keep your focus on, and having to file insurance claims or deal with a lawsuit on top of that is a lot.  Our attorneys can handle the case for you, and we can simplify everything to put it in manageable terms that you can handle in between appointments and other tasks.

    Experienced Negotiators

    Our lawyers have a long history of fighting insurance companies.  We know what they want to hear – and what they do not want to hear – and we know how to present evidence and arguments to these insurance companies in ways that can help progress your case.  Often, insurance companies will give individuals the run-around, delaying their claims, denying them unnecessarily, and undercutting damages, all with the hope that the victim might not notice or care.  Our lawyers will do what we can to negotiate a strong settlement, and we will fight the case in court if not.

    Going to Trial

    If your case needs to be filed as a lawsuit because the insurance company is not being cooperative, we know how to handle it from here.  We can gather evidence, take depositions, and present a strong case to the court.  Often, this will push the defendants and their insurance companies into settling, avoiding the need to actually go to trial.  If the case does go to trial, we can be prepared to take the case all the way through to a jury verdict.

    Defending Against Bias

    Motorcycle riders often get a bad rap.  People think that motorcycles are dangerous or risky, and unfair stereotypes about the kinds of people who ride motorcycles might skew insurance companies or juries against you.  However, our lawyers can make logical and legal arguments that cut against these biases, pointing out things like your compliance with all motorcycle safety laws, the fact that you were not speeding, and the fact that your injuries and all other claims are verifiable with objective evidence.  We can also defend against victim blaming if the defense tries to blame you for the crash or says a motorcycle is just too dangerous.

    Damages for Motorcycle Riders Injured in a Crash in Richardson, TX

    Motorcycle accidents often cause very severe injuries, with riders often facing long-term or even life-altering injuries.  Our lawyers can help you calculate damages and recover expenses you faced because of your crash in the following common areas:

    Property Damage

    After a crash, your bike could be totaled or seriously damaged, requiring expensive repairs.  Additionally, helmets and other safety gear often need to be replaced after a crash.  This, plus the cost of damaged clothing, cell phones, and any cargo you had, could result in high-dollar property damage in your case.

    Medical Bills

    While property damage is a setback, nothing is more important than your health and physical safety.  After a crash, you should seek treatment from the EMTs at the scene and go to the hospital if you need further care.  This instantly means hospital bills and other medical care costs, such as the cost of follow-up visits with your doctor, mental health therapy appointments, rehab, and other costs, all of which can be recovered in an injury claim.

    Lost Earnings

    If your injuries keep you from working for any period of time – short-term or long-term or permanent – you can claim compensation for your lost wages.  Calculating future lost earning capacity is often complex, especially if you face total disabilities that will keep you from ever working again.

    Other Expenses

    Injury cases often involve other miscellaneous expenses, too.  This includes things like paying a babysitter while you are at your doctor’s appointments or the cost of ordering out because you cannot cook while you are recovering from serious injuries.

    Loss of Consortium

    If you are injured in an accident, your spouse is often entitled to damages for the effect the injuries have on your relationship.


    Pain takes a toll on you even if it has no economic cost.  Along with other “non-economic” damages, you can claim damages for the physical pain and discomfort you faced because of an injury.

    Emotional Distress

    Especially if your injury involves severe scarring, long-term disabilities, permanent losses, amputation, or ongoing disabilities, you can claim compensation for the effects that injury has on your mental and emotional well-being.  These are also “non-economic” damages based on the harm you suffered rather than the expenses related to the harm, and they arise in any case, even mild or moderate ones.  You do not need life-altering injuries to face emotional distress.

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