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    After being injured in a front-end collision in Fort Worth, you could be entitled to sue the at-fault driver to recover expenses related to the crash.  Head-on car accidents often lead to very severe injuries that might require hospitalization, extended leaves of absence from work, and immense recovery time.  The accidents could also be permanent or constitute disabilities that change your life.

    If you or a loved one was involved in a head-on car accident in the Fort Worth area, call The Queenan Law Firm today.  Our Fort Worth head-on collision lawyers represent those injured in accidents and we work to hold at-fault drivers responsible.  Don’t fight the insurance companies alone.  Call us for a free legal consultation on your case.  Our number is (817) 476-1797.

    When to Sue for a Head-On Collisions in Fort Worth

    Many people are involved in car accidents every day, but most accidents are minor.  In these cases where there is only property damage, an insurance claim can often get you the compensation you need to repair vehicle damage.  In very severe crashes like front-end collisions, the victim could face serious injuries that might require more than just an insurance claim to get them the full compensation they need.

    Insurance claims can pay for economic damages related to the crash, including vehicle damage, medical bills, and lost wages.  These damages are often quite high in a front-end crash.  First, the crumple zones and safety features in a vehicle often mean that it will suffer more damage to help pad the accident and prevent the occupants from being injured.  This often totals cars in front-end crashes.  If you were involved in a high-speed crash, you could suffer serious back, neck, and head injuries or other debilitating injuries that require intensive medical care.  These injuries could also keep you from work for an extended time, or permanently.  This means these damages are often very high.

    Insurance companies work to keep their payouts low, and they might only pay a portion of the damages you suffered, meaning that many injury victims cannot get full compensation for the damages listed above when they file an insurance claim.  In addition, insurance companies will not pay damages for pain and suffering in most cases, forcing you to go through the courts in a lawsuit to seek damages for these “noneconomic” harms.

    If you faced injuries in a head-on car accident, talk to a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer about whether a lawsuit is right for you.  This could unlock additional damages that might help you recover what you need from the at-fault driver.

    Common Causes of Frontal Collisions in Fort Worth, Texas

    Head-on collisions can really only occur when one driver enters another driver’s lane or goes the wrong way down a one-way street.  This kind of mistake is a huge danger and usually only happens in instances of very bad weather when visibility is reduced or because of exceptionally dangerous driving mistakes.  Most of these mistakes constitute traffic violations and other unreasonable dangers that can lead to the at-fault driver being held accountable in court.

    One of the most common reasons that a driver swerves out of their lane and into yours is to avoid an obstruction in the road.  Roads with potholes, construction, or other dangers can often lead drivers to swerve somewhat erratically.  Additionally, construction, parked cars, mail trucks, and other obstructions in the lane could lead a driver to swerve around.  This is unsafe if there are cars coming in the other direction, and any accidents that occur this way are usually blamed on the driver who swerved around since they were the one who illegally entered the opposing lane.

    Drivers also swerve into opposing traffic because they are not in a state to safely drive.  Drunk driving, tired driving, and distracted driving are some of the most common causes of drivers accidentally swerving out of their lane and into oncoming traffic.  All of these things are illegal and can constitute fault in a car crash.

    Injuries from Front-Impact Car Accidents in Fort Worth

    When a car is struck from the front, the front of the car is designed to crumple to pad the impact so the driver does not get injured.  Airbags and other modern safety features also work to prevent injury, so not every front-impact car accident results in injuries.  However, head-on collisions often occur at higher speeds than other crashes because the speeds of both cars effectively add together to make these accidents worse than when a single car crashes into a stationary object.  Even with safety features, these head-on accidents can have traumatic effects on the body.

    The force of a crash can cause injury to the back, neck, and spinal cord.  Even in low-speed crashes, your back can be thrown out of alignment, potentially resulting in herniated discs or worse spinal injuries.  Whiplash is also a common injury.

    In a front-end crash, your windshield could be shattered or penetrated by debris.  If any of this material hits you, you could face cuts or scrapes, and if the debris is large or sharp, you could face puncture wounds and other serious injuries.  Crashes where the other vehicle drives up and over the front of your car often make the safety features and crumple zones on your vehicle ineffective, resulting in more severe injuries to occupants inside the vehicle.

    Call Our Fort Worth, Tx Head-On Collision Accident Lawyers for a Free Case Consultation

    After a serious head-on car accident, you could face substantial injuries that take a long time for recovery.  For help getting financial compensation for your injuries and damages, contact The Queenan Law Firm’s Fort Worth head-on collision lawyers today.  To schedule a free legal consultation with our Fort Worth and Texas personal injury lawyer, call our law offices at (817) 476-1797.