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    Family law issues can touch on anything from divorce and asset division to adoption and child custody cases. Surrogacy agreements, disputes over a child’s healthcare decisions, and how to handle a long-distance relocation with shared custody can all lead to complex legal issues that you should speak with a family law attorney about.

    The Houston family law attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm help with all kinds of family legal issues in Texas. We fight to help our clients make decisions, protect their rights, and get the outcomes they want in their cases. For a confidential case consultation on your family law issue, contact The Queenan Law Firm today at (817) 476-1797.

    Types of Family Law Matters Our Attorneys Handle in Houston, TX

    “Family law” covers a wide range of issues that our Houston family lawyers can help with. We have decades of experience handling various aspects of family law cases, and we are available for legal consultations to see if we can help with your potential case and fight to give you the legal representation you need. Our attorneys handle the following types of cases, as well as any other family law matters you might need help with:


    If you want a divorce, you might have multiple options about what grounds to use to you’re your divorce case. Texas law allows both fault-based divorces for things like adultery and abuse as well as no-fault divorces for couples who want a divorce without accusations or proof requirements. Our lawyers can help you determine what grounds are appropriate for your case, where to file the divorce case, and how long your case should take. We can also handle the other related issues that come with divorce, such as asset division, child custody, etc.

    Divorce cases can often be negotiated outside the courtroom to help both parties customize the outcome instead of having to sit with whatever decisions the judge makes. Talk to a lawyer about getting your case tuned to your specific needs.

    Asset Division and Prenups/Postnups

    If you are getting divorced, Texas law might require you to split much of your shared property with your spouse. In some cases, certain assets will be “individual property” that you owned before the marriage, which you get to keep. However, increased value in individual assets and other complex pieces of wealth might be “community property” subject to division at divorce.

    Our lawyers can help fight these cases to get you your fair share of marital assets. We can work to let you keep the house, your business, or other assets. If you need help at the beginning of your marriage to secure these assets in case you ever get divorced, we can also help create prenuptial agreements. If you are already married, postnuptial agreements can institute similar rules. Talk to one of our Houston family lawyers for help.

    Spousal Maintenance/Alimony

    Alimony or spousal support, officially known as “spousal maintenance” in Texas, is money paid to a former spouse to help support them after the end of their marriage. Many spouses need spousal support to cover them while they find a job after a divorce or when they need help paying to cover disabilities and healthcare. You can also request spousal maintenance in cases where fault was a part of the divorce, potentially helping you to receive additional payments after being subjected to abuse or adultery.

    Spousal maintenance can also be awarded during the divorce to help a spouse pay for housing, support, and legal services while the divorce is pending. Spousal maintenance is not awarded in every case, but it can be necessary in some instances.

    Child Custody and Support

    In Texas, child custody is known as a “conservatorship,” and it lets you make decisions about your child’s life regarding education, healthcare, religion, and other “big-picture” issues. If you have your child living with you, you have “possession” of your child or are allowed “visitation,” either of which gives you other rights for more direct control while the child is under your roof. In any case where children live apart from a parent, one parent is usually required to pay child support to help cover the child’s needs.

    Child custody and support often have complex rules and systems in place. Our lawyers can help you file for custody or support, work to get your support amount increased or lowered, and can fight to have support terminated or enforced as you need.

    In many cases, lawyers can arrive at an agreement that allows both parents to customize their visitation and support requirements. Talk to a lawyer for help with your case.


    If you are looking to adopt, the law can often be complex. Seeking an adoption from another state or another country can often come with complex rules and regulations. Adopting a spouse’s child from a previous marriage can be rocky if the other parent still has shared custody. Our lawyers deal with all kinds of complex adoption issues and can help with your case.

    Many issues of surrogacy and parentage for same-sex couples are also handled through the legal lens of adoption. Our lawyers can help prepare agreements and documentation for these kinds of cases to help ensure you have proper custody and parental rights over your child.

    Call Our Houston Family Law Attorneys for a Confidential Legal Consultation

    If you have a family law issue such as divorce, child custody, or adoption that you need help with, call The Queenan Law Firm today. Our Houston family law attorneys represent husbands, wives, parents, and any other family members in legal disputes and work to help them with their family law issues. For a case consultation, call us today at (817) 476-1797.