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    Amazon delivers thousands of packages across the Fort Worth area every day. The delivery truck drivers responsible for fulfilling these orders may behave negligently or recklessly behind the wheel. If this type of behavior causes an accident, you may be able to sue for your recovery.

    You could file a suit if the Amazon delivery truck driver was at fault for the accident and left you with injuries. Your lawyer will be able to help you determine whether to sue Amazon, the driver, or both for your recovery. Your lawyer can also help you defend against arguments that you were also to blame for the accident, which could limit your recovery. Be sure to act quickly and decisively, as waiting too long could result in missing your opportunity for justice.

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    Common Injuries from Amazon Delivery Truck Accidents in Fort Worth


    Whiplash, an excessive straining of the neck muscles, is one of the most common physical conditions that results from collisions. It is so common, in fact, that it has almost become a punch line when discussing lawsuits for car accident injuries. However, whiplash is no laughing matter for injury victims. Neck injuries such as whiplash hinder many day-to-day functions and can require extensive physical therapy for a victim to fully recover.

    Traumatic Brain Injury

    When the brain makes forceful contact with the inside of the skull, the brain may bruise or swell, altering cognitive function. Contrary to popular belief, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as concussions can happen even when the victim’s head does not make contact with another physical object. Some TBIs may not be apparent after an accident, so you should always seek immediate medical evaluation after an accident involving an Amazon delivery truck to determine the extent of your injuries.

    Broken Bones

    Cars are built to sustain forceful contact from vehicles moving at speed. Unfortunately, the human body is not. Amazon delivery truck accident victims frequently experience fractures of the bones in their lower legs, arms, wrists, fingers, face, collarbones or ribs. Broken ribs may lead to internal bleeding, which can become serious and even life-threatening if untreated.


    An accident with an Amazon delivery truck may break a car’s window glass and shower the driver and passengers with sharp and dangerous shards. Open cuts must be stitched up and disinfected as soon as possible to avoid infection.

    Suing Truck Drivers vs. Amazon for Delivery Truck Accident Injuries in Fort Worth

    Whether you will have the ability to sue Amazon itself for your injuries depends on how the accident happened as well as the relationship between Amazon and the truck driver. Some drivers may be classified as independent contractors rather than employees, which makes suing Amazon or another delivery company more difficult.

    However, even if you cannot sue Amazon, you will still likely have access to enough compensation for your case. Regardless of employment status, all delivery truck drivers must obtain commercial insurance coverage. Amazon offers commercial insurance to all of its drivers. You should not hesitate to file your claim because you think that the coverage will be insufficient for your harms.

    Determining Fault in Fort Worth Delivery Truck Accident Lawsuits

    Amazon delivery truck drivers in Fort Worth owe the same responsibilities to drive safely as any other driver. If your injuries were caused in an accident that an Amazon truck driver caused, you can pursue damages in a lawsuit. However, you should be aware of the state laws that may limit your recovery if you are found to be partially responsible.

    Every state operates under a different legal theory to determine how to respond if a plaintiff in a car accident injury case also acted negligently. The State of Texas employs a modified comparative negligence rule, known as the “51% bar.”  This law allows plaintiffs to sue and potentially recover even if they were partially responsible for causing the accident or their injuries. However, the court may decide to limit the total amount of damages the plaintiff can recover based on the proportion of the blame that they deserve.

    For instance, let’s say that a jury finds that an Amazon delivery truck driver was 75% at fault for causing an accident that injured another driver, meaning that the other driver was 25% at fault. If the other driver claims $40,000 in damages as a result of their injuries, the court will set payable damages at $30,000, or 75% of the total. If the court finds that the plaintiff’s negligence was a greater cause of the accident than the defendant’s (hence the “51% bar”), the plaintiff will not be able to recover anything in their suit.

    If you have questions about how your behavior leading up to an accident may influence your ability to recover damages, we urge you to discuss your case with a Fort Worth Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer.

    Statute of Limitations for Amazon Delivery Truck Accident Lawsuits in Fort Worth

    Once your injuries are evaluated and treated, your next step should be to contact a Fort Worth Amazon delivery truck accident lawyer. If you want to file your claim, you must act soon. Texas law only gives you two years to begin your suit by filing your claim, and if you fail to file before the two years is up, your case will likely be thrown out.

    Two years is a deceptively short period. In preparing to file your suit, you must estimate your damages and identify all of the appropriate defendants, two tasks which take longer in instances where the accident or resulting injuries are complex. Our Fort Worth Amazon delivery truck accident attorneys can get started on preparing your official filings immediately. Remember, the sooner you file, the sooner you will likely see the compensation that you deserve.

    Queenan Can Help You Recover Damages from Amazon for a Delivery Truck Accident in Fort Worth

    At The Queenan Law Firm, P.C., our Fort Worth Amazon delivery truck accident lawyers work hard to earn the compensation that our clients deserve for their injuries. To talk with us for free, schedule today by calling (817) 476-1797.