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    Oil industry workers in Texas face thousands of injuries each year, causing missed work and stalled operations. These injuries are often quite serious because of the hazards common in the oil industry.

    If you were injured while working at an oil refinery or on an oil field, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If a loved one was killed in an oil accident, you may also be entitled to additional damages for your loss. For help with your case, contact the Odessa oil refinery and oil field injury lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm today at (817) 476-1797.

    Common Injuries in Oil Refineries and Oil Fields

    The injuries oil workers commonly face depend on where exactly they work in the oil industry. Some of the following injuries may be more common for oil field workers, whereas others might be more prevalent for oil refinery employees. In any case, these injuries are some of the most common serious injuries that workers receive. There are other injuries that may be more common – like cuts, scrapes, and bruises – but they are not often severe enough to lead to a lawsuit.

    Burn Injuries

    Oil can be ignited from a mere spark. Oil fields can suffer blowouts that lead to widespread destruction and serious burn risk to any workers in the area. Refineries are potentially more dangerous since there are more tools and pieces of machinery that can create sparks and potentially deadly explosions. Oil refineries also use chemicals to treat, process, and clean up oil, many of which can lead to chemical burns. Serious burn injuries can be life-threatening and lead to permanent, obvious scarring.

    Head and Brain Injuries

    Working in an oil refinery or on an oil rig can mean serious head and brain injuries. Many workers fall from ladders, trip over power cables or equipment, or fall because of spills and other dangers on the property. If you hit your head during one of these fall accidents, you could face serious concussions and brain trauma. The effects of traumatic brain injury can be permanent, potentially causing you ongoing cognitive issues, memory problems, motor skill issues, and other problems.

    Amputations and Crush Injuries

    Oil fields use many pieces of heavy machinery, including the massive drills used to extract oil. Many of these pieces of equipment have moving parts that can get sleeves or pant legs caught, potentially pulling you into the machinery. This often results in serious amputation injuries. If you do not lose a limb, you could still face potentially debilitating crushing injuries instead.

    Chemical Exposure Injuries

    Oil itself is an irritant, and skin exposure can cause itchiness, burning, and other uncomfortable sensations. Many of the chemicals used in treating and processing oil – and even the chemicals used to clean gear and equipment – may be more dangerous. If you get any of these chemicals on your skin, you could suffer serious effects from the exposure.

    Suing an Oil Refinery or Oil Company for Injuries

    If you were injured while drilling for oil or working at a refinery, your right to sue might depend on your workers’ compensation rights. If your employer provides workers’ compensation coverage for its employees, you may be required to use that system. However, Texas law gives employees the right to refuse workers’ comp. coverage within their first 5 days of taking a new job. If you do, you can preserve your right to sue in court.

    When you file a lawsuit for injuries, you may be entitled to the full value of the damages you faced. Workers’ comp. often pays only a fractional percentage of lost wages and requires you to use a doctor your employer chooses to seek medical care. If you sue in court, you could receive compensation for the medical care you receive from your doctor of choice, 100% of the wages and reduced earning capacity you face because of the injuries, and damages for pain and suffering.

    These damages are calculated from records that you bring to court as evidence. For instance, pay stubs and bank records show how much you typically make, medical records show the treatment you received and the cost of this care, and your testimony demonstrates what you can and can’t do since the injury.

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