The team at QueenanLaw will work with you to determine the best plan of action for your situation.

Whether the best option is litigation or settlement, our attorneys will be personally committed to your case. These few cases only represent the different issues and numerous cases resolved by our firm.

Results may vary and previous cases are no indication of future results.

Severe Burn/Electrocution

A telephone repairman accidently touched a high voltage wire. The client suffered extensive third-degree burns and was a paraplegic. The future medical expenses were estimated to be $3,000,000.00. The case settled for a confidential sum.

Long-time landowner electrocuted when attempting to protect his property after failed attempts to have electric company clear tree branches from a high voltage transmission line. The settlement details are confidential.

Defective Product


A German crane manufacturer failed to properly weld a lug to the crane boom. When the lug broke the client was knocked to the ground and sustained a head injury resulting in the loss of smell and vertigo. ($381,278.00 attorney's fee and $359,385.00 expenses.)

The airbag on a US manufactured SUV failed to deploy. The client suffered major abdominal and spinal injuries. The future medical expenses were projected to be $801,285. The lost earning capacity was estimated at $559,932.

Insurance Coverage/18-wheeler Accident

QueenanLaw obtained a final judgment against an 18-wheeler driver, after a jury trial, in connection with a car/18-wheeler collision. The excess insurance carrier for the motor carrier then denied the claim. A federal jury decided the 18-wheeler driver was operating the truck within the scope of the permission granted at the time of the collision, thus invoking coverage.

After a Texas court signed a $756,000 judgment against a construction company, an insurance company denied a construction company's request for insurance coverage. QueenanLaw sued the insurance company and thereafter obtained a confidential settlement.


Client was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler. The highest offer to the client before the client retained QueenanLaw was $18,000. After 12 months of litigation, the case settled for $1,282,500.
(attorney's fees $513,000; costs $189,330)

A driver of an 18-wheeler turned right without signaling and struck a vehicle resulting in bodily injury to our client. (less $118,000 attorney's fees & $10,800 expenses)

Wrongful Death

After a fatal automobile accident, QueenanLaw represented the family of the victim to secure a large settlement against various insurance companies and drivers.

A family settled with a major automobile manufacturer after the wife and mother died in a one vehicle SUV rollover accident.

A motorist with faulty tires collided with another vehicle, resulting in the death of the other driver and serious bodily injury to her passenger. Families of both victims reached a settlement with the major tire manufacturer.

Construction Site


A construction worker was injured while working in a poorly lit area of a new building. (less $256,000 attorney's fees & $60,760 expenses)

A worker was injured due to unsafe working conditions.

Insurance agent failed to obtain the correct coverage for its contractor client. After an injured worker sued the contractor, the court granted a judgement against the contractor for $756,610.09. The insurance company for the insurance agent settled the claims for a confidential sum.

Automobile Accident


In a parking lot an 18-wheeler driver turned right over the top of the hood of the client's car resulting in bodily injury to the driver of the car. (Less $118,000 attorney's fees & $15,430 expenses)


The family of a man who suffered injuries after being hit by a commercial truck settled with the company. (less $166,667 attorney's fees & $30,168 expenses)


A motorcyclist spun out of control on a freeway due to oil spilled from an 18-wheeler engine failure. (less $86,800 attorney's fees & $9,870 expenses)

Slip and Fall


After a maintenance company sprayed furniture polish on the floor, client slipped and fell resulting in bodily injury. The insurance company denied the claim. QueenanLaw filed a lawsuit, resulting in a settlement. (less $50,000 attorney's fees & $5,600 expenses)

Maritime Accident


An employee of a large dredging company suffered a broken ankle after a rope accident while on the job. (less $60,000 attorney's fees & $12,370 expenses)

QueenanLaw obtained a settlement for a cruise ship performer after he sustained a shoulder injury due to being required to perform in rough seas.


Settlement was reached for an employee working on a boat while docked in Galveston. (less $106,000 attorney's fees & $24,400 expenses)

Insurance Bad Faith


Insurance company denied coverage for an 18-wheeler collision. Queenan Law sued the insurance company and the case settled for a substantial amount. (less $2,080,000 attorney's fees & $125,400 expenses)

QueenanLaw client received settlement for coverage and duty to defend claim when the policy limits were $1 million. (less $760,000 attorney's fees & $167,600 expenses)


Insurance companies denied construction company's request for a defense. QueenanLaw filed a lawsuit, resulting in a substantial settlement. (less $300,000 attorney's fees)


Settlement was reached with insurance company after an independent grocery store was destroyed due to arson. (less $160,000 attorney's fees & $2,400 expenses)


An insurance agent transferred a client's life insurance policy from one insurance company to the other. This resulted in large commissions and reduced coverage. QueenanLaw sued the agent and the new insurance company. Confidential settlement.

Oil Field Accident


Insurance company refused to defend oilfield contractor and lawsuit resulted. The insurance company settled soon thereafter. (less $260,000 attorney's fees & $38,000 expenses)

Employee received settlement after sustaining a shoulder injury resulting from a derrick operator failure to operate the equipment properly. (less $80,000 attorney's fees & $7,840 expenses)

An oilfield was exposed to H2s by a well operator, and sustained a brain injury. The future medical care was estimated at $1,888,000.00. The loss of earning capacity estimated at $1,066,000.00.

Legal Malpractice

After a company was forced to file bankruptcy when their previous counsel failed to adequately represent them at trial, Queenan Law succeeded in obtaining settlement.

Lawyers and law firm failed to file a lawsuit on behalf of their client resulting in clear liability personal injury claim to be time-barred. After being sued by QueenanLaw the lawyers and law firm immediately settled for a confidential sum.

Defective Property


Client was moving a friend from an apartment complex when a balcony railing gave way, causing the client to fall approximately 8 feet. The handrail did not meet the applicable building code requirements. The insurance company for the apartment complex settled the claims. (less $56,000 attorney's fees & $21,000 expenses)