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    Texas is home to 25 oil refineries. Three of those refineries rank as the seventh, ninth, and thirteenth larges refineries in the world. As such, many Texans rely upon their jobs at oil refineries to support themselves and their families. Unfortunately, due to the heavy machinery, oil pressure, and other dangers involved in pumping, piping, and refining oil, the risks of injury are incredibly high.

    The Dallas oil refinery injury attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm represent oil workers who have been injured on the job and fight to get them compensation that can help support them and their family while they recover. For many, the road to recovery is not an option, as many oil injuries can be deadly or can leave workers unable to return to their job. Compensation is also available to help your family keep going after a loss or permanent injury.

    Types of Injuries from Oil Refineries in Dallas

    Oil refineries typically involve harsh chemicals, fumes, heavy machinery, and high pressure oil tanks and pipes. These can all lead to extremely severe injuries. Whether your injury was received in a single accident or over the course of many years working at an oil refinery in Dallas, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

    Of course, oil is a fuel. Whether it is refined or not, it can be extremely flammable. This means that any flames or sparks can lead to catastrophic explosions and fires at refineries and other plants. These are capable of not only creating severe, life-threatening burns, but also of causing injury from the blast or from attempts to escape the flames.

    The heavy machinery involved in oil production is always dangerous. Pumps and drills are more common on oil rigs than refineries, but any machine with moving parts is a huge risk for injury. Improper training, poor handling, or simple accidents can leave workers with incredible injuries, including amputation.

    The high pressure used to pump and move oil creates a risk that the pipes and tanks may burst, causing injury. When over-pressurized tanks and pipes burst, the oil or other chemicals used in refining oil could shoot out. The pure force with which this explodes could push and injure people in the danger zone. Further, if the failure of the pipe or tank is severe enough, metal shrapnel could fly out with immense force. Depending on the size and shape of the shrapnel, different injuries can occur – but most can be severe. Depending where the shrapnel hits, injuries could even be life-threatening.

    Lastly, the chemicals used in the refining process and the oil itself could cause injury, or could cause health problems after prolonged exposure. If you develop a condition because of years working in oil and being exposed to chemicals, you might have a case for compensation. Even something as simple as slipping on an oily surface is a work-related injury that might be compensable.

    Recovering Compensation for Oil Accidents

    When you suffer an injury at work, or when you are diagnosed with a condition that resulted from your work conditions, you might be entitled to compensation. In a severe Dallas oil refinery accident like an explosion or fire, your employer might be responsible. If you work and live in Texas, your injuries might be covered under Texas’ workers’ compensation system.

    Workers’ compensation is a state-run system that helps injured workers seek compensation for injuries that are “work-related.” This can mean injuries received on the job while performing your work duties, but it can also include conditions and illnesses received after years of exposure to the conditions of your job. Workers’ compensation may even pay death benefits to the family of those who die on the job or because of work-related illness.

    Unfortunately, workers’ compensation does not always provide all of the services and compensation that an injured worker and their family needs. Often, workers’ comp requires you to use a doctor of your employer’s choice to have medical bills covered. Moreover, they often pay only 2/3 of your typical wage while you are unable to work. Lastly, workers’ compensation usually does not pay damages for pain and suffering, which is often one of the largest categories of damages in an injury case.

    You should talk to an attorney about your on the job injury case, since you may ultimately be better off taking your employer to court. Suing in open court may reimburse medical bills from your doctor of choice; may repay your full, fair wage while you are out of work; and may award damages for pain and suffering. Since Texas has no legal limit to pain and suffering damages for a personal injury lawsuit, this may be your best chance for adequate compensation.

    Dallas Oil and Gas Refinery Injury Attorneys

    If you or a loved one has been injured on the job in the field of oil or gas drilling or refinery, talk to a Dallas oil refinery injury attorney today. The personal injury attorneys at The Queenan Firm help injured workers get the compensation they need to continue to support them and their families, and to pay for medical bills and pain and suffering. Call today for a free consultation at (817) 476-1797.