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    Staying at an Airbnb should be a positive experience. In some cases, you may end up leaving a negative review, and that can be unfortunate, but in no case should you end up in the hospital because of the conditions at the Airbnb you stayed at. At The Queenan Law Firm, our lawyers work to fight for people who have that exact experience.

    If you stayed at an Airbnb in the Dallas area and suffered serious injuries on the property, our Dallas Airbnb accident injury lawyers may be able to take your case and file a case for compensation from the property owners. For a free case consultation, call our law offices today at (817) 476-1797.

    Who is Responsible for Airbnb Injuries and Accidents?

    An Airbnb is usually owned by a private individual who handles rentals through Airbnb. In most cases, Airbnb does not itself own the properties, buildings, or units that are being rented through Airbnb. It is always the legal duty of a property owner or operator to keep their property safe for guests – especially business invitees like Airbnb guests. Specifically, property owners have to clean up and repair dangerous conditions on the property to avoid an unreasonable risk of injury and prevent hidden dangers from injuring guests.

    We know that Airbnb is not itself responsible in most cases, but it is often more complicated than simply identifying the property owner. Some Airbnb units are operated by people who are renters themselves that essentially sublet their Airbnb rentals. That means that the owner is probably not responsible for most conditions inside the rental unit, but the tenant would be. This is more common with apartments in the city but could apply to individual houses as well.

    Sometimes, Airbnb operators are actually apartment owners or managers that buy up several units in an apartment building and rent them out as Airbnb rentals alongside other rentals in the same building that are typical apartments with yearly leases. In this case, the building owner might be responsible not only for the conditions inside the unit but also conditions in the building’s lobbies and shared common areas.

    It is important to talk to Dallas Airbnb accident injury lawyers to have them investigate who owns the building, who rents out the Airbnb, and what parties need to be included in a lawsuit for injuries on the premises at the Airbnb.

    Common Types of Injuries at Airbnbs in Dallas, TX

    Most accidents and injuries happen in the home, and whether that be your actual home or a rented Airbnb, the risks are often similar. Dangerous items and installations around the living space, and even structural dangers in the building itself, could all cause potential injuries.

    One of the most common ways that people are injured in an Airbnb is through falling. Slip and falls because of slippery surfaces (e.g., smooth surfaces around a pool) or trip and falls from uneven surfaces (e.g., a warped staircase) could all lead to surprisingly severe injuries to the head, back, or neck. Falls could also cause broken bones, especially for older adults, children, or disabled people.

    Falls could also occur from heights, such as if a railing is loose or broken and a guest falls from a balcony. Similarly, steep hills and inclines on the property could leave guests falling down hills or dropping from significant heights where they could break bones, sprain ankles, or face head and back injuries.

    Other common injuries involve cuts or scrapes from dangers hidden on the property. The sharp edge of a chipped counter, a splinter from a piece of furniture, or a rusty nail protruding through a carpet could all cause injuries. While most of the time, these injuries are minor, sometimes accidents can have surprising results, and large cuts or infected cuts could be dangerous.

    Other more serious injury risks come from fire hazards, electrocution hazards, and drowning hazards. Exposed wiring, shorted outlets, broken stoves, ponds, pools, and other hazards could be extremely dangerous for children and even adults. Failing to place proper warnings around the property or make these issues reasonably safe for guests could be the property owner’s fault.

    In some cases, negligent security could also be an issue. If the property’s locks did not work or windows and doors did not close because of damage or improper upkeep, the property owner could be responsible for failing to prevent burglars from getting in. You could also be entitled to damages if the owner intruded on your privacy with hidden cameras or similar violations.

    Damages for Injuries at an Airbnb in Dallas, TX

    If you were injured while staying at an Airbnb, you could collect compensation for any injuries and economic damages caused by the accident. This could include compensation for medical bills in most cases, which could be especially expensive if you had to seek treatment from an out-of-network hospital or doctor. You can also claim compensation for the injury’s effect in reducing your wages or keeping you from going back to work. Independent damages are also available in most cases for the pain and suffering you faced, as well as other noneconomic effects. Talk to our Dallas Airbnb accident injury lawyer for help calculating the damages in your case.

    Call Our Lawyers for Airbnb Injury Victims in Dallas

    Accidents at Airbnbs are often the responsibility of the property owner who listed the rental, and the Dallas Airbnb accident injury attorneys from The Queenan Law Firm can help you get compensation. For help with your accident case, contact our attorneys today at (817) 476-1797 to set up a free legal consultation on your injury case and to learn more about filing an injury case in Dallas for financial compensation.