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    Truck accidents are often catastrophic for the victims involved. Fortunately, our lawyers can help you get justice by filing a claim against the negligent driver.

    Truck accident claims are known to be complex. This is because liability usually does not end at the driver. In many cases, our team will also name the truck driver’s employer in your lawsuit. However, we might sue the truck manufacturer if a defective part was the cause of your injuries. However, filing a lawsuit is typically the best option to cover your damages. You will likely have both economic and non-economic losses stemming from the accident. Our lawyers can assess your case accurately so you do not settle for less compensation than you deserve.

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    Places Where Truck Accidents Commonly Occur in Lewisville, TX

    Truck accidents can happen almost anywhere in Lewisville. Sitting not too far from the hub of Dallas, Lewisville has no shortage of trucks passing through the city. The Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is also nearby, further increasing the chances of an accident. Fortunately, our truck accident attorneys have the skills to fight your claim regardless of where you were injured. Whether it was a busy intersection or a quiet backstreet, our team will craft strategies right for your case. The following are common locations where truck accidents happen in Lewisville:

    Urban Roads

    Lewisville is crisscrossed by urban streets. These streets are often crowded with various kinds of business trucks, such as Amazon delivery trucks, long-haul trucks, and garbage trucks, just to name a few. Because of the number of intersections, the chances are higher than in other places of being injured in a truck accident. Our lawyers can help you get compensation whether you were injured as a driver, a pedestrian, or a cyclist sharing the road.

    Interstates and State Highways

    Truck accidents on the interstate or highway are often the most devastating. When fatalities are caused by a truck accident, they tend to be accidents on the interstate. Lewisville has a few dangerous arteries, like I-35E and the Sam Rayburn Tollway. With the heavy truck traffic leading to and from Dallas, truck accidents on these roads are common. Our team has the skills to handle these complex cases and might be able to get surveillance footage since many highways are now equipped with cameras.

    Rural Roads

    Of course, truck accidents also happen on Lewisville’s rural roads. Rural streets in and around Lewisville tend to be narrower and with less lighting than urban roads. Trucks operating on rural roads have to contend with sharp bends and hidden driveways. Truck accidents can easily happen on these roads since many truck drivers are trying to complete deliveries quickly.

    Roads Affected by Poor Weather

    While Lewisville and most of Texas are known for their hot weather, ice and snow are becoming common in the forecast. However, truck drivers cannot use bad weather as an excuse for their negligence. Truck drivers are expected to adjust to the conditions around them, no matter if it is heavy rain or icy roads.

    The driver’s response to the weather will depend on the type of truck and the load they are hauling. Our lawyers have the experience to determine what was reasonable under the circumstances. If the driver should have been going slower because of the rain or stopped altogether, we will gather the evidence that shows where they went wrong.

    Construction Sites

    Construction zones are known for truck accidents. Some accidents occur in construction zones because the truck driver is unfamiliar with altered traffic patterns and lane shifts. Other drivers get distracted by construction workers or equipment, hitting someone in that moment of carelessness. However, truck drivers should exercise more caution around a construction site, not less. If you were a pedestrian or construction worker injured by a negligent truck driver, our lawyers will help you pursue compensation.

    Important Issues You Should Know When Filing a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Lewisville, TX

    Truck accident lawsuits in Lewisville operate much like typical car accident claims. However, accidents involving commercial drivers and their employers present additional challenges. Fortunately, our team has years of practice overcoming the specific issues victims face in these cases.

    Who You Can File a Lawsuit Against

    Our attorneys will typically start your lawsuit by identifying the defendants. For truck accidents, we might name several people in your complaint. In most cases, we will sue the truck driver and the company they work for. Under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, employers are liable for the acts of their employees while on duty. However, this rule does not apply to independent contractors. In those cases, we will sue the driver directly.

    Sometimes, mechanical failure is the cause of a truck accident. While the truck driver is usually not liable for mechanical issues, the company is if they own the truck. Our team can investigate your case to find evidence that the company failed to service the truck. If the defect was the result of a manufacturing error, we can help pursue a claim against the truck manufacturer or the maker of the truck part at issue.

    When You Have to File a Claim

    You do not have an unlimited amount of time to file a claim after a truck accident. The “statute of limitations” in Lewisville only gives you two years to file your lawsuit, as per Tex. Civ. Prac & Rem. Code § 16.003(b). Fortunately, no time limit is placed on when the case should conclude. The rule only applies to filing a lawsuit.

    However, do not underestimate how fast two years can go by. Not only can you lose out on your chance to get compensation, but you might have less evidence and witnesses to support your case if you wait too long to file. If you do file your lawsuit after the deadline, the court will dismiss the complaint, cutting you off from any recovery.

    What Damages You Can Pursue

    Our lawyers will also assess and accurately calculate your “damages.” Damages are the actual losses you suffered as a result of the accident. However, this takes more than just adding up your financial losses. Yes, we will assess your current medical bills and lost wages, but we will also evaluate your future medical needs and lost earning potential if you cannot do the same work as before.

    Our team will also help show how the truck accident has caused “pain and suffering” damages. This is the non-economic compensation you can recover for the emotional pain and physical pain caused by the ordeal. Damages for issues like depression, loss in the activities you enjoy, and others can be added to the final value of your claim.

    Our Lewisville, TX Truck Accident Lawyers Can Help

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