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    Simply put, a wrongful death is one that occurs because of another party’s negligent or intentional conduct. For example, a wrongful death may stem from a fatal car accident that was caused by a drunk driver. Moreover, a death that occurs because of medical malpractice will be considered a wrongful death.

    If you suspect that your family member suffered a wrongful death, then you may recover significant compensation from the at-fault party. Our attorneys can evaluate your potential claim. Furthermore, we can help build your case and negotiate for the full extent of payment available.

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    Common Sources of Wrongful Deaths in Lewisville, TX

    There are many potential sources of wrongful deaths. For instance, you may be able to pursue a claim if your family member was killed because of any of the following in Lewisville:

    Car Accidents

    Car accident are one of the most common sources of wrongful deaths. Some common forms of negligence that lead to deadly car crashes include distracted driving, speeding, drunk driving, ignoring traffic signals, and failing to yield the right of way. Highway accidents and other accidents that occur at high speeds are especially likely to produce deadly harm.

    Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents have a high propensity to cause severe injuries because of the potentially large size of vehicles involved. Furthermore, there are multiple parties who may be liable for a crash involving a truck.

    For example, a deadly collision may occur because a tired truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel. Moreover, an accident may happen because a trucking company failed to properly maintain their vehicle or failed to implement proper cargo-loading procedures.

    Support from our experienced wrongful death attorneys can be invaluable when investigating a loved one’s truck accident to determine who is to blame. We will work relentlessly to hold the at-fault party accountable for their grave misconduct.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    When a motorcycle collides with another vehicle like a truck or a standard car, the rider often suffers the worst of it. Many fatal motorcycle accidents happen simply because motorists do not take notice of other riders sharing the roadways. For instance, collisions may occur because drivers commit improper left turns or illegal lane changes. If your loved one was killed because of a deadly motorcycle crash, then our team will help build your case against the at-fault party.

    Medical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is hurt because their doctor deviated from accepted standards of care. Malpractice can come in multiple forms. Examples include misdiagnoses, delayed diagnoses, surgical errors, and improper medication management.

    If you suspect that your loved one was killed because of medical malpractice, then it is crucial that you seek legal support. These types of cases can be highly complicated. You will likely need to present an array of scientific evidence and expert testimony in order to prove that malpractice occurred.

    Oil and Gas Accidents

    The oil and gas industry is known for its high-risk environments. Wrongful deaths for oil and gas workers may stem from accidents such as explosions, equipment failures, and exposure to hazardous chemicals. In many cases, these accidents occur because of inadequate safety protocols or improper equipment maintenance.

    After your family member’s fatal oil and gas accident, our experienced team can perform an investigation to determine why the accident occurred. Furthermore, we will help gather the evidence necessary to recover financial compensation from the at-fault party.

    Construction Site Accidents

    Like oil and gas workers, construction workers are also prone to suffering deadly injuries on job sites. There are many different types of fatal construction accidents that can occur. For instance, a worker may be killed because of a backhoe accident or an accident involving a forklift. Moreover, a worker may die after suffering a fall from a tall height or a strike from a falling object. After such accidents, our attorneys can help victims’ families determine the appropriate steps toward compensation.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    Some people may not realize just how serious a slip and fall can be. Such an accident can cause deadly harm, especially if the victim is a senior citizen or a person with a pre-existing injury.

    A property owner has a duty to keep their premises safe for visitors. If they fail to tend to a hazard and that hazard later causes a fatal slip and fall, then they may be held accountable for the death. There are several types of hazards that can cause deadly falls. For instance, a broken or missing handrail may cause someone to suffer a fall down a tall staircase. Further, a loose floorboard on a balcony may cause someone to fall from a tall height.

    Nursing Home Abuse

    Lastly, some wrongful deaths can stem from nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse can come in many forms. For instance, a resident may suffer fatal injuries because they were improperly restrained by nursing home staff. Further, a resident may pass away because nursing home staff failed to provide necessary care. If your loved one was killed by nursing home abuse, then you may be able to file a wrongful death claim against the nursing home at issue.

    Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in Lewisville, TX?

    Under Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code § 71.004, the surviving spouse, children, and parents of a deceased individual are all entitled to file a wrongful death claim. These parties may choose to file individually or collectively. Further, if one of these parties does not initiate a claim within three months following the death at issue, the personal representative of the deceased’s estate is allowed to file the claim, unless a family member explicitly requests that it not be filed.

    Biological and legally adopted children of the deceased are eligible to file a wrongful death claim at any age. However, stepchildren who were not legally adopted by the deceased are not granted this right.

    Similarly, both biological and adoptive parents have the right to file a claim if their child dies because of someone else’s wrongful act, even if the parents are divorced. However, this right does not extend to foster parents.

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