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    Head-on car crashes are often some of the worst crashes out there.  When two cars drive towards each other, it’s as if their speeds are added together, and the accidents can cause more destruction and more serious injuries than side-impact crashes or crashes where the cars are going the same direction.  In many cases, this means permanent injuries or even death for those involved in head-on crashes.

    If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a head-on crash in the Dallas area, The Queenan Law Firm may be able to help.  Our Dallas head-on collision lawyers offer free legal consultations where we can review your case and help you understand what kinds of compensation you might be entitled to for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages from your car accident.  To set up your free case consultation, call our attorneys today at (817) 476-1797.

    Damages from Frontal Collisions in Dallas Car Accident Cases

    If you were involved in a head-on collision in the Dallas area, you could be looking at substantial damages from the crash.  From vehicle damage to injuries to noneconomic effects, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for a wide range of damages.  Some of these damages might only be available in a lawsuit rather than through an insurance claim.  Our attorneys explain:

    Medical Bills

    If you suffered serious injuries in the crash, you could be facing substantial medical expenses.  Serious injuries often require hospital stays, X-rays, MRIs, surgery, follow-up visits, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and even mental health counseling and psychiatric care.  These costs can be very high, even with insurance, and you might need to file a lawsuit to recover these damages in full.

    Lost Wages

    If you had to miss work while recovering after your crash – or if your injuries are so severe that you cannot return to work in your previous capacity – then you could be entitled to compensation for lost wages.  Insurance payouts can cover some of these wages, but they might not cover them in full.

    Vehicle Damage

    Front-impact crashes, especially high-speed crashes, often total vehicles.  If your vehicle needs significant repairs or was totaled in the crash and needs to be replaced, you could be entitled to seek damages for these financial losses from the at-fault driver.

    Pain and Suffering

    Pain and suffering damages refer to a range of noneconomic damages you could face after an injury in a car accident.  These can involve mental anguish, physical pain, loss of enjoyment, and the other effects of coping with an injury.  Insurance claims usually will not pay for these damages, and you might have to go to court to claim compensation for these harms.

    Suing for a Head-On Car Accident in Dallas, TX

    In many cases, an insurance claim will not cover the damages in your car accident case.  Insurance policies have limits, and the insurance companies that administer these policies will often work to pay only a percentage of your full damages.  They also exclude pain and suffering damages in many cases, and they will work to settle a case as low as they can rather than resorting to court.  If you have any trouble collecting damages from the insurance companies after a head-on car accident, you might need to file a lawsuit in court.

    When you take the at-fault driver and their insurance company to court, the judge and jury can award you any damages that resulted from the crash.  This can potentially involve pain and suffering damages, opening new possibilities for compensation.  However, you need to prove that the other driver was at fault before the court can award damages.

    Proving Fault in a Head-On Collision in Dallas

    In any car accident case, the plaintiff (the victim) will have to prove that the defendant (the at-fault driver) was “negligent” in order to get compensation.  It is easier to prove negligence than it is to prove that someone hit you intentionally, and this is usually the most appropriate thing to claim in a car accident case.

    To prove negligence, a plaintiff needs to show that the defendant breached some duty they owed the plaintiff and that that breach of legal duty caused the injuries and damages.  In the abstract, this might be confusing, but in practice, this usually means pointing to some traffic violation that caused the crash.

    Front-end crashes are often caused by one driver leaving their lane and crashing into oncoming cars.  This can happen at an intersection on a divided highway, or it can happen anywhere along the street on city streets or undivided highways.  Sometimes, drivers also cause crashes when driving the wrong way down a one-way street or when pulling away from a parking space on the wrong side of the road.

    Drivers could leave their lane and cause a front-end car crash because of other distractions or safety issues behind the wheel.  Drunk driving, distracted driving, and tired driving are some of the most common factors that contribute to head-on car crashes.

    If these kinds of accidents happen not because of careless or reckless driving, but because of bad weather or visibility conditions, it might be harder to prove that the other driver did anything wrong. Talk to a Dallas personal injury lawyer about how to prove fault and to learn what evidence can help you win your head-on car accident injury case in Dallas.

    Call Our Dallas Injury Lawyers for Head-On Collision Injury Victims

    For a free legal consultation on your injury case, call The Queenan Law Firm’s Dallas head-on collision lawyers today.  Our Dallas and Texas personal injury lawyers offer free case consultations to help you understand what damages you might be able to claim and how to build a case against the driver who injured you.  For your free legal consultation, call us at (817) 476-1797.