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    We see large trucks on the road so often that we often do not think twice about driving alongside an enormous eighteen-wheeler. Unfortunately, large trucks are not immune to accidents, and multiple people might be badly hurt.

    If you were hurt in a crash with a truck, talk to an attorney about how the accident happened. For example, many crashes happen because of tired truckers, improperly loaded cargo, and speeding. Knowing how your accident happened will help us determine whom to hold responsible. More than one party may be named in a truck accident lawsuit. The truck driver, the trucking company they work for, and various other parties might be implicated in the crash. To back up your claims, we need evidence. We can obtain evidence from the crash site, such as photos and videos, the trucking company, and witnesses who saw the accident. Damages in these cases are often substantial, as injuries, hospital bills, and mental trauma tend to be significant.

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    How Truck Accidents Can Happen on the Roads Around Richardson, TX

    One of the most notable and frightening things about truck accidents is that they often come out of nowhere. One moment, you are driving to work, and the next, your car is crushed under a truck’s trailer or overturned on the road. It is common for injured drivers to have spotty memories when it comes to traumatic collisions, but figuring out how your accident occurred is an important step in moving your case forward.

    Tired truckers cause many accidents. Truck drivers are known for making very long trips. Often, they drive for days on end, taking rests along the way. Unfortunately, many trucking companies pressure their drivers to rest as little as possible to maximize their time on the road and complete trips faster. This makes for fatigued drivers who might fall asleep at the wheel and crash.

    Accidents also frequently happen because heavy cargo is improperly loaded into the truck’s trailer. Trailers are not just big boxes on wheels that truckers throw cargo into. The cargo is often very heavy and must be loaded in a way that keeps the trailer balance. An unbalanced trailer is likelier to swerve or tip over.

    Speed is one of the most common causes of many accidents, including truck accidents. Remember, trucks are extremely large and heavy. They cannot stop on a dime. If a trucker is speeding and suddenly an animal darts into the road or another driver cuts them off, they might not be able to stop in time, causing an accident.

    Who You Can Sue for Damages After a Truck Accident in Richardson, TX

    Truck accidents are rarely small in scale. Not only are multiple drivers and passengers injured in these accidents, but multiple parties might be held liable in court. Our truck accident lawyers can help you determine who contributed to the accident and how you can hold them responsible.

    Truck Drivers

    For many, the truck driver is the primary defendant. Accidents are often a direct result of the trucker’s negligence. For example, a negligent trucker might speed, fall asleep, or simply lose focus on the road and cause an accident. Some truckers are grossly negligent, and their behavior might be downright shocking. Others make small mistakes that unfortunately lead to big consequences. Either way, an attorney can assist you in suing the negligent trucker for your damages, injuries, and losses.

    Truck Companies

    When suing a negligent truck driver, talk to your lawyer about also suing their employer. Trucking companies should not be able to evade liability when their employees cause accidents. In many cases, employers may be held responsible for injuries and damages caused by negligent employees if those employees acted within the scope of their normal duties. Truck accidents often fall within this rule, and you should consider suing the trucking company behind the accident.

    Other Parties

    Numerous other parties might have contributed to or are otherwise responsible for the crash. For example, other drivers on the road might have done something that helped cause the accident. Maybe another driver cut off the trucker. Maybe some negligent driver brake-checked the trucker. In such cases, the other driver might also be responsible.

    Alternatively, the accident might have happened because of defective equipment on the truck. Maybe the brakes were damaged when they were installed, or the trailer hitch was defective, causing the trailer and truck to become uncoupled. We can sue the manufacturer of defective truck equipment.

    Evidence to Back Up Your Truck Accident Case in Richardson, TX

    Evidence is the heart and soul of any accident lawsuit. Truck accidents tend to be large and complex, and evidence is crucial. Evidence might be found at the crash site, with witnesses, or in other unexpected places.

    We can start our quest for evidence at the crash site. Many drivers take photos or record videos of accidents and the surrounding area to send to insurance companies. If you have photos and videos of the accident scene, have your attorney look them over. There might be important details in those photos and videos we can use to support your claim.

    We should also look at the truck for evidence. Some trucks are equipped with cameras. These cameras might show what happened before, during, and after the accident. We can also check for security or traffic cameras nearby.

    Truck collisions often involve a lot of people, and there might be many witnesses who can provide testimony. Witnesses might be drivers who were behind when you were hit by the truck or even other drivers injured in the crash. The more people who can back up your claims on the witness stand, the better.

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