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    Scaffolding is an important tool in many construction projects.  Construction workers and people who live or work near construction sites may see scaffolding every day.  When construction sites use scaffolding, it is important for everyone that these scaffolds are built properly and installed safely to keep workers and passersby from being injured.  When mistakes are made and construction site operators act carelessly, victims could be entitled to sue for any injuries they suffer.

    Victims of scaffolding accidents could face severe injuries, such as brain injuries, broken bones, or even death.  Especially for workers who fall from scaffolding or are injured in scaffolding collapses, the injuries could be so severe that they cannot return to work.

    The Queenan Law Firm’s Houston scaffolding injury lawyers can help you fight to get compensation for your injuries.  We offer free case consultations where victims can learn more about whom to sue and how to get their damages paid.  For your free case consultation, call (817) 476-1797 today.

    Who to Sue for Scaffolding Injuries in Houston

    Large and small projects alike can benefit from scaffolding.  Construction firms, big contracting firms, and solo contractors all use scaffolding when necessary.  In general, when accidents happen with scaffolding, there are typically three different people or parties who could be responsible: the person who set up the scaffolding, the person who maintained the scaffolding, or a person who directly contributed to the injury.  Alternatively, the company that manufactured the scaffolding equipment could be at fault.

    Setup Issues

    If a construction site needs scaffolding and the site operator sets up the scaffolding, they have to use reasonable care and diligence to do so safely.  If there are missing screws or no one tests the scaffolding before letting other workers use it, they could be putting people in danger.  This could mean suing the construction site operator or the lead contractor or construction firm that set up the scaffolding in the first place.

    Maintenance Issues

    In some cases, scaffolding setups could be used by multiple sets of contractors on a job site.  For example, the carpenters using the scaffolding one week might leave it set up for the painters the next week.  The original construction firm or site manager overseeing the project might remain responsible for making sure the scaffolding continues to be safe and usable as the project progresses.  They might also pass this off to the contractors or workers using the scaffolding that day – which could mean a foreman or other supervisor is responsible for maintenance and upkeep.

    Use Issues

    While using scaffolding, it is important to follow safety protocols and to have proper safety gear.  For instance, netting and tool straps might be necessary to prevent tools and debris from dropping and hitting people below.  People below the scaffolding might also be required to wear hard hats.  If supervisors or site operators fail to enforce these rules and provide safety gear, they could be responsible for injuries.

    Other reckless behavior like shaking the scaffolding as a joke could also cause injury.  There, the person who did it would be responsible for any injuries.  Neglecting to use tool straps or dangerously tossing debris off a scaffolding could also make a worker responsible for any injuries to people below them.

    Manufacturing Issues

    Scaffolding and the various equipment involved in setting up safe scaffolding are often made by various companies.  When these companies fail to take proper precautions in design or manufacturing, defects could make these scaffolds unsafe.  If injuries were caused by manufacturing issues, the company that made the scaffolding could be liable.

    Suing for Injuries from Scaffolding Collapses, Falls, and Dropped Items in Houston

    People are typically injured by falling off scaffolding, standing on or under scaffolding when it collapses, or standing under scaffolding when items are dropped.  As mentioned, various parties could be responsible for these injuries depending on when and how the injuries occurred.  In any case, the injuries could entitle the victim to a lawsuit.

    Types of Injuries

    Injuries from scaffolding falls and collapses are often severe.  Injured construction workers and contractors could face paralysis, head injuries, broken bones, impalement, and more.  People below scaffolding could face substantial head injuries if something is dropped on them.  They could also face severe head injuries, back injuries, and other injuries if a scaffold collapses on top of them while passing through the area.  Many of these injuries cause extensive medical care, time off work, and physical and emotional pain and suffering that could all be compensated in a lawsuit.

    Filing an Injury Lawsuit

    Workers are often barred from filing a lawsuit in Texas under the state’s workers’ compensation rules.  However, workers can opt out of workers’ comp., and contractors usually are not covered in the first place.  Similarly, there might be insurance for injured passersby to file a claim for injuries against the construction site, but there is nothing blocking them from suing instead.

    When you sue for injuries, you should work with an experienced Houston scaffolding injury lawyer like those at The Queenan Law Firm.  An attorney can help choose the right party or parties to sue, collect evidence and eyewitness testimony about how the accident happened, and build a strong case to present in court.  If your case can be settled, your lawyer can negotiate a proper settlement.  If not, your attorney can press your case at trial and prove the injuries before a judge and jury in an attempt to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

    Call Our Scaffolding Injury Lawyers in Houston for Help

    After an accident, you should speak with a lawyer about your options for compensation.  For a free case consultation, contact the Houston scaffolding injury lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm today.  Call us at (817) 476-1797 to set up a free case consultation today.