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    Dirt bikes are often used recreationally on trails and in motocross parks, although they might be legally used on the road if made street-legal. In the event of an accident, you should speak to an attorney about filing an injury lawsuit.

    Injuries in dirt bike accidents can be severe, especially when the rider participates in extreme sports like motocross. Severe injuries often lead to substantial damages, and we need to start gathering evidence immediately to prove your claims. Many dirt bike accidents happen on trails or in motocross parks, but they might also happen on public roads or private property. If your accident happened on a public road or highway, you might be in trouble if the bike was not street-legal. Liability for accidents and injuries often falls on other dirt bike riders, but property owners and trail or motocross park operators might also be liable under certain circumstances.

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    Suing for Injuries From Dirt Bike Accidents in Arlington

    Dirt bikes are a far cry from typical bicycles. Dirt bikes have motors that allow them to reach high rates of speed. They are also often used in extreme sporting events, and riders tend to be at a higher risk for accidents. Even so, other riders, drivers, or property owners might cause an accident, and they should be held liable for your injuries.

    Many dirt bike accidents stem from negligence. For example, if another dirt bike rider is not paying attention to the trail or path in front of them, they might hit the rider in front of them. Another possibility is that a rider falls off their bike on a trail, and the rider coming up behind them is going too fast to stop, and they run over the fallen rider.

    Injuries might be harsh, even when riders wear safety gear like helmets. Broken bones, lacerations, and road rash are common in dirt bike accidents. More severe injuries might involve spinal cord injuries, paralysis, and brain injuries. In serious cases, plaintiffs might have permanent disabilities because of their injuries.

    Damages can be quite substantial. Medical bills are likely to greatly contribute to our overall damages calculations. Not only can we claim the cost of any current medical bills, but we can also account for reasonably expected future medical costs if your treatments are ongoing or expected to last for a long time.

    Your lawsuit is complete with evidence. The evidence necessary in your case varies based on your specific situation. Our dirt bike accident and injury attorneys can look into witnesses who saw the accident, medical records regarding your injuries, and possible security camera footage.

    Where and How a Dirt Bike Accident Might Happen in Arlington

    Dirt bikes are unique vehicles designed for off-road activities that can be used on public roads under specific conditions. A common location for dirt bike accidents is motocross parks. These parks often have trails and courses designed for dirt bike riders. Often, riders are permitted and even encouraged to drive rather aggressively. Even so, safety protocols and protective gear are usually required.

    Many dirt bike riders also ride their bikes on trails, where permitted. Often, other riders on these trails are not paying attention to other riders and negligently cause collisions and accidents. Smaller trails might have different rules than motocross parks. While motocross parks are designed for extreme sporting events, trails might not be. If other negligent riders drive too aggressively on trails, they might injure others.

    Many dirt bike riders are injured on private property. Perhaps your friend is a fellow dirt bike rider, and they have long trails on their private property perfect for riding. If you are injured on those trails because they were negligently maintained and unsafe for riders, you can sue the property owner.

    Many riders take their bikes out on public roads. In such cases, they might be injured by drivers in cars, trucks, or other vehicles. These kinds of accidents can be severe, and dirt bikes are usually no match for larger cars and trucks.

    Suing for Dirt Bike Accidents on Public Roads in Arlington

    Accidents and injuries involving dirt bikes on public highways and roads can be tricky, and it is best to speak with an attorney about your case as soon as possible. While it is not illegal to operate a dirt bike on public roads, certain conditions must be met. Generally, the dirt bike must be made street-legal, and you must comply with various motor vehicle laws.

    Dirt bikes might require several modifications to be considered street-legal. You might need to install headlights and headlight indicator lights on the bike. You might also have to install taillights, brake lights, mirrors, and a horn. Additionally, you might need to upgrade existing parts to comply with TxDOT regulations, such as tires, batteries, and fuel tanks. To certify that your bike is street-legal, it should be inspected and registered as an Off-Highway Vehicle and display an OHV decal. On top of all that, you will need valid registration, insurance, and a license.

    If you did not make your bike street-legal before taking it on public roads, you might be found contributorily negligent. For example, if you did not have street-legal brake lights, the defendant might have rear-ended you because they did not know you were stopping. The defendant’s liability might be minimized, and your overall damages might be similarly reduced. The defendant might even avoid liability altogether. If your bike is not street-legal, talk to an attorney immediately. It is possible that the defendant’s negligence had nothing to do with the street-legal aspects of your bike, and you might still have a strong case.

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