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    METRORail is one of the biggest public transportation services in Texas after DART’s rail system.  METRORail serves Houston and the surrounding areas in Harris County and transports over 18 million passengers each year.  Unfortunately, passengers and others could be injured in accidents involving METRORail.  If you or a loved one was injured in one of these METRORail accidents, it is vital to talk to a personal injury lawyer about your case and about how to seek full financial compensation for your injuries.

    Call the Queenan Law Firm today to discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit for your METRORail accident injuries.  Whether you were injured as a passenger, a pedestrian, a biker, or a driver in a car, call our Houston METRORail accident lawyers today to discuss your case.  Our number is (817) 476-1797.

    Accidents with METRORail Trains in Houston

    METRORail is considered a “light rail” system, but it shares a lot in common with trolleys or streetcars as well.  Most METRORail tracks are embedded in the street.  On some roads, METRORail trains have a dedicated lane in the center of the road or along the side of the road, but these lanes still cross other lanes of traffic and other lanes of METRORail tracks, potentially leading to accidents.

    Typically, METRORail operators are trained on how to properly operate these trains alongside other drivers.  However, these drivers also have limited ability to speed up and no ability to steer to avoid dangers.  This means that passengers may be put at risk if another driver comes across their lane or swerves into the side of the METRORail train.  In these cases, you may be able to sue the other driver for the accident they caused, but you may also be able to take METRO itself to court or to have its insurance cover your injuries.

    Injuries from a negligent METRORail operator can also occur.  METRORail trains can be a hazard for pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars on the road.  If the METRORail train hits a person or another vehicle, the operator and METRORail might be responsible for that accident.  This means they should be required to pay damages to anyone they injured as well as any passengers injured in the crash.

    On top of these risks, passengers also face other dangers associated with public transportation.  Jerky stops and starts could injure riders inside the car, especially during commuter hours when more riders are standing.  Moreover, sudden stops or starts in emergency situations may catch riders unaware, potentially throwing them out of their seats or throwing them to the ground.  Other injuries could also occur if the train is not kept safe and a rider slips on a spill or dangerous conditions at the station.  METRORail should be liable for these injuries as well.

    Damages for METRORail Injuries in Texas

    If you were injured in an accident involving a METRORail train, you could be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.  In most injury cases, you can claim damages for both the financial harms you faced from the accident as well as the physical pain and mental suffering the accident caused you.  Talk to a lawyer about what these damages are worth in your case before accepting any money from METRORail or another at-fault party.

    Calculating economic damages usually means looking at financial records leading up to and following the accident.  Any financial harm that you personally faced because of the accident should be compensated in full to try to restore you to your financial state before the accident.  One of the most common economic injuries you face is the cost of medical care for your injuries.  Medical care is extremely expensive in the United States, and damages for medical care costs can be claimed at their full value in a personal injury lawsuit.  Moreover, if your injury caused you to miss work, you may be entitled to your lost wages and projected future lost wages as damages in your injury case.

    Injuries for pain and suffering are unique to your circumstances.  Each person’s experience of pain is different, and this may allow for some fluctuation in damages.  Additionally, damages for pain and suffering are typically higher when the injury is more severe and has a more broad-reaching impact on your life.  If you lose the ability to care for yourself and your family, you cannot participate in activities you enjoyed, and you suffer serious loss of enjoyment in life because of your injuries, the pain and suffering damages may be higher.

    Always discuss your case with a lawyer before accepting money from METRORail or their insurance company.  Accepting this money may count as a “settlement,” which bars you from taking your case to court.  The same is true for money paid by another person, such as the driver of a car who hit your METRORail train.

    Damages from insurance payouts and settlements are often too low to pay for your needs.  Insurance policies typically pay for only a percentage of economic damages, not 100% of the costs you faced.  Moreover, these policies usually do not cover pain and suffering, meaning your insurance claim or settlement may be lower than the damages you could claim in court.

    Call Our Houston METRORail Injury Attorneys for a Free Consultation

    If you or a loved one was injured in a METRORail accident, call the Houston METRORail injury lawyers at the Queenan Law Firm today.  Our injury lawyers can take companies like METRO and other negligent parties to court to seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.  To learn more about your claim in a free, confidential legal consultation, call our lawyers today at (817) 476-1797.