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    If you or someone close to you was injured in a collision with a large truck, you might be dealing with extreme injuries and expenses. Our lawyers can work to get you compensation for the pain, suffering, and losses you have had to endure.

    Truck accidents are often very different from typical auto accidents. There are numerous ways in which a truck crash might happen, and they tend to be severe and affect multiple drivers. Damages also tend to be varied and significant. You might need compensation for expensive hospital bills, extensive property damage, the loss of income from losing work, and your deep pain and suffering. The type of evidence we need may vary based on the nature of your damages, injuries, and how the accident occurred. We should look at driver logs from the truck company, interview potential witnesses, and investigate for security camera or dashcam footage of the crash. We can help you prepare your case by drafting a formal complaint, evaluating damages, and finding supporting evidence.

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    Types of Truck Accidents That Can Occur in and Around Tyler, TX

    Trucks are large, complicated vehicles. Accidents involving trucks are often dangerous because of how big and heavy they are. Not only that, but the fact that the truck is often towing a long trailer full of cargo can make the accident even more dangerous.

    Jackknife Accidents

    One possible truck accident is known as a jackknife accident. This kind of accident usually involves the truck moving one way while the trailer swerves the other, creating an L-shape. This is incredibly dangerous and often happens when truckers lose control of the vehicle. The truck and trailer could easily swerve into other vehicles, injuring numerous drivers.

    Jackknife accidents are often caused by speeding truck drivers. The trucker might be going way too fast when they suddenly have to hit the brakes. Perhaps a person or animal darts in front of the truck, or another vehicle cuts them off. In any case, when the trucker slams the brakes, the truck and trailer do not slow down at the same rate, and the trailer usually swerves out.


    A rollover accident is exactly what it sounds like. These accidents happen when a truck and trailer tip over on the road. This might be due to speed or some impact on the side of the truck. Remember, trucks and trailers are very wide and tall. When they tip over, drivers alongside the truck might be unable to get away in time to avoid being crushed. If you survive this kind of accident, you might live with a lot of pain and mental trauma, as the experience can be extremely frightening. Our truck accident attorneys can work to get you compensation for these grievous damages.

    Head-On Collisions

    Perhaps one of the most severe kinds of truck accidents is a head-on collision. This might occur if you were driving one way and the truck was traveling in the opposite direction in the adjacent lane. It also might happen if the truck driver loses control of the vehicle and jumps the median between lanes, eventually running right into you.

    These can be extremely severe accidents, and many victims do not survive their injuries. If they do survive, injuries might come with long-term or permanent complications and disabilities.

    Damages Our Lawyers Can Help You Recover After a Truck Crash in Tyler, TX

    Truck accident cases often involve very substantial damages. From devastating injuries to destroyed property, your losses might be quite extensive. Our attorneys can help you evaluate all your damages so you get the maximum compensation possible for your case.

    Many of your damages may be rooted in the money you lost because of the truck crash. Chief among your economic losses is likely your medical bills. As said before, injuries in truck crashes can be catastrophic. Many people not only need emergency care right after the crash, but they also need extensive care for the indefinite future. You can claim any current medical costs in addition to reasonably anticipated future medical expenses.

    For some, their injuries are so severe that they cannot go back to work for a while. Many are so badly hurt they can never work again. Our team will help you claim the value of your lost income and lost future earnings.

    Your non-economic damages include painful experiences that do not necessarily cost you money. For example, physical pain, emotional trauma, psychological distress, and more painful personal experiences may be claimed. Since these damages are often unrelated to money, the jury has the final word on their value.

    Types of Evidence That Might Be Important in Truck Accident Claims in Tyler, TX

    To prove your claims and get compensation for your damages, we need evidence from the crash that demonstrates how the defendant was negligent. Evidence can be almost anything as long as it is relevant to the case and helps prove our claims. A lawyer can help you find what you need based on your specific circumstances.

    Getting to the bottom of the trucker’s negligent behavior often requires us to look at records and logs from their trucking company. Driver logs might indicate the last time the trucker took a break or rest. If it had been too long, it might explain how the trucker fell asleep at the wheel or nodded off.

    Many trucks have black box devices that record all sorts of data during the truck driver’s journey. Information about speed, brake times, turns, and other data might all be recorded and waiting to be examined. If we get this information, we can analyze it to determine if the trucker was negligent.

    Of course, witness testimony is among the most important evidence we can get. Other drivers and passengers near the collisions or even directly involved can testify about what they know and what they saw.

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