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    Car accidents are common, and some people are fortunate enough to walk away relatively unscathed. Many others are far less lucky. After a crash, a lawyer can work to get you the compensation you rightly deserve.

    Car crashes often happen in places where traffic is busier around Flower Mound. The areas near Grapevine Lake are sometimes crowded with visitors and tourists. Many drivers use major highways connecting with Dallas or Fort Worth, and accidents are frequent. Damages should reflect your losses and injuries, including physical injuries, medical expenses, and psychological distress from the accident. Some people are tempted to handle their case alone, but this is not the best idea. A skilled lawyer can help you move your case through the judicial system more efficiently while building up your evidence and legal arguments. Your attorney can also help you collect evidence to prove your claims. This is often one of the hardest parts of a civil lawsuit, as evidence can be unpredictable.

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    How Car Accidents Happen Around Flower Mound

    From major highways to rural backroads, accidents are frequent. The town of Flower Mound and the surrounding area are no exception. Many accidents happen in Flower Mound around Grapevine Lake. People come to the lake to swim, boat, camp, and enjoy the sunny weather. With so many people coming to one place, car accidents are practically inevitable.

    Many other accidents happen on major highways around Flower Mound. Since the town is situated right in the middle of Dallas and Fort Worth, there is a lot of traffic. Accidents frequently happen on Cross Timbers Road, which runs through the entire town and is an arterial road. Many other accidents happen on U.S. Highway 377, leading to Fort Worth. Still, other accidents happen on FM 2499, which connects to other major highways.

    Distracted drivers are one of the leading causes of car accidents across the country and in Flower Mound. Drivers might look at their phones, adjust the radio, or talk to passengers when they lose focus on the road. It only takes a second for an accident to happen when drivers lose focus. Our car accident lawyers can work with law enforcement to determine if the other driver was on their phone or otherwise distracted.

    Drinking and driving is another major problem. Intoxicated drivers often do not realize how fast they are driving or that they are weaving between lanes. They might slow down and speed up frequently and generally drive very erratically. If a drunk driver needs to stop suddenly, their reflexes might be so impaired that they cannot stop in time to avoid a crash.

    Recoverable Damages in a Flower Mound Car Accident Case

    Car accidents are as varied as they are common. In short, no two accidents are the same, and your damages may be unique and specific to your situation. Even so, some damages are so common that they should almost always be discussed with an attorney after a crash.

    Economic damages involve losses and injuries that cost money. One of the biggest forms of economic damages is medical expenses. Healthcare is not cheap even when you are not injured and only need a routine checkup. Emergency medicine and healthcare may be very costly, and plaintiffs should claim these costs as part of their damages.

    You should also claim the costs of property damage after a car accident. You might have to pay to have your vehicle repaired or replaced, and you might also have to pay to replace various personal belongings. These things are not cheap and should be accounted for in your damages.

    Non-economic damages are related to subjective personal experiences that cause plaintiffs a great deal of pain. These experiences often are unrelated to any financial cost but should still be financially compensated. You can claim emotional distress, physical pain, humiliation, and more.

    Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Flower Mound Car Accident Case

    You might wonder whether you need a lawyer to handle your case. Some people are under the impression that getting attorneys involved only prolongs the case and makes things more complicated. This could not be further from the truth. A good lawyer can help move your case along faster and with much less hassle and headache.

    Your lawyer can help prepare your claims, assess damages, and find evidence. These details must be included in a formal complaint that kickstarts your case. If this information is missing or insufficient, the court might not accept your complaint, and we might lose precious time filing your case.

    Your lawyer should also help you through the many complex legal procedures involved in bringing your case to court. From the initial filing of your complaint to pretrial motions to courtroom procedure during your trial, your lawyer can be your trusted guide.

    Obtaining Evidence to Support Your Flower Mount Car Accident Case

    Evidence may include nearly anything as long as it relates to your claims, tends to prove or disprove certain facts, and adheres to numerous evidentiary rules. In car accident cases, medical records are frequently needed to prove injuries and the cost of medical care. These records might also be important if your injuries are severe or have complications.

    Witnesses are the backbone of many civil lawsuits. If other people were around when your accident happened, as is often the case, we can find those people and ask them about what they know. If they have valuable information, we can have them testify in court.

    Since accident scenes tend to be cleared away rather quickly by law enforcement, a lot of important details might be lost. We might need any photos from the scene that you took to show the court what the scene looked like after the crash. Many drivers take such pictures for insurance, and they are commonly introduced as evidence in court.

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