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    When a baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped around their neck, there can be many possible birth complications.  In most cases, the problem can be resolved, and everything turns out okay.  In fact, around 1 in 4 pregnancies see this kind of issue arise, but most are resolved naturally or through quick action on the part of the doctor.  If your doctor is not as quick or attentive, a “nuchal cord” wrapped around the neck could cause serious injury to your baby.

    If your baby suffered birth injuries and complications caused by an umbilical cord around their neck, call The Queenan Law Firm today.  Our Houston, TX lawyers for injuries from an umbilical cord wrapped around the neck might be able to take your doctor to court and fight to get you and your baby compensation for the negligent care you faced.  For a free legal consultation on your case, call our lawyers today at (817) 476-1797.

    Risks from Umbilical Cords Wrapped Around the Neck

    An umbilical cord wrapped around a baby’s neck can cause some complications and health concerns.  The umbilical cord is the baby’s main source of nutrients and oxygen; they do not use their mouth or throat eat or breath while in the womb.  If the umbilical cord gets any kinks or is compressed or pinched, the baby’s oxygen flow could be cut off.  Moreover, the child’s neck is still a fragile and important part to keep free of obstructions or strangulation, since their body still pumps blood and oxygen to their brain through the arteries in their neck.

    If your baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped around their neck, they may suffer strangulation and reduced flow of oxygen to the brain.  This can lead to serious brain injuries and potential death if the baby is not delivered quickly and given oxygen.  In some cases, these kinds of brain injuries can lead to other developmental and neurological disorders.

    In addition to problems with oxygen delivery, you could face complications with delivering the baby.  If the baby is tangled or stuck in the umbilical cord, it may make it harder for them to fit through the birth canal.  Moreover, if their position changes or the effects of the nuchal cord constitute an emergency, you may need a C-section to deliver the baby.

    A nuchal cord can also cause physical injuries to a baby.  Strangulation from an umbilical cord can cause damage to the baby’s neck and throat, potentially causing their neck to look skinnier.  In some cases, this will go away, but any serious injuries or damage should be avoided through quick medical intervention.

    Causes of Umbilical Cords Around Necks in Infants

    An umbilical cord can become wrapped around the neck for numerous reasons, but there are two main factors that allow this to happen.  First, a nuchal cord is more common when a baby has an especially long umbilical cord.  This extra slack gives them more cord to risk becoming tangled in.  Second, a baby that moves around more in the womb is more likely to get tangled in the umbilical cord.

    Suing for Birth Injuries Involving Nuchal Cords

    If your baby has their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck, it is the doctor’s responsibility to help prevent that issue from causing injuries or complications that make the delivery more dangerous or cause injuries to the mother or the infant.  In many cases, a doctor who fails to do this opens themself up to a lawsuit.

    A doctor is responsible for giving you care that satisfies the “standard of care.”  This concept is somewhat hard to pin down, but it is built on the proper levels of care and attention that a “reasonable physician” would provide given the same patient and the same medical situation.  If your doctor’s care fell below what other doctors would reasonably do in that situation, then your doctor’s care can be considered negligent and you may be entitled to compensation.

    You must also prove the damages you faced in order to claim them in your lawsuit.  In most injury cases, you can claim damages for additional medical care, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  The damages from additional medical care are often simple enough to prove by producing bills for the care your child faced.  However, these damages may be supplemented by damages for future medical bills as well as future lost wages for your child.  Financial experts can help you project these costs and testify to their value in court.  Your child can also receive damages for the pain and suffering they faced because of the medical mistakes.  If your child faced obvious suffering from the physical effects of having the cord wrapped around their neck, the jury may award higher damages.

    In many personal injury cases, the case never makes it to trial.  This is because most cases end in settlements, where the at-fault party makes an offer to pay your damages in exchange for dropping the case.  This can help get you the money you need and save the time and expense of taking your case to trial.  However, these settlements do not always cover your needs in full, so it is vital to discuss any settlement offers with your lawyers before accepting.  If you do accept a settlement, you typically cannot go back to court, so this is a decision that should not be taken lightly.

    Call Our Houston, TX Lawyers for Umbilical Cord Injury Cases

    If your child had their umbilical cord wrapped around their neck and suffered additional injuries or birth complications that your obstetrician should have avoided through better healthcare, you may be entitled to sue the doctor.  The physician responsible for unnecessary injuries and complications could be responsible for paying damages to you and your child for the injuries they suffered.  For a free consultation on how much your case might be worth and how to proceed with your claim, call the Houston umbilical cord wrapped around neck lawyers at The Queenan Law firm today at (817) 476-1797.