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    Construction sites can cause death or injury to people working on the site or even people passing by or living near the construction zone.  Victims of construction accidents often include the workers and contractors at the job site, and many of these victims are left in the dark by unclear workers’ compensation laws and a lack of other routes to recovery.

    For help after a construction accident, call the Midland construction accident lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm.  Our attorneys work to help injury victims get financial compensation after accidents, including payments for medical care, pain and suffering, and lost-wage damages.  To set up your free legal consultation with our experienced construction accident attorneys, call (817) 476-1797 today.

    How to Sue for Injuries on a Construction Site in Midland (for Workers)

    If you work on a construction site, the rules about how to sue for injuries could be complicated by workers’ compensation rules.  Texas’ workers’ comp system requires employees who are covered by the system to file claims for compensation through that system, paying some damages for medical bills and lost wages.  However, any worker can usually go around this system and sue the at-fault party directly if they meet any of the following criteria:

    • You are an independent contractor (or any other worker that is not an “employee”)
    • You were injured by a third party (i.e., someone other than your employer)
    • You were injured by intentional acts of violence by an employer
    • Your employer does not carry workers’ comp. insurance
    • You opted out of the workers’ comp system at your work

    When you get around the workers’ comp. system this way, you are often entitled to sue the at-fault party for injuries.  This could be your employer in some cases, or it may be someone else, such as…

    • Another coworker at the job site
    • A contractor or subcontractor at the site
    • An equipment manufacturer
    • A power tool or vehicle manufacturer
    • The property owner
    • A passerby or driver coming through the job site
    • Another responsible party

    For help determining whom to sue and how to file the claim against them, speak with our Midland, TX construction accident injury lawyers.

    How to Sue for Injuries on a Construction Site in Midland (for Pedestrians and Drivers)

    If you work near a construction site, walk past the site, or drive through a construction zone on the street, you could be at risk of injury from problems on the job site.  Many construction accidents involve things like crane accidents, scaffolding collapses, and slip and falls caused by dangerous conditions on the job site.  If construction is being done in a place that is still open to the public, such as a sidewalk or road, then the workers and site operators need to take steps to prevent injury to passersby.

    If you were injured by an accident on the construction site, a construction accident lawyer can help you sue the right parties for compensation.  When you sue, your case might be directed at a contractor, a worker, or the construction firm itself, depending on the specific facts of the case.  Often, when a worker is engaged in their job duties and works as an employee of the construction firm, victims injured by their negligence can sue the construction firm for their injuries instead of filing a claim against the individual construction worker.

    Compensation for Midland, TX Construction Accidents

    If you were hurt on a construction site, you could face injuries that may lay you up in the hospital and require long-term recovery.  Victims of serious falls, crane accidents, collapses, and other accidents often face back and spine injuries, broken bones, and other injuries that could take months or even years to heal.  Many construction workers injured at work also need rehabilitation and physical therapy before they can return to work, all the while suffering from lost wages.  For help understanding these damages and what you can claim in court, contact a Midland, TX construction accident injury lawyer.

    Calculating Damages

    For some damages in a construction accident case, calculating the total value simply requires you to collect all bills and add up the totals.  However, medical bills and lost wages may have ongoing costs and damages that could last for weeks or years.  In some cases, you can claim compensation for these future needs as well as the current and past expenses.

    Especially when it comes to lost earning capacity, calculating damages can be difficult.  Lawyers often need to use financial experts and actuaries to predict how long a worker would have continued working without the injury so that they can calculate the difference between their projected future wages before and after the accident.  Other economic damages can also require this kind of projection.

    Calculating Pain and Suffering

    Pain and suffering damages are often separate from economic damages like lost wages and medical bills.  These pain and suffering damages are based on your specific experiences and the personal effects you faced because of the accident.  Pain and suffering can be worse for more serious injuries, but also injuries that have a greater effect on the victim’s life.  For instance, serious facial scars or burns can leave victims with more suffering than a broken bone, even if the broken bone hurts more.  Long-term effects that keep you from participating in activities you used to enjoy can also make pain and suffering damages higher.

    Call Our Midland, TX Construction Accident and Injury Lawyers for Help with Your Case

    The Queenan Law Firm and our Midland, TX construction accident injury lawyers have extensive experience handling injury cases on behalf of workers and construction workers in Texas.  For help with your case, whether you were injured while working at a construction site or passing through it, call our lawyers today to set up a free legal consultation.  Our number is (817) 476-1797.