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    The people who work on offshore oil rigs are often at risk for catastrophic equipment failure, unsafe work conditions, or even simple slips and falls on the job. If you or a loved one works on an oil rig, it is important to contact an attorney after an injury. An injury that keeps you from returning to work likely has high medical bills and high levels of pain and suffering. All of this, plus your missed wages, can be claimed as damages in a personal injury lawsuit.

    Talk to a Pecos offshore oil drilling injury lawyer to discuss your options after a serious on-the-job injury. The personal injury lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm represent injury victims and help them fight for the compensation they need to cover their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. For a free consultation, contact our law offices today at (817) 476-1797.

    Injuries from Oil Rig Accidents

    High oil pressure, large machinery, and generally hard working conditions all create a perfect recipe for disaster on an oil rig. Especially in offshore drilling, there are dozens of environmental hazards that can contribute to or cause injuries. Safety protocols, safety equipment, and proper training all help prevent injury, but if your employers fail to provide these safety precautions, you may be entitled to bring a lawsuit against them for injuries.

    Oil drilling deals with extremely high pressure systems and oil wells. To extract oil from so deep in the ground and the water, the pressure of pumps and the well itself need to be very high. If the equipment is not properly maintained or your rig has a catastrophic equipment failure, the sudden release of pressure can cause serious injuries. The force of oil being expelled from these systems is enough to knock you off your feet and cause serious injury. You may also suffer worse injuries when you go down, especially if you hit your head, land on your back, or are pushed into a dangerous location. Shrapnel and loose pieces of metal can also be expelled and cause wounds similar to gunshots.

    Environmental hazards also create serious risks on offshore oil platforms. Oil, rain, and ocean spray can create slick surfaces. Especially since many catwalks are either high up or very narrow, it becomes a challenge to even get around an oil platform without risking injury. If you are injured because of unsafe work premises, it may be your employer’s fault.

    Suing Oil Rigs for Employee Injuries

    If you or a loved one was injured on an oil rig, Texas law may require you to file for workers’ compensation. However, there are many circumstances that allow you to circumvent the workers’ comp. rules and file a lawsuit directly with the courts. While workers’ comp. may be available to cover medical costs and lost wages, it may not fully address your needs. Medical care through workers’ comp. may require you to use your employer’s doctor of choice, and may demand preapproval for many procedures and diagnostic tests. Your missed paychecks may also be reduced, only restoring a fraction of the income you are missing.

    For full compensation, a lawsuit may be your best option. Any financial or physical harm that stems from the injury may be compensated in court. That means that all medical costs, including imaging, surgery, hospital stays, and physical therapy could be compensated. Your lost wages while you recover from your injury – or if your injuries are too severe to return to work – may be fully compensated in court. While workers’ comp may only give back some of your paycheck, a lawsuit can recover your full paycheck, cost of living increases, inflation, and other projected amounts.

    In a lawsuit, you may also open the door to gaining additional funds. An injury often involves medical bills, but there is no price tag on the injury itself. However, the pain and suffering you face could be compensated in court. Texas juries are permitted to award as much money as they see fit for these damages, with no upper limit. This means that pain and suffering damages are often some of the largest damages victims receive. Rarely, courts also award the victim additional damages to punish the at-fault party. These “punitive” or “exemplary” damages are used to punish employers who have repeated violations, gross safety breaches, or intentionally put their workers in harm’s way.

    Pecos Offshore Oil Drilling Injury Lawyer

    After suffering a workplace injury on an offshore drilling platform, it is important to take your case to an attorney. You may be entitled to compensation beyond what workers’ compensation offers, and it is vital that you explore all of your options before accepting any payments. For a free consultation on your injury case, contact our law offices today. The Queenan Law Firm, P.C., has helped other families sue for their work injuries, and may be able to help you, too. For your free consultation, call (817) 476-1797 today.