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    There are many different forms of negligent behavior that lead to car crashes in Richland Hills, TX. For example, accidents often happen because motorists disobey traffic signals, travel at illegal speeds, and fail to properly yield the right-of-way. Thankfully, careless drivers can be sued for the collisions they cause.

    Defendants in car accident lawsuits may utilize various different strategies to avoid paying plaintiffs the damages they are owed. Our attorneys can help crash victims prove their cases and negotiate for fair compensation.

    In the aftermath of a harmful car accident in Richland Hills, TX, seek support from our car accident attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm. Our experienced legal team can review your case for free. Call us today by dialing (817) 476-1797.

    Common Types of Car Accidents that Occur in Richland Hills, TX

    Car accidents can come in several different forms. The following are some of the common types of crashes that occur in Richland Hills, TX:

    Head-On Collisions

    Head-on collisions are especially serious types of accidents. These crashes happen in situations where two vehicles moving towards each other collide. Victims of head-on collisions often sustain severe injuries. In many cases, such accidents happen because motorists were speeding, driving distracted, or driving while fatigued. If you were hurt because of a head-on collision, you can contact our car accident attorneys for help building your case against the at-fault driver.

    Sideswipe Accidents

    Sideswipe accidents happen when two cars are travelling alongside each other and one of them strikes the side of the other vehicle. Many of these accidents happen because motorists neglect to use their turn signals or fail to check their surroundings before changing lanes. Sideswipe accidents regularly occur on highways during periods of higher traffic congestion. Victims of such accidents can reach out to our legal team for support and guidance with their potential claims.

    Rollover Accidents

    Rollover accidents are another common type of crash that can happen. These accidents refer to scenarios where moving vehicles are flipped over. Victims of such accidents can suffer devastating injuries when they are thrown from their vehicles.

    There are many different circumstances that can contribute to rollover accidents. Fortunately, if you sustained a rollover accident, you can call our car accident attorneys for help investigating your crash’s cause.

    Side-Impact Collisions

    Side impact collisions, sometimes referred to as “T-bone” collisions, happen when a car moving in one direction strikes another car on its side at a perpendicular angle. These crashes often happen because drivers fail to yield the right-of-way and make improper left turns.

    During a side impact collision, a vehicle’s passengers can sustain serious harm if they were sitting on the side that was struck. Victims of side-impact collisions can contact our car accident lawyers for help holding at-fault drivers accountable for their actions.

    Multiple Vehicle Collisions

    Lastly, multiple-vehicle collisions are a common type of car accident that occurs in Richland Hills, TX. These collisions occur when three or more vehicles collide during a chance of events stemming from singular event. These types of pileups can cause massive amounts of damage. However, assigning fault for a multiple vehicle collision can be a complex process. Assistance from our experienced lawyers can be highly beneficial when investigating who is responsible for such accidents.

    Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Richland Hills, TX?

    The aftermath of a harmful car accident can be a traumatic and disorienting ordeal. The financial compensation awarded through car accident lawsuits can provide victims with necessary support through periods of immense physical pain, economic hardship, and emotional distress. However, defendants often try to avoid paying plaintiffs the full amount of damages they are owed. If you suffered a crash, our car accident attorneys may increase the chances of winning your case by offering support in the following ways:

    • Reviewing your case and determining the appropriate course of action
    • Referring the right physicians for you
    • Gathering evidence
    • Filing your case in court
    • Communicating with insurance companies and other parties
    • Negotiating for fair settlement offers
    • Presenting your case at trial

    Our legal team can provide plaintiffs with support throughout each step of the legal process. After being hurt because of a collision in North Richland Hills, our lawyers can fight for the full amount of compensation available to you.

    Damages Available to Car Accident Victims in Richland Hills, TX

    Plaintiffs in car accident lawsuits may obtain multiple forms of monetary damages. During a free assessment of your case, our car accident lawyers can help determine which of the ensuing damages may be pursued:

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Property damage
    • Out-of-pocket expenses

    In order to recover the aforementioned damages, you must prove that they were suffered because of your accident. There are several forms of evidence that may be utilized to prove which damages were suffered in your case. You may reach out to our legal team for help seeking the compensation you deserve.

    Considering Settlement Offers in Car Accident Cases in Richland Hills, TX

    In your car crash lawsuit, the defendant will likely present you with a settlement offer before trial. If you reach a settlement agreement, then the at-fault party pays you a certain amount of damages and your lawsuit will be voluntarily dismissed. There are some potential advantages to settling early. Plaintiffs who reach settlement agreements can obtain payment sooner. Furthermore, those who settle early can save on the costs associated with going to trial.

    However, settling early is not always advisable. A high number of defendants attempt to settle their claims for less than they are worth. By taking your lawsuit to trial, you may be able to recover financial compensation that was not offered during pre-trial settlement negotiations. Our car accident lawyers can help consider any settlement offers made in your case, so that you can confidently decide if going to trial is best for you.

    Car Accident Victims in Richland Hills, TX Can Call Our Law Firm for Help

    If you were injured as the result of a motor vehicle collision, seek assistance from our experienced car accident attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm by calling (817) 476-1797 today.