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    How Alimony Payments Are Calculated in Arlington, TX

    Put simply; alimony is nothing more than financial assistance granted to one of the spouses before or after a legal separation or divorce. This court-ordered assistance obligates the paying spouse or “payor” to make payments to the receiving spouse or “recipient.” There has been a generalized misconception only the “husband” is obligated to support the “wife” before or after a divorce or legal separation. However, the court can order either one of them to support the other.

    Before obtaining alimony in Texas, the requesting party must qualify for this assistance. For instance, under Texas law, the party seeking spousal support has to demonstrate he or she has obligations preventing them from maintaining an adequate standard of living. The requesting party can also show he or she was married for more than ten years and cannot now generate enough income to meet his or her monthly obligations or cover necessary expenses. Texas family courts will consider these and other elements before granting alimony.

    Before awarding alimony payments in Texas, the courts will consider different factors. Texas law has a presumption that alimony or spousal support is not necessary. Therefore, the requesting party must defeat such presumption by showing the court he or she made reasonably, good faith efforts to generate income or otherwise acquire the necessary skills to be financially independent.

    When determining the amount and duration of an alimony order, the court will evaluate different factors. For instance, one of the things Arlington, TX courts will evaluate is each spouse’s ability to assist the other. Generally, courts will not place the payor under duress to satisfy an alimony order, and the amount they will pay is dependent upon their obligations and income.

    Another element to consider is the age, employment history or experience, and their ability to support themselves. The court will generally grant alimony to requesting parties in need of time to acquire proper education and a job to sustain himself or herself. The courts will consider these and other factors before determining the amount, duration, and conditions of alimony in Arlington.

    How Long Does Alimony Last in Arlington, Texas?

    Texas has strict guidelines governing the duration of alimony orders which judges have to follow. As such, they have to observe the particular situation of each alimony case when determining the length of maintenance. Generally, alimony in Texas is limited. Courts will often limit the number of years the payor has to submit payments to the recipient to avoid perpetuating maintenance without compelling justification.

    If spouses were married for less than ten years and the supporting spouse was convicted of a criminal offense, such as domestic violence, he or she may be ordered to pay alimony for five years. The paying spouse will sustain the receiving spouse for five years if they were married for more than ten years, but less than 20 years. In cases where couples were married for more than 20 years, but less than 30 years, the payor will submit alimony payments to the recipient for seven years. The amount of time a payor may be obligated to pay alimony can increase if the couple was married for thirty or more years.

    While alimony orders in Texas are limited, there may be instances where the payor may continue making alimony payments regardless of the time limit. For example, a payor may need to keep submitting his or her alimony payments for an existing condition justifying continuing payments such as a disability. Payments may stop once the condition subsides or ends. Other ways your alimony payment order can end is if either party dies, the supported spouse remarries, or by a determination made by the court after a review, among other reasons. It is critical to keep making your payments on time, as ordered by the court. You must request an alimony modification before making any changes in your payments. A skilled Arlington, TX alimony attorney can assist you with this matter.

    Alimony Laws in Arlington, TX

    Different from many other states, Texas law limits the amount of alimony a person can obtain every month. The maximum amount of alimony payments you can expect is $5,000 or 20% of the paying spouse’s monthly average monthly income. If a payor refuses to comply with a court-ordered alimony or maintenance payment, he or she may be found in contempt and obligated to make payments. Additionally, the court may take unprotected property and sell it to pay any outstanding alimony debt.

    A skilled, determined, and dedicated Arlington, TX alimony attorney can help you understand what alimony laws may require of you and guide you throughout the entire process. For instance, you may be facing a situation where you are owed a substantial amount of alimony payments, and the payor is not willing to pay what they owe. Your Arlington alimony attorney can help you find ways to enforce the payments you are is always in your best interest to have competent legal representation at every stage of your alimony case.

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    If you or someone you know is going through a divorce and may file for alimony in Arlington, we may provide assistance. We understand maintenance plays a critical role in the lives of many divorcing couples. We dedicate our efforts to guiding and protecting your rights every step of the way. Backed by many years of battle-tested experience, our dedicated Arlington, TX alimony attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm, P.C., can help you get the alimony you need following a divorce. To schedule a confidential consultation on your case, call our law offices today at (817) 476-1797.