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    Anyone who has driven around Plano has encountered massive commercial trucks on the road. These 18-wheelers, commercial box trucks, flatbeds, and tankers share the highways with much smaller vehicles. When a truck driver operates their vehicle unsafely or a truck experiences a crucial malfunction, catastrophic accidents could occur.

    Truck accidents often result in devastating and life-altering injuries. If you or a loved one suffered any harm in an accident with a massive commercial vehicle, you should not have to face the substantial medical expenses and other costs alone. Our Plano, TX accident lawyer is dedicated to holding the responsible parties accountable for the harm they inflicted. The attorneys and staff at The Queenan Law Firm, P.C. provide professional and aggressive representation to those injured in truck accidents.

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    The Challenges of Lawsuits for Plano, TX Truck Accident Claims

    In nearly every case, truck accident cases are more complicated than any other claim involving a motor vehicle accident. First, there are numerous state and federal rules and regulations that govern the trucking industry and truck drivers. These laws could significantly impact your claim, so it is crucial to have our experienced Plano truck accident attorney working by your side.

    Often, proving liability in a truck accident lawsuit is more challenging than a typical car accident claim. In most situations, determining who is accountable for your injuries is not straightforward. It is not uncommon for more than one party to share responsibility for any damages that occurred. The truck driver would be the obvious party to blame, especially if their conduct was reckless or negligent. However, liability does not stop there; the trucking company could be held accountable for your injuries as well. In some situations, the truck manufacturer could be held liable if a part of the vehicle was defective or malfunctioned. Additionally, there might have been a third or fourth driver who contributed to the accident.

    How Federal Trucking Regulations May Affect Your Plano Truck Accident Lawsuit

    Many federal regulations have been established by the government to ensure the safety of both truck drivers and other motorists on Plano roads. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) promulgates these regulations and they apply to all aspects of the trucking industry, including drivers, companies, and manufacturers.

    Every commercial truck driver in Plano must be at least 21 years old and be fluent in English. They are required to pass a physical exam every two years to ensure they are healthy enough to endure the rigors of driving a truck for long hours. Additionally, truck drivers are prohibited from using drugs and alcohol, including prescription medication that could impair a driver’s ability to operate their vehicle safely.

    Trucking companies operating in Plano must also adhere to numerous regulations. Before allowing a driver to drive one of its vehicles, a trucking company must verify the driver’s records and references. This includes reviewing the driver’s records every year. A system must be in place to ensure commercial trucks are regularly inspected and repaired. Trucking companies must keep an accurate and detailed record of all inspections and repairs to a vehicle to comply with federal regulations.

    If you were involved in an accident with a commercial truck, our Plano truck accident attorney will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure that both the driver and trucking company complied with every federal regulation.

    Causes of Truck Accidents in Plano, Texas

    Assessing who is to blame for your truck accident is a crucial step towards recovering financial compensation. There are many different forms of negligence that can lead to crashes. Our experienced truck accident attorneys can investigate whether your collision stems from any of the following sources:

    Improper Cargo Securement

    Many truck accidents happen as the result of improper cargo securement. When cargo is allowed to shift during transit, trucks can experience catastrophic jackknife accidents and rollovers. Furthermore, negligently secured cargo may fall off the back of tractor-trailers and collide with other vehicles on the road. If your accident occurred because of improper cargo securement, then you may be entitled to substantial compensation from the at-fault party.

    Distracted Driving

    Distracted driving is also a common source of truck accidents. When truck drivers become distracted, they are prone to making careless mistakes behind the wheel.

    There are multiple forms of distraction that can affect truck drivers. First, drivers can become manually distracted when they take their hands off the wheel. Second, they can become visually distracted by diverting their eyes from the road. Finally, cognitive distraction refers to situations where drivers take their minds away from the task of driving.

    There are numerous types of activities that can distract truck drivers. Some activities like texting or using a GPS may involve multiple types of distraction. Our legal team can help investigate whether your truck accident happened because of a distracted truck driver.

    Hours of Service Violations

    Federal trucking regulations establish hours of service regulations that limit the amount of time truckers can remain on the road without taking a break. Unfortunately, truck drivers are often under immense pressure to deliver their goods on time. Some trucking companies may pressure their drivers into violating hours of service regulations in order to meet delivery deadlines.

    This is a very dangerous practice. When truckers violate hours of service regulations, they can become tired and may commit reckless maneuvers behind the wheel. If you were injured because of an accident caused by a tired truck driver, then the team at our firm will determine if the driver’s employer can be held accountable.


    Speeding is another common cause of truck accidents in Plano. While speeding, truck drivers may have difficulty braking in time to avoid collisions when motorists in front of them slow down. Also, large trucks can become difficult to control at high speeds.

    High-speed accidents are especially likely to result in devastating injuries. Thankfully, speeding truck drivers may be held responsible for the accidents they cause.

    Drunk Driving

    Lastly, drunk driving is also a common cause of truck accidents. While drunk, drivers may exhibit blurry vision, delayed reaction times, and reckless decision-making abilities. Accidents caused by drunk drivers regularly occur at night but can still happen at any time of day. After such accidents, our team can help victims gather evidence and build their claims against at-fault parties.

    Common Injuries for Which You Can Sue After a Plano Truck Accident

    Every motor vehicle accident could result in severe injuries. However, because of the size and weight of commercial trucks, many of the injuries sustained in truck accidents are catastrophic and life-altering. Victims of truck accidents often suffer traumatic brain injuries, devastating spinal damage, fractures, neck and head injuries, paralysis, amputation, and death. If you have sustained any of these severe injuries in a truck accident, you will be facing medical expenses, lost income, and physical and mental suffering. Our Plano truck accident attorney will assist you in seeking monetary compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. You are entitled to recover for your medical costs, decreased or lost income, and the emotional anguished you endured.

    Proving Fault for a Truck Accident in Plano, TX

    In order to recover monetary damages in a truck accident case, you must be able to prove that your crash occurred because of the defendant’s negligence. There are multiple forms of evidence that can be used to establish this link. The following are examples of evidence that may be used in your case:

    Witness Statements

    Witness statements are one of the most valuable types of evidence used to prove fault for truck accidents in Plano. Witnesses can provide both oral and written testimonies that explain how or why certain collisions occurred. For instance, an eyewitness may state that the at-fault truck driver ran a red light before causing your accident.

    You should always attempt to retrieve contact information from potential witnesses in the immediate aftermath of your collision if possible. Afterwards, our team will help reach out for their possible cooperation.

    Physical Evidence from the Scene

    Physical evidence from the scene of your truck accident can also be utilized when establishing fault. For example, open liquor bottles and drug paraphernalia found at the scene of your crash may be presented to prove that the defendant driver was impaired when the accident happened. Furthermore, a defective cargo securement device may be brought into court to demonstrate how it contributed to your crash.

    Still, in some cases, physical evidence may be hard to preserve or too large to bring into court. Thankfully, other means of evidentiary documentation are permitted.

    Photos from the Scene

    Photos from the scene of your truck accident can also be utilized when proving fault. There are multiple ways that these photos can be helpful to your case.

    First, photos from the scene of your accident can help identify contributing factors. For instance, photos of your badly damaged car may be presented to show that the defendant truck driver was speeding when they hit you.

    Additionally, photos from the scene may be used to discredit the defendant’s assertions. For example, the defendant in your case may argue that your truck accident actually happened because of poor weather conditions, as opposed to their careless behavior. In that case, photos from the scene depicting clear weather could be used to disprove the defendant’s theory.

    You should always attempt to take photos in the aftermath of your truck accident if possible. Our legal team can help review any photos you took during a free assessment of your case.

    Surveillance Footage

    Surveillance footage can also be very helpful when proving fault for your truck accident. Like witness statements, private surveillance footage can be used to explain the events that unfolded before, during, and after your truck accident.

    There are multiple potential sources of pertinent surveillance footage. For example, a business’s security camera may capture a truck accident that occurs in a building’s parking lot. Further, a doorbell camera may record the events leading up to a truck accident in a residential neighborhood.

    Those in control of relevant surveillance footage may not store their recordings for long. Therefore, it is crucial that you begin searching for this evidence quickly after suffering a truck accident.

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