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    At any moment, a personal injury can turn your life upside down. When it does, our firm can help you get compensation from the person who injured you.

    Personal injuries can arise from countless situations. Many are caused by negligent drivers scrolling on their phones. Others are caused by the negligence of powerful companies. Regardless, our lawyers have the experience to get justice for your losses. We can review your case so you can ensure every potential defendant is named in your lawsuit. We will gather and organize evidence so the court fully understands your case. This lets you focus on healing and getting on with your life. If we cannot negotiate a settlement that you find fair, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

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    Types of Personal Injury Cases Our Lawyers Handle in Lewisville, TX

    Negligence comes in a variety of forms. Fortunately, our personal injury attorneys are equipped to help you file many types of lawsuits. Our team can formulate strategies for your case, whether you were in a minor fender-bender or a serious oil accident. We know how to determine who injured you and accurately assess the damages they caused. The following are common types of lawsuits we file in Lewisville:

    Car Accidents

    Many of the cases we handle for clients in Lewisville are for car accidents. Negligent drivers are liable for the damages they cause in an accident. Many car accidents result from negligent driving, like texting or talking on the phone while behind the wheel. Speeding drivers cause many others, especially on the highways leading from Lewisville to Dallas. Our team can help you get compensation by filing an insurance claim or lawsuit, no matter how your car accident happened.

    Truck Accidents

    Our firm takes particular pride in our experience and results in truck accident lawsuits. These cases are common in Lewisville but are often more challenging than typical vehicle claims. For instance, our lawyers usually sue the truck driver and the trucking company they work for.

    However, our team also has the investigative resources to determine if anyone else, like another driver or cargo loader, helped cause your accident. Our attorneys can get “black box” data, company records, and other important evidence to prove your claim.

    Premises Liability

    Our team can also help if you have been injured on another person’s or business’s property. Property owners have a duty to keep their premises safe for guests. If they have known hazards or ones they should have reasonably discovered and someone gets injured, the property owner or manager could be held liable.

    Many of these claims result from slip and fall accidents. For example, you might have slipped in an old spill at a restaurant or down dimly lit stairs that lacked handrails. Our team will gather and review reports and business records to determine who we should sue. This might be the business owner or even a local or state government entity. Either way, we can fight for the compensation you deserve.

    In other cases, you might need to sue a homeowner, like a neighbor. Perhaps you were bitten by a local dog known to be dangerous when your neighbor failed to chain them in the yard. We can help with these delicate situations while pursuing your claim.

    Motorcycle Accidents

    Negligent drivers cause an unfortunate number of motorcycle accidents in Lewisville. Many of these accidents happen because drivers are distracted and do not see the rider before either changing lanes into them or making an illegal left turn that T-bones their bike.

    However, even if liability is clear, many defendants will still argue that the motorcyclist was at fault for the accident. This is an attempt to play on the biases and stereotypes against motorcycles.

    Some jurors might think that motorcycles are inherently dangerous, leading them to believe the riders contributed to their injuries. Our team can explain why the accident is solely the other driver’s fault by presenting evidence that your injuries would not have happened without their negligence.

    ATV and Dirt Bike Accidents

    Our lawyers are increasingly handling ATV and dirt bike accident claims. Determining liability often makes these cases challenging, which is where our team can help. Many of these accidents occur at parks and businesses that require riders to sign a waiver before they can ride on the premises. The waiver generally prevents people from suing because they assume the risks of their actions.

    However, not all waivers of liability stand up to scrutiny. Even if the waiver is sound, it does not protect an ATV or dirt bike track from basic negligence. For instance, the waiver might stand up if you try to sue a business for a broken arm you sustained when you fell from your bike. However, if a dangerous hazard caused the fall, the track managers should have corrected it, but the waiver would not protect them from a lawsuit.

    Oil Industry Accidents

    Oil industry accidents are also common in and around the Lewisville area. Whether it is from oil tankers traveling through Lewisville to and from Dallas or accidents in the field, victims often suffer catastrophic injuries.

    Our team can assess the extent of your damages and file a lawsuit to recover them. Oil industry workers have the right to opt out of Workers’ Compensation insurance when they start their jobs. If you opted out, we can help you file a claim right away. If not, we can help prepare your Workers’ Compensation claim and determine if a lawsuit can still be filed.

    With our help, you can ensure every potential defendant is identified. Determining the origin of an oil accident can be challenging. The negligent practices of the oil company or the oilfield manager cause some accidents. Other accidents are caused when defective equipment fails because it was negligently manufactured or repaired. We will gather the evidence you need to show how each defendant contributed to your injuries.

    Accidents Involving Wrongful Death

    Often, the most complex and delicate cases our lawyers handle are those involving the death of a loved one. Filing a wrongful death claim might be far from your mind after such a devastating loss, but our team can deal with the legal aspects while you and your family focus on healing.

    Through a wrongful death claim, you can get compensation for numerous losses the defendant’s negligence caused. We will evaluate your loved one’s funeral costs, the financial contributions they would have made in their life, as well as intangible damages, like you and your children’s loss of their emotional support.

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