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    Nothing beats the thrill of riding your Harley down a wide open road beneath that big Texas sky, taking in nature and feeling the breeze on your face.  Unfortunately, along with the positive aspects of biking, there are also some dangers to the sport that motorcyclists must deal with whenever they go for a ride.  The greatest danger of all comes not from animals or bad weather, but the careless, reckless actions of other drivers on Fort Worth’s roads and highways.

    If you or one of your family members was injured a motorcycle accident in Fort Worth, and you believe your crash may have been caused by the other driver’s actions, you are urged to contact Queenan Law as soon as possible for a free and confidential legal consultation.  Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income, and other losses you have faced because of your injuries.  To discuss your Fort Worth motorcycling injury claim in a free legal consultation, call Queenan Law at (817) 476-1797 right away.

    How Do You Get Injury Compensation for a Motorcycle Crash in Texas?

    After you have been hurt in a motorcycle accident, unfortunately, you are likely to have very costly medical bills, particularly if any of your injuries will require surgery or ongoing care.  The financial hardship brought on by medical bills, which are a major source of debt for many Texans, is especially devastating when your injuries are serious enough to prevent you from working, because you are losing income at the same time you are accumulating medical expenses.

    In addition to your medical costs and loss of income, you may also have to make expensive modifications to your home, depending on the nature of your injuries.  For example, you may need to widen the doorways or lower the countertops for wheelchair accessibility.  You may also need to pay for services you can no longer personally perform, such as transportation, due to your disabling injuries.

    If your accident was caused by another person, his or her insurance company may be liable for many of your expenses.  It may be possible to negotiate a settlement; or, should doing so become necessary, we are prepared to take your case to court.  We are skilled litigators who are not afraid to seek justice aggressively for our clients.  We can also fight for you if your injury was caused by a defective motorcycle part, or a defect in the road itself.

    You have already been burdened with the physical and emotional pain that comes with a serious injury, and you should not have to pay the financial price for another person’s reckless or careless behavior behind the wheel.  Let our motorcycle injury attorneys in Fort Worth handle negotiating a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company.  We can analyze your current and long-term expenses in order to fight strategically for the maximum compensation.

    When you are represented by the Fort Worth motorcycle crash lawyers of Queenan Law, you can feel confidence and peace of mind that we are looking out for your best interests as an injury victim entitled to fair compensation.  Our role is to provide dedicated emotional and legal support while we analyze fault, assess insurance coverage, and work hard to obtain the compensation you need to move forward in life.

    Fort Worth Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Handling Personal Injury Claims

    As Texas personal injury lawyers with over 20 years of experience handling numerous auto accident cases, the attorneys of Queenan Law are equipped with extensive, detailed knowledge of how injuries occur, the complications they can cause, and the costs that are associated with their care and treatment.  We will put our vast body of knowledge to work on your motorcycling injury claim, so that you are not victimized by an insurance company that is hoping you will accept a low settlement offer.
    Types of injury claims we handle relating to motorcycle wrecks and collisions include but are not limited to:

    • Ankle Injuries
    • Back Injuries
    • Broken Bones
    • Burn Injuries
    • Concussions
    • Cuts and Lacerations
    • Foot Injuries
    • Hand Injuries
    • Head Injuries
    • Internal Bleeding
    • Joint Dislocations
    • Neck Injuries
    • Paralysis
    • Permanent Scarring and Disfigurement
    • Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI)
    • Sprains and Strains
    • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
    • Whiplash
    • Wrist Injuries
    • Wrongful Death

    We are proud to represent the residents of Fort Worth, a city whose often dangerous roads and intersections we are highly familiar with.  Some common sites of motorcycle crashes in Fort Worth and the surrounding area include:

    • I-20
    • I-30
    • I-35W
    • I-820

    No matter which Fort Worth road you were injured on, or what type of injury you sustained, the motorcycle crash attorneys of Queenan Law are here to answer your questions, provide support, and most importantly, act as your representatives in the pursuit of compensation, accountability, and justice.  We also handle motorcycle crash claims the Fort Worth suburbs of Benbrook, Forest Hill, Saginaw, White Settlement, and more.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us about your accident, even if you are not sure if you have a claim.  Your initial consultation is free of charge.  To get started learning if you have a case, call our law offices at (817) 476-1797 as soon as possible.