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    Accidents involving explosions are quite rare, but there are some industries, jobs, and activities where the threat of an explosion is more common. Victims of explosions and fires often face very serious injuries or are killed in the accident.

    The Arlington, TX explosion injury lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm represent victims and their families and work to get them the compensation they need after a serious accident. For help with your case, contact our lawyers today to set up a free legal consultation about an injury case for you or a loved one, or for a wrongful death case involving a serious explosion accident that killed a loved one. For a free consultation, call us today at (817) 476-1797.

    Common Causes of Explosion Accidents in Arlington, TX

    In part because explosion accidents are quite rare, there is a limited list of common causes for these kinds of accidents. Many of them occur in the workplace, especially in the oil industry – an incredibly large industry in Texas. Our attorneys represent victims of explosion accidents in any of the following areas, and more:

    Explosions in Car Accidents

    Many explosions happen in car accidents and truck accidents where a fuel tank or fuel line catches on a spark or ignites from a fire at the crash scene. In cases where oil tankers or other large tanker trucks are involved, explosions could be huge. In other cases where your car’s gas tank catches on fire, the accident could become deadly or injure anyone near the explosion site. In some cases, these risks are made worse because of defective gas tanks, as in the famous case of Ford Pintos in the ‘70s.

    Explosions in House/Building Fires

    Sometimes house and building fires lead to explosions. If a building is on fire and the fire reaches a propane tank out by the grill or an internal gas line, the resulting explosion could be incredibly dangerous. Many of these explosions and fires could destroy a house, and anyone inside or near the building could be seriously injured or killed.

    Oil Rig Explosions

    Whether you work at an on-shore oil drilling facility or an off-shore oil platform, the risk of a fire or explosion is always present. Sparks from tools, machinery, and other systems and processes could ignite oil wells or other oil containers, potentially causing immense fires and explosions. The resulting injuries could cause permanent disabilities or death.

    Chemical Plant Explosions

    Workers in some chemical plants and manufacturing jobs work with volatile and potentially explosive chemicals. If a coworker mishandles certain chemicals, they could potentially cause a small explosion that could cause injuries from the resulting fire or any chemicals spread by the explosion. You could also face injuries from larger, plant-wide explosions and fires.

    Mineral Extraction and Mining Blasts

    Controlled blasts are often used in mining and mineral extraction. Quarry workers, miners, and other workers involved in drilling and blasting can be seriously injured if their coworkers make mistakes or allow the secondary effects of an explosion – such as a cave-in – to injure someone.

    Demolition and Construction Explosions

    Controlled explosions are commonly used in demolition work, and anyone in the blast radius and nearby area could be injured. Whether you are a worker or someone near a demolition site, you could be entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. Construction sites also often have explosive gas and fuel tanks for tools or vehicle fuel, which could lead to fires or explosions if people are not careful.

    Oil Refinery Explosions

    Workers at oil refineries work with explosive and flammable chemicals for much of their day. Safety issues and accidents at work could lead to explosions large enough to destroy the refinery and affect nearby residents or passers-by. Talk to an attorney if you were injured in an oil refinery explosion.

    Suing for Compensation after an Explosion Injury in Arlington, TX

    If you faced serious injuries in an explosion accident, there are damages you could be entitled to. Serious accidents involving heat and fire often cause severe burn injuries that could result in intensive medical care, painful skin grafts, and ongoing medical care to deal with the effects. These injuries and other injuries sustained in an explosion can often cause substantial damages for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

    Medical damages can cover any medical costs, including the cost of medical equipment like wheelchairs or protective masks and bandages for burns. The damages you can claim also include future costs and damages. The lost wages you miss because of your injuries can also be claimed now and going forward. This can help compensate you for reduced future earning capacity as well as wages you already missed.

    One special area of damages that you usually cannot claim through insurance or workers’ compensation is pain and suffering damages. These can cover the physical pain, mental anguish, and other results of an injury. Burns are often disfiguring and cause immense suffering outside of the actual injury itself. Talk to an Arlington personal injury attorney about what these damages are worth in your case.

    The spouses, parents, and children of those killed in explosion accidents can also claim damages for their losses – such as funeral costs and lost wages – alongside the damages that the deceased faced at the end of their life – such as the pain and suffering of their injuries. Talk to an attorney about what these damages are worth in your case.

    Call Our Arlington Lawyer for Explosion Accident Victims for a Free Consultation

    After a serious explosion accident, your life could be upended by serious injuries, pain and suffering, intensive medical care, and lost wages. If you lost a loved one in the accident, your damages could be more substantial. Contact the Arlington, TX explosion injury lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm today to discuss your potential case in a free legal consultation. Our number is (817) 476-1797.