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    There are many different types of accidents that cause personal injuries in North Richland Hills, TX. For example, people are regularly injured because of car crashes, slip and fall accidents, medical malpractice, and dog bites. Generally, anyone who is injured as the result of another person’s negligence may bring a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault party.

    Plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits may be compensated for a wide array of economic and non-economic damages. However, the path to payment can be complicated. Defendants will often try to dispute key elements of victims’ claims.

    If you sustained an injury as the result of another person’s negligent behavior in North Richland Hills, you can call our experienced personal injury lawyers for help with your case. Our legal team at The Queenan Law Firm can evaluate the strength of your claim for free. Call us today at (817) 476-1797.

    How Our Attorneys Can Help Win Your Personal Injury Case

    The process for recovering monetary damages in a personal injury lawsuit can be frustrating and complex. Thankfully, our experienced personal injury attorneys can offer guidance and support throughout each of the following stages of your case:

    Assessing Your Case

    The first step in any personal injury lawsuit involves evaluating the strength of the plaintiff’s claim. There are several key conditions that must be established in order for a case to proceed. During a free assessment of your claim, our lawyers can help determine if the required elements have been satisfied in your case.

    Gathering Evidence

    Immediately following your case review, our team can begin gathering evidence to support your claim. There are many forms of evidence that may potentially be used. For example, the following are all common types of evidence utilized by our personal injury lawyers:

    • Witness testimony
    • Expert witness testimony
    • Accident reports
    • Physical evidence from the scene of your accident
    • Photographs taken at the scene of your accident
    • Personal recollections
    • Security Camera Footage

    The process for gathering pertinent evidence can be tiresome. Further, some parties in control of important evidence may be reluctant to cooperate with victims. Our legal team can help collect and preserve all of the evidence required to win your case.

    Filing Your Case

    According to Tex. Civ. Prac & Rem. Code § 16.003, you will typically have two years from the date of your accident to file your personal injury lawsuit against the liable party. If you wait too long to bring your case to court, then the defendant will likely move to have your lawsuit dismissed.

    Furthermore, there are several other conditions that must be satisfied when filing your personal injury case. For instance, you have to file in the correct jurisdiction, attach required supporting documents, pay any necessary filing fees, serve all named defendants, and ensure you file a complete claim.

    You should call our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible after suffering an accident. Our team will help bring your case to court on time. Furthermore, our experienced attorneys will ensure you satisfy all of the necessary requirements for filing your lawsuit.

    Negotiating with Defendants and Their Insurance Companies

    Additionally, our lawyers can help negotiate with defendants and their insurance companies. In most personal injury cases, defendants who seek to settle claims early will present plaintiffs with settlement offers. If you accept a settlement offer, then you will receive an agreed-upon amount of payment from the defendant and your case will be dismissed. There are potential advantages to settle early. For example, by settling early, you may obtain payment sooner and save on the costs associated with going to trial.

    Unfortunately, a high number of defendants will attempt to entice low settlement agreements. Our personal injury attorneys will help negotiate with defendants, so that you may receive a settlement offer that reflects the true value of your claim.

    Representing Your Interests at Trial

    If a reasonable settlement offer is not presented, then you may obtain the financial compensation you deserve by going to trial. At trial, our experienced attorneys can help present evidence and fight for the full range of monetary damages available to you.

    Damages Available to Plaintiffs in North Richland Hills, TX Personal Injury Lawsuits

    Personal injury victims in North Richland Hills can pursue multiple categories of monetary damages. During our assessment of your case, our lawyers can help determine which of the following damages may be awarded:

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost income
    • Property damage
    • Out-of-pocket expenses
    • Pain and suffering

    The aforementioned damages can provide personal injury plaintiffs with crucial support during periods of great hardship. The experienced attorneys at our law firm will fight for the full amount of payment available to you.

    How Much is Your Personal Injury Lawsuit Worth in Richland Hills, TX?

    There are several factors that can influence what your case is worth. Some questions to ask when determining the value of your lawsuit include the following:

    • How many medical expenses did you incur?
    • How much medical treatment will you require in the future?
    • Did you have to miss work because of your injury?
    • How has your injury impacted your quality of life?
    • How much property damage did you sustain?
    • Do you share some of the blame for the accident at issue?

    Each case is unique. It is difficult to determine an average value for personal injury settlements. You can contact our experienced personal injury attorneys for help evaluating what your claim is worth.

    What Types of Personal Injury Cases Can Our Lawyers Handle?

    Our attorneys can handle a wide range of personal injury lawsuits. For instance, our legal team has experience dealing with all of the following types of cases:

    • Vehicle accident cases
    • Medical malpractice cases
    • Construction accident cases
    • Dog bite cases
    • Nursing home abuse cases
    • Slip and fall accident cases
    • Oil rig accident cases
    • Birth injury cases

    Those who are injured as the result of other peoples’ negligence should call our law firm for help obtaining the financial compensation they are owed.

    Personal Injury Victims in Richland Hills, TX May Contact Our Attorneys for Support

    If you were hurt because another person acted negligently, seek support from our legal team at The Queenan Law Firm. Speak with our experienced personal injury attorneys by dialing (817) 476-1797.