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    People sometimes underestimate how common bus accidents are. These accidents tend to be far more severe than typical crashes, and injured victims might have substantial damages and injuries.

    Grand Prairie has somewhat limited public transportation of its own, but buses may still pass through the area. Grand Prairie is between Dallas and Fort Worth, and numerous DART buses or intercity buses pass through town all the time. Numerous private bus lines or charter buses also come through the area. If you are hurt in a bus accident, you can sue the bus driver and even other drivers who played a role in causing the collision. Do not forget to include the bus company, as they might be vicariously liable. If the bus company is a public entity, talk to your lawyer about how and when to start your case, as the rules might differ. Damages may include numerous economic and non-economic injuries, and punitive damages might be on the table.

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    Possible Bus Accidents in and Around Grand Prairie

    Public transportation is less available in Grand Prairie compared to larger cities. There are no public bus lines to get people around town. Instead, the city has an on-demand ridesharing program called Via Grand Prairie. While these vehicles are technically part of public transportation, they are more like vans than buses.

    Even so, other public transportation buses might pass through town. Grand Prairie is situated right between Dallas and Fort Worth, two major cities in Texas. As such, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) buses may pass through town. There might also be intercity buses on the roads in and around Grand Prairie.

    A big reason why bus accidents are so dangerous is because buses are very heavy and difficult to maneuver. Buses have a hard time safely making sharp turns to coming to a sudden stop. If this happens, the bus could swerve, topple over, or slam into other vehicles.

    Who You Should Hold Responsible for Your Grand Prairie Bus Accident

    Determining whom to sue in your lawsuit for a bus accident is a crucial step in your case. For some, the defendant is obvious. For others, there might be multiple defendants blaming each other and causing even more confusion. Our bus accident lawyers can help you determine who should be responsible for your injuries.

    First, you can sue the bus driver involved in the accident. The bus driver is responsible for driving the bus with reasonable safety under the circumstances, obeying the traffic laws, and making sure the passengers on the bus remain safe and unharmed. Many bus accidents are the direct result of bus driver negligence. Even minor traffic violations like speeding or turning without signaling could cause a major bus accident.

    We should also examine other drivers involved in the accident for liability. For example, the bus driver might have been speeding, and a car in front of them cut them off without signaling, causing the bus driver to slam the brakes and crash. In that case, the bus driver and the driver in the other car may be held responsible.

    We cannot overlook the bus company that employed the bus driver. Many bus drivers work for private companies, like Greyhound or Megabus. Many others work for public transportation networks. If you end up suing a public entity for a crash with a public transportation bus, talk to your lawyer immediately. Governmental entities and organizations often enjoy some level of immunity, and there might be tighter deadlines and notice requirements.

    Possible Damages You Can Recover in a Grand Prairie Bus Accident Case

    Much of your damages will be based on the money you spend because of the accident. Bus accidents are not just dangerous. They are also very expensive. Medical bills might be off the charts. The more severe your injuries are, the higher your medical costs may be. Remember, injuries in bus accidents are known for being very harsh, and damages in this area might be substantial.

    You likely took time away from your job to recover after the accident. If your employer did not cover this time, you might have lost a lot of income. You might still be unable to work, and you might still be losing valuable income. You may claim any current and future lost earnings as part of your economic damages.

    Do not forget about the pain and emotional distress you endured. Your injuries might have been very excruciating. The pain might still be lingering. You might be left in chronic pain for years to come. On top of physical pain, we must account for psychological suffering. Bus accidents are traumatic. Many people might have been hurt, and the accident scene was probably frightening, to say the least. The defendant should pay for these painful experiences.

    How Our Attorneys Can Help You Through Your Grand Prairie Bus Accident Case

    Just starting the lawsuit may be very difficult, especially if you are still in pain and recovering from injuries. Your lawsuit starts with a formal complaint. The complaint contains a list of allegations against the defendant, explanations of the accident, reasons why you believe the defendant is liable, and much more. Hire a lawyer to help.

    You must include all your damages in the complaint. Otherwise, they might not be compensated. On top of all that, you need to present at least some evidence. While you do not need enough evidence in the complaint to prove your case, you need enough to show your claims have merit. Your attorney should have experience drafting and formalizing complaints, and they can help you through this process.

    Your attorney can also help you gather the evidence you need to start your case. This might include investigating various possible sources of evidence, like the accident scene, witnesses, and medical records. As your case progresses, your lawyer can help you obtain additional evidence as it is discovered.

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