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accident lawyer


A North Texas accident law firm providing skilled legal help for injured victims.

Being involved in an accident that causes you serious injury is bad enough, but it is even worse if the accident occurred because of someone else’s negligence. Knowing that your pain and suffering was avoidable leaves many people feeling justly angry.

Luckily, the law provides remedy for these situations. Even though nothing can undo the accident and its effects, you can assert your rights and seek compensation for all of the damages you endured. Queenan Law helps accident victims in the Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston and surrounding area use the law to seek justice for their injuries in the form of settlement compensation. We ready ourselves to conquer all of the challenges your case presents. Learn More


Contract Disputes

Representing clients when they are harmed by individuals or companies and covers such claims as medical expenses, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, mental and physical pain and suffering, and disability. Our personal injury cases include automobile accidents, defective medical device claims, slip, trip and fall injuries, products liability, and insurance disputes and claims. We also represent clients who have been sued for personal injury/wrongful death, which gives us a balanced and fair approach to litigation.

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collaborative divorce


Protecting your best interest

When you face the dissolution of a marriage, there are many decisions to make that impact your life and that of your family in the short and the long term. Often spouses find themselves using emotion to fuel their thinking and rationale. When it comes to protecting you and your family, you can rely on us. The lawyers at Queenan Law Firm in Arlington, Texas provide legal representation for all types of family law cases in Family Court. We work with you through this emotional time to ensure your needs and the needs of your children are met so when you need to make decisions about your children, finances, the family home and more, this is the time you need a cool head — and an experienced family law attorney to explain the law, your next steps and the consequences of your decisions.

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Queenan Law Firm attorneys represent plaintiffs with personal injury claims in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas and the State of Texas, and other compelling cases across the country.

Queenan Law Firm attorneys represent plaintiffs with personal injury claims in Arlington, Fort Worth, Dallas and the State of Texas, and other compelling cases across the country.

The practice operates under the belief that a society thrives when justice prevails. Every member of our Arlington law firm is devoted to his or her role to advance fairness for the firm’s clients.

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car accident attorneys

car accident attorney


Every year, thousands of innocent victims suffer serious injuries because of defective products that have an unsafe design, come with insufficient warnings or instructions, or are fraudulently marketed. Injuries can range from minor lacerations to catastrophic brain and spinal cord injuries, and defective products can range from simple devices or substances used in the home to construction site products and industrial equipment.

Manufacturers have a responsibility to produce and market products that are safe and that carry adequate instructions and warnings about their use. When a manufacturer fails to live up to this responsibility, serious injuries and even death can occur. At Queenan Law in Arlington, Texas we know the dangers of defective products, and every product liability attorney at our firm has extensive experience in helping victims obtain the full compensation they deserve. Learn More


Seeking justice for your loss

Wrongful death cases involve devastating and catastrophic circumstances that change the lives of our clients forever. Queenan Law Texas lawyers take the utmost care to handle these matters with due sensitivity and fight vigorously to see justice served on behalf of our clients.

When a fatal and avoidable accident occurs in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington or Houston, surviving family members and spouses have legal cause to sue for wrongful death. We help clients prove that the accident was both unavoidable and caused the death as we examine the facts from all angles.

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