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    Victims of all kinds of accidents, assault and battery, work injuries, car crashes, and more could be entitled to substantial compensation for their injuries.  Our attorneys work with you to gather evidence for your case, fight insurance companies getting in the way of your claim, and even file lawsuits in court to get you the compensation you need.

    Victims could be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses, any wages they missed while the injury keeps them from working, and pain and suffering damages – which could be substantial.  Never accept a low-dollar settlement or take money from insurance before talking to a lawyer about what your case could be worth.

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    Types of Personal Injury Cases We Help with in Austin, TX

    A “personal injury” case is really any case that involves physical, mental, and emotional injuries.  More technically, most injury cases are filed as “negligence” lawsuits, where you allege that the defendant hurt you by failing to follow some legal duty they were required to follow.  This can easily be illustrated by examples like a car crash where the defendant was speeding or medical malpractice cases where the doctor’s care fell below the standard of care.

    Although you usually base your claim on negligence – which essentially means an accident or carelessness – you can also sue for recklessness or intentional actions.  If you were hurt by the defendant’s reckless actions, it will still meet all of the standards for a negligence claim but potentially help you claim additional punitive damages.  If the defendant intentionally injured you, you might have grounds for an assault and battery claim or a claim for some other type of “intentional tort.”

    Most injury cases our personal injury attorneys handle fall into one of the following categories of cases:

    Car Accidents

    Accidents involving two or more cars are some of the most common injury cases.  Our injury attorneys can help you file your claim in a court of law, even if the defendant has insurance that might be able to pay.  In most cases, the insurance company will ultimately settle the case, but it might take the pressure of a lawsuit before they give in and pay what they owe you.  Do not take the insurance company’s first offer to be an accurate calculation of damages.

    Truck Accidents

    Trucking accidents are often more serious because of the sheer weight and size of the truck that hit you.  Our lawyers break these cases out into a separate category because the lawsuit is often filed against the insurance company instead of the individual driver.  When this happens, there are different standards we have to prove, such as that the driver caused the crash while working within the scope of their duties or that the trucking company did something wrong in the hiring process or while maintaining their trucks.

    Other Auto Accidents

    Other accidents – like bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, scooter accidents, and more – also have different considerations to take into account.  For example, if you were hit while riding a bike on the sidewalk vs. on the street, it might make a difference in your case.

    Slip and Falls and Trip and Falls

    If you fell down because you tripped over an unmarked hazard or slipped on a dangerous floor, you could potentially have a case against the property owner that failed to keep you safe.  If your injury happened in a restaurant, store, supermarket, or other business, you could be entitled to sue the business for your injuries caused by their staff’s mistakes.  If you were hurt on private property, such as at a friend’s house or in an apartment building, you may have a case directly against the property owner.

    Other Property Injuries

    Dangerous surfaces and tripping hazards are not the only dangers on peoples’ and businesses’ properties.  If you were injured by something like a full or partial collapse, a fire, drowning, a fall from a missing/broken railing, or even electrical hazards, our attorneys can help you file your case against the property owner and their insurance company to get your injuries covered.

    Assault and Battery

    Although assault is a crime that your assailant could be charged with, you can also file a civil injury case for assault and battery.  In a civil sense, assault covers being put in immediate apprehension that you will be injured, and battery covers actually causing you injury.  For example, if someone points a gun at you but does not fire, that is assault but not battery; if someone cocks back a fist and punches you, that is assault and battery; if someone slips something into your drink without you seeing it, that is battery but not assault.  Our lawyers can figure out what specific grounds you have to sue and file the proper claim against your assailant.

    Medical Malpractice

    If you were hurt because your doctor or other medical provider made a mistake or failed to follow the standard of care in your treatment, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

    Product Defects

    If a defective or dangerous product injured you, our attorneys can help you file a claim against the producer, manufacturer, or seller of the product to recover compensation.

    Work Injuries

    If you were hurt at work, Texas law does not necessarily require you to use Workers’ Compensation.  Many workers can opt out of the system, protecting their right to sue their employer for injury.  There are also various exceptions that apply to injured workers, allowing them to sue and recover full compensation for lost wages and pain and suffering – damages that are reduced or blocked through insurance.

    Wrongful Death

    If your loved one was killed in any of the accident types listed here or because of another type of injury, our lawyers can help you file a claim to seek justice for their death.  These cases are often important because they can help your family have the financial security to move forward after losing a loved one’s financial support.

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