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    Whiplash is one of the most common injuries associated with car accidents. While TV shows and movies might give you the image of people with neck braces showing up to court, whiplash is a more serious injury than most people understand, and it can lead to permanent pain and discomfort.

    If you or a loved one suffered a whiplash injury in an Arlington car accident or some other type of accident, call The Queenan Law Firm today. Our Arlington, TX whiplash injury lawyers represent victims of serious accidents and whiplash injuries, and we fight to get them compensation for the harm they suffered from the at-fault drivers and other responsible parties. For a free legal consultation on your potential case, contact us today at (817) 476-1797.

    Whiplash Injuries and Causes in Arlington Accidents

    Whiplash is an injury to the neck from a sudden whipping motion. This injury affects most of the different types of tissue in the neck, from the muscles and tendons to the ligaments and even the bones. These injuries often involve strains and sprains and potentially even tears. Although “whiplash” is seen as one thing, it can actually involve multiple injuries of different types, all culminating in pain, tenderness, discomfort, reduced range of motion, and stiffness in the neck.

    The whipping of the head is what causes this kind of injury, with ligaments and muscles suddenly stretching, then suddenly contracting again. These injuries can often occur in a split second, and then not hurt much for a few hours. In many cases, it is only later when the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other tissue begin to tighten back into shape that you discover the intense pain and stiffness common with whiplash.

    Car accidents are a common cause of this kind of whipping motion. Although headrests or “head restraints” work to keep your head from whipping backward, it can still whip forward, and you can suffer whiplash that way. These injuries are even more common in rear-end car accidents. However, whiplash can also occur in other accidents, such as falls from heights, slip and fall accidents, assaults, other vehicle and boating accidents, and more.

    Suing for a Whiplash Injury from an Accident in Arlington, TX

    If someone else was responsible for the accident that caused your whiplash injury in Arlington, TX, they can often be held liable for any injuries or damages that result from the accident. This means that the at-fault driver in a car accident can be held responsible for whiplash injuries you sustained after they hit you, and owners of a slippery store aisle can also be responsible if you suffered whiplash in a fall in their store.

    To hold another party accountable for your whiplash, you must prove that they caused your injuries through intentional acts or through negligence. If you were assaulted or otherwise intentionally injured, any results of the attack – including whiplash – can be claimed as damages. In an accidental injury case, you must show that the following elements were met to get damages for your whiplash injuries:

    1. The at-fault party owed you a duty.
    2. They breached that duty by failing to use reasonable care or skill in carrying out the duty.
    3. The breach of duty caused your whiplash injuries.
    4. You can prove the whiplash injuries and other damages you suffered in the accident.

    The duty and breach elements will depend heavily on the facts of the situation. In a car accident case, the at-fault driver is usually responsible because they broke some law. If they were speeding, following too closely, texting and driving, or violating another statute, you might be able to sue to hold them accountable. If there were no traffic violations, then you might still be able to say that they were driving unreasonably or that they did not use the proper care or skill behind the wheel, causing the crash.

    In a different type of accident case, other duties might be at issue. For instance, property owners have a duty to make sure that guests are safe from dangerous conditions on their sidewalks, and people who fall because of unsafe railings or slippery floors could suffer whiplash injuries and other harm.

    Damages for Whiplash Injuries in Arlington, TX Lawsuits

    The damages you can claim in your Arlington, TX whiplash injury case will depend heavily on the harms that you suffered. Your whiplash injuries might only be a part of your case, and additional injuries like broken bones and back injuries can make a claim worth more in damages. However, whiplash itself often causes significant harm and damages in a case.

    Many whiplash injury victims do not actually make a full recovery. This leaves many victims with ongoing symptoms of stiffness, reduced mobility, and pain in their neck for the rest of their lives. As a permanent injury, this could cause ongoing pain and suffering, leading to potentially high pain and suffering damages.

    On top of the damages for the pain and suffering, you might need medical care or ongoing physical therapy to treat the injury and manage the symptoms. You could also face difficulty at work. Especially in the immediate aftermath of the injury, you might be unable to return to work. On an ongoing basis, you might have to take a lower-paying job, reduce your hours, or reduce your physical work tasks to compensate for chronic pain. You might be entitled to claim damages for all of these medical care costs and lost wages.

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