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    Whiplash injuries are commonly associated with car accidents and affect thousands of individuals across the country each year.  Whiplash can occur in other types of accidents, but car accidents – especially rear-end accidents – are some of the most common ways victims receive whiplash injuries.

    If you or a loved one suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident in the Fort Worth area, call The Queenan Law Firm today.  The Fort Worth whiplash injury lawyers at our law offices handle cases on behalf of injury victims, fighting to get them the compensation they need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering related to whiplash injuries.  For a free legal consultation on your potential case, call our attorneys today at (817) 476-1797.

    Information on Whiplash Injuries for Fort Worth Accident Cases

    Whiplash is not necessarily one specific injury, but rather a combination of strains and sprains in the tendons and muscles in the neck.  Damage to the soft tissue and cartilage in the neck often results from back-and-forth whipping motions of the head, gaining the name whiplash.  Often, the initial movement of the head puts stress on the neck and the muscles, tendons, cartilage, etc., and then the muscles tensing and retracting the head and neck in the opposite direction cause additional damage.

    These injuries are very common in situations where the victim moves around without proper support of the neck and head.  Car accidents are one of the most common places for whiplash injuries because headrests (also sometimes called “head restraints”) stop your head from moving backward in a crash, but there is nothing except an airbag or the dashboard stopping your head from tilting forward.  Especially in rear-end crashes, the head often snaps backward first as your body is pushed forward by the seat of your car, causing whiplash injuries when your head swings forward.  Whiplash injuries can also occur in slip and fall accidents and other accidents.

    Suing for Damages for Whiplash in Fort Worth

    Many people think that they can only sue for life-changing or debilitating injuries.  In reality, any injuries can justify a lawsuit – or at least an insurance claim – for compensation.  When you sue for damages in an accident case, you need to prove who injured you, what they did wrong to lead to your injury, and what damages you suffered because of the whiplash.

    To prove that the at-fault party was responsible, you must provide evidence of the accident and how it happened.  In a car crash, the evidence can include your testimony, statements from any witnesses, any video of the crash, and photos of the scene and the damage.  In other accidents, the evidence and the form of the proof you provide will often be quite different, but your testimony about what happened is usually a core piece.

    To prove the damages you suffered, you will usually provide documentation about medical bills and lost wages.  In many whiplash cases, victims will need X-rays, MRIs, and other tests and scans to diagnose their injuries.  The cost of medical bills can be very high.  On top of that, the wages you miss during your recovery can be tracked through pay stubs, financial statements, and more.  These lost wages can be higher for people who cannot do physical jobs involving lifting or carrying while they recover from their injuries.

    The damages for pain and suffering can be higher than people might expect.  While many times, more serious injuries lead to higher damages for pain and suffering, moderate injuries like whiplash can also cause substantial suffering.  A large portion of people who suffer from whiplash never fully recover from their injuries and will face lifelong discomfort and pain because of their injuries.  This can often lead to substantial compensation for the injuries you faced.

    Should I Settle a Whiplash Injury Case in Fort Worth

    Lawsuits often take a long time to complete and get the victim the compensation they need.  Many injury victims will, instead of waiting to take a case to court, settle the case with the at-fault parties.  When you settle, this can get you damages faster, but the value of the settlement might be reduced.  This compensates for the fact that avoiding trial saves both sides time and resources, including legal fees and the cost of preparing for trial.

    Before settling a case, it is vital to talk to a lawyer.  If the defendant’s insurance company tries to settle the case, they might offer very low settlement amounts that do not include compensation for pain and suffering.  Accepting one of these settlements might mean missing out on some of the most important damages in your case.  Whether an insurance company is involved or not, the at-fault party might also push to have the damages reduced too low to account for your needs.  It is important to have a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer who represents you and your best interests calculate the damages for you instead of relying upon the calculations of the at-fault parties or their lawyer.

    Fort Worth Whiplash Attorneys Offering Free Consultations on Injury Cases

    Call The Queenan Law Firm for help with your potential whiplash injury case.  Our Fort Worth whiplash injury lawyers offer free legal consultations so our clients can learn more about their potential injury cases and how to proceed with a claim.  For your free case consultation, call our Fort Worth and Texas personal injury lawyer today at (817) 476-1797.