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    Injuries in an Airbnb can involve slip and falls, falls from height, electrocution, drowning, and even bed bug bites. Many people may assume that after an injury, you would sue Airbnb for the injuries you faced, but you typically sue the private individual or company that owns the rental property and hosts it on Airbnb.

    The Fort Worth Airbnb accident injury lawyer at The Queenan Law Firm can fight your case, investigate what happened, look into who owns the property, file a lawsuit against them, and seek the compensation you need. Contact our lawyers at (817) 476-1797 today to set up your free consultation.

    Suing for Injuries at a Fort Worth Airbnb

    After facing injuries on another person’s property, the law in Fort Worth allows you to file a lawsuit against them to hold them liable for their negligence. In these kinds of injury cases, it is important to understand whom you file the case against, how Airbnb is involved, and what you need to prove to get compensation for your injuries.

    Whom to Sue

    Airbnb hosts own or rent properties that they list on Airbnb. These property owners or operators are ultimately the ones responsible for the conditions on the property, so you would ultimately sue these parties for any problems with the premises that cause bodily injury.

    In cases where the host owns the property, they are typically the only party to hold responsible for the property’s conditions (unless they employ some kind of maintenance or cleaning service). In cases where the Airbnb host is actually a renter, they are usually responsible for conditions in the Airbnb instead of the property owner. If your injuries did not actually occur inside the rented Airbnb property, but in shared spaces outside the unit, another party might be responsible for those injuries. These kinds of accidents could be the responsibility of an apartment building owner, condominium association, or other property owner.

    How Airbnb Handles Injury Cases

    When discussing whom you sue for injuries at a Fort Worth Airbnb, notice that we did not include Airbnb itself as a company. Airbnb’s job is to connect guests and hosts and manage things like customer reviews and payment. They also provide insurance for hosts in some cases, but this does not mean that Airbnb is actually a party to the rental.

    Obviously, Airbnb may be held responsible for problems processing payments or answering customer complaints, but when it comes to injuries at rental properties, the owner or operator of the specific property is usually responsible, not Airbnb.

    If Airbnb provides the host with insurance, their insurance policy should step in and provide the property owner with a lawyer and pay for damages that the court awards the victim. This helps ensure that victims can get paid what they are owed but does not make Airbnb an actual party to the lawsuit.

    Proving Airbnb Injury Cases

    To hold a property owner responsible for your injuries, you need to show a judge and jury that they breached a legal duty they owed you and that that breach of duty caused your injuries. In most “premises liability” cases like these, the duty that the owner owes the guest is the duty to repair, remove, or warn about hidden dangers on the premises. Preventing an unreasonable risk of injury is absolutely necessary or else the courts can hold property owners accountable for the injuries.

    When you file an Airbnb injury case with our Fort Worth Airbnb accident attorneys, we will investigate the dangerous condition that led to your injuries. This kind of danger often involves broken or damaged features on the premises (furniture, railings, power outlets, etc.). We can then prove how this dangerous condition caused your injuries based on your testimony about how the accident occurred.

    We must also prove to the courts that the owner knew about or should have known about the dangerous condition. Property owners are expected to check their properties periodically. For Airbnb operators who own multiple properties, things can fall through the cracks, and guests can be put at serious risk of injury. Our lawyers work to get victims compensation from these kinds of negligent owners.

    Compensation You Can Claim in a Lawsuit for Airbnb Injuries in Fort Worth

    If you faced injuries because of a dangerous condition or feature on someone else’s property, the courts can order them to pay for any damages and harm that the accident caused. As a victim, you will need to provide the court with evidence, such as financial records, medical records, and – perhaps most importantly – your testimony about how the injuries affected your life.

    Most cases revolve around “compensatory” damages for medical bills and lost wages. Serious injuries can require victims to spend time in the hospital and may require surgery, especially for severe head injuries or injuries to the neck and back. The victim could also spend time out of work, even for moderate injuries like broken bones or sprains. In any case, the resulting economic harm can lead to compensation.

    You may also file for noneconomic harms such as pain and suffering. Talk to an attorney about how to calculate these damages and prove them in court through testimony about your experience.

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