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    Traffic laws stating that all drivers need to come to a complete stop at a red light have very few exceptions or excuses for not following these laws.  Drivers who run a red light, whether by accident or on purpose, are typically at fault for any car accidents resulting from their error.  If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident caused by a driver who ran a red light, call The Queenan Law Firm today to discuss filing a personal injury lawsuit.

    The Houston red light car accident lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm handle cases on behalf of injury victims and work to get them just financial compensation for their injuries.  For help seeking justice in your case, call our law offices today to schedule a free legal consultation.  Our number is (817) 476-1797.

    Compensation for Red Light Car Accidents

    If you or a loved one was injured because another driver ran a red light, you should be entitled to full compensation for the injuries, vehicle damage, and other harm you suffered because of the crash.  In many car accident cases, the damages paid through insurance policies are too low to cover the damages you faced in full, and these policies typically do not cover pain and suffering damages.  Instead, you should speak with a lawyer about taking your case to court to seek full compensation.

    When you file a lawsuit for injuries in a car accident, you can claim the full value of damages you suffered.  This includes the full cost of medical expenses, lost wages you missed during recovery, reduced earnings caused by disabilities or long-term injuries, and the pain and suffering your injuries cause you.

    Accepting damages through any other process might mean blocking certain damages.  First, insurance payouts typically do not cover pain and suffering and may not pay for other financial harms either.  Second, if you are offered a settlement from the insurance company or the driver directly, this settlement might be too low to cover your expenses if they are working to reduce their damages or save money.  Most importantly, any money you accept from the at-fault party or their agents might be legally considered a “settlement,” and accepting a settlement blocks your right to sue in court.  Because of this, it is important not to trust the settlement offers or insurance payouts without consulting an attorney and learning what your case should be worth.

    In cases involving serious long-term injury or death, the compensation you deserve should be quite high.  Talk to an attorney for help understanding what your case should be worth.

    Proving Fault in a Red Light Car Crash

    After an accident, your injuries may be severe, and your car could be severely damaged or totaled.  Fortunately, the circumstances surrounding a red light car accident usually place the fault clearly on the driver who ran the red light.  This can make proving your case simpler and help you recover the maximum damages you might be entitled to.

    To prove another driver was at fault for a car crash, you must prove that they were “negligent.”  Negligence in a car accident case has four main elements:

    • The driver owed you a duty.
    • The driver breached that duty.
    • That breach of duty caused you harm.
    • The harm you suffered includes damages the court can compensate you for.

    In many car accident cases, the duty is defined by traffic laws or common safe-driving practices.  The laws surrounding red lights are unequivocal: you must make a full stop and yield to all other cars if you have a red light.  While you can turn right on red as long as there are no signs to the contrary, you must still stop and yield first before pulling out.

    Any time that a driver crosses into the intersection while the light is red, they are likely responsible for the crash.  If they skid on wet or icy roads, circumstances may be different – but in most cases, the court will clearly side with the driver who had a green light when the accident occurred.

    Your testimony and the testimony of any witnesses, passengers, or even the other driver, should report enough information for the jury to rule in your favor.  Additional evidence from traffic cameras, photos of the scene of the crash, and photos or the damage to the vehicles can also help them determine how the accident occurred and who is at fault.

    To seek compensation in court, you must also prove the damages that you suffered.  This means using medical bills, bank statements, and other financial records to show the costs you face.  Your testimony can help demonstrate how severe your pain and suffering was.  In the case of a loved one’s death, paperwork can show the cost of funeral expenses, lost wages, and other economic damages, and your family’s testimony can speak to the intangible harms, such as loss of companionship.

    Call Our Houston Red Light Car Accident Lawyers for a Free Legal Consultation

    If you or a loved one was injured in a car accident caused by a driver running a red light, talk to a lawyer about your case.  Although the at-fault driver may offer you a settlement or their insurance company may cover some of the damages, these payments may not be enough to cover your needs.  For a free legal consultation on what your case is worth and how to maximize your damages, call The Queenan Law Firm’s Houston attorneys for accidents caused by running a red light.  Our number is (817) 476-1797.