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    Dog bites and animal attacks from safe, well-trained pets are extremely rare. In many cases where someone is bitten by a dog or attacked by an animal, there are warning signs or a past history of dangerous behavior that puts the dog owner on notice that the animal was dangerous. If the owner fails to take the proper steps to keep people safe from their dog, then they could be responsible for any injuries their dog causes.

    If you or a loved one was injured in a dog bite attack in the Fort Worth area, call The Queenan Law Firm today. Our Fort Worth dog bite injury lawyers represent victims of dog bites and their families in lawsuits against owners of dangerous dogs. For a free legal consultation and help with your potential case, call our lawyers today at (817) 476-1797.

    When Can You Sue for a Dog Bite Attack in Fort Worth, TX?

    Many people discuss laws as “dog bite” laws, but in many cases, these laws and the ability to sue for an animal attack extend beyond just dogs or just bites. This means that many victims of animal attacks can sue for injuries, whether they were from a dog or another animal that caused them serious injuries. They can also sue for attacks beyond just bites, as many people are pushed down or severely scratched by animals without being bitten per se.

    The dog bite law in Texas is a “one bite” rule established in the Texas Supreme Court case Marshall v. Ranne (1974). This “strict liability” rule means that any prior dangerous incidents with a dog put the owner on notice that the dog is dangerous. In practice, the “first bite” does not have to be an actual bite, and other aggressive action should also put the owner on notice that the dog is dangerous and that they need to take all precautions they can to avoid a bite. If they do not, the bite victim can sue them for the attack.

    As further evidence that this rule applies not only to dogs but also to other dangerous domestic animals, the incident in question in the original Marshall case was actually a hog attack. This rule could be extended to other domestic animals as well. If a person happens to have a non-domestic animal, it is possible that they could be responsible for any attack since they should know that it is dangerous to have a wild animal in captivity.

    In most cases where a dog causes serious injuries to a person, it is not the first time the dog has been shown to be dangerous. Many dog owners will get away with multiple dangerous incidents before their dog seriously injures someone, further emphasizing the dangerous failure to act on the owner’s part. This “one bite” rule helps victims who are attacked by dogs that are known to be dangerous, but it also should not be seen as a way for the owner to get off the hook for a first-time attack, and victims may have other grounds to sue for those attacks.

    Damages for Injuries from a Dog Bite in Fort Worth, TX

    If you were attacked by a dangerous dog or other domestic animal, you could be entitled to financial compensation from the dog’s owner. In many dog bite cases, the physical injuries can be quite severe and require medical treatment. They could even lead to time off work to help with recovery. Further, the ongoing pain and suffering of an injury could involve severe mental and emotional effects. These could all result in financial compensation.

    Medical Bills

    Many dog bite attacks involve wounds that require stitches to close the wounds and antibiotics to prevent infection. Victims could also suffer broken bones and other damage from the bite itself or from falling down while being attacked. In many cases, severe back and head injuries are also possible, potentially resulting in substantial medical expenses, rehabilitation, and other care needs.

    Lost Wages

    If any of the injuries listed above keep you from being able to go to work, you could be entitled to have your lost wages covered in a lawsuit. This can help you get compensation while you recover, or, if the injuries involved serious head injuries or other limitations that prevent you from working anymore, you could be entitled to ongoing lost earning capacity damages as well.

    If you rely on your appearance for your job, such as work as an actor or performer, scarring from a dog bite could entitle you to additional lost wage and earning capacity damages.

    Pain and Suffering

    The physical pain and discomfort of bite wounds, broken bones, and back and head injuries can be severe. In many cases, the emotional and mental effects of these injuries are even worse. Many victims of dog bite attacks find themselves afraid of dogs or other animals for a long time, and moving forward after an attack can involve PTSD symptoms and other effects of mental anguish and emotional distress. These can all result in increased damages in a personal injury case for dog bite injuries.

    The possibility of severe scarring can also lead to additional damages for harm to your appearance after a dog attack.

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