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    Making an effort to reduce your gas consumption and stay healthy by riding a bike should be rewarded, but many cyclists in Odessa and across the country are instead faced with unsafe streets and drivers that refuse to yield to them.  In some of the worst cases, bicycle riders face accidents that leave them with serious, long-term injuries, paralysis, and even fatal injuries.

    If you or a loved one was involved in a bike accident in Odessa or the surrounding areas, call our Odessa, TX bicycle accident lawyers for help with your case.  The Queenan Law Firm’s injury attorneys work with victims of bicycle accidents and their families to hold dangerous drivers accountable.  We can file lawsuits and insurance claims to seek compensation for your injuries to help get your life back on track.  For a free legal consultation on your potential case call us immediately at (817) 476-1797.

    What to Do After a Bike Accident in Odessa, TX

    Immediately after a bicycle accident, your first priority should be to get to safety and get medical attention if you need it.  If you are able to do so, move to the side of the road and call 9-1-1.  If the EMTs say you should go to the hospital, go to the hospital and accept the care you need to prevent further injury or treat serious wounds and internal injuries.

    After the immediate shock of the accident goes away, you may find yourself in pain.  Adrenaline can mask the pain of even some of the most serious injuries, and your body’s natural flight or fight response might keep you from spotting signs of concussions or brain injuries, such as disorientation.  Seek follow-up care with a doctor as necessary.  This can help ensure that your injuries are properly documented and that you receive the care you need.

    If you can get information at the scene of the crash, make sure to collect contact information for any drivers or witnesses involved.  You should also get insurance information from all drivers and, if any of them were commercial drivers (such as taxi drivers or truckers), find out what company they work for.

    If you were severely injured in the accident, you may be able to collect some of this information later from police reports.  You should also hire a lawyer as soon as you can so that they can investigate the crash and collect any missing evidence or information.  Some evidence – such as security camera footage that might have captured the accident – may be overwritten or discarded quickly, so it is important to act to preserve the evidence right away.  A lawyer can send letters and requests to help ensure evidence and statements from witnesses and defendants are available for trial.

    What to Expect in a Bicycle Accident Injury Case in Odessa, TX

    When you are injured, you may have multiple routes to recovery.  Bicycle accidents are vehicle accidents, so it is possible that the at-fault driver’s car insurance will be able to cover your injuries.  Other insurance, such as homeowner’s insurance, might also cover accidents that happen outside the home.  Your lawyer can guide you through the process and help you file any insurance claims that are appropriate after a bike accident.  However, one of the best options for recovery might be to file a lawsuit in a court of law in Odessa.

    Personal injury lawsuits can often compensate a wider range of damages than insurance claims can.  Insurance claims are typically limited in the amount they can cover, the percentage of full damages the policy will pay, and what damages the insurance policy covers in the first place.  Typically, only payments for property damage, medical bills, and lost wages can be claimed (except in cases involving death, which may also allow damages for funeral expenses and such).  In a lawsuit, damages may be available at their full value, plus damages for pain and suffering and other related damages could also be claimed.

    An attorney can help you understand your chances of filing a successful claim by analyzing the evidence you have, the injuries you faced, and the circumstances of the crash.  In many cases, analyzing who was at fault is an important first step in deciding how to pursue damages in your case.  In the worst case, your insurance might pay damages, which may require a deductible – but in the best case, a lawsuit might have the at-fault driver cover your damages in full.

    Determining Fault in an Odessa, TX Bicycle Accident

    Fault can be determined in a bike accident by looking at what each party was doing leading up to the crash and what the law says about those kinds of situations.  Drivers who violate traffic laws and cause accidents while speeding, running a red light, changing lanes without signaling, or driving under the influence can typically be found at fault for the crash.  Other mistakes – such as failing to keep an eye out for cyclists – could also be enough to hold the driver responsible, even if there was no specific traffic violation.

    Many bike accident cases involve drivers in cars, trucks, and SUVs that fail to share the road with bikers.  In some cases, cyclists also make mistakes, such as failing to signal or running stop signs.  The court takes the “totality of the circumstances” into consideration, and a jury can ultimately assign partial blame to each party, allowing you to get damages even if the court says you were partly at fault.  Talk to an Odessa bike accident lawyer about who was at fault in your bicycle accident case.

    Contact Our Odessa Bike Accident Injury Lawyers for a Free Case Consultation

    After an accident, it is important to work with an injury attorney to help you get the compensation you need.  For a free legal consultation, contact The Queenan Law Firm’s Odessa, TX bicycle accident lawyers today at (817) 476-1797.