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    Oil field workers face a risk from injury no matter what their role is.  Roughnecks, derrick hands, drillers, and even transportation workers all face a risk of injury at an oil field.  If you are injured, you could be left with injuries that make it hard to pay for your medical bills and support your families while you are recovering.

    Many oil workers can sue their employers and other negligent parties for their injuries.  An experienced Arlington, oil field injury lawyer can help you by gathering evidence, putting together complaints, filing important court documents, negotiating for compensation, and arguing your case before a judge and jury.

    If you were injured while working at an oil field, call the Arlington oil field injury lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm today.  We offer free case reviews to help you understand your options and what your case might be worth.  Call us at (817) 476-1797.

    Examples of Oil Injury Accidents You Can Sue for in Arlington, TX

    Many accidents on oil fields leave victims with serious injuries and damages that they need compensation for.  In many of these cases, the injury victim can sue the parties responsible for their injuries.  The following are common types of accidents that you may be able to sue for with the help of an Arlington oil field injury attorney:

    Drilling Injuries

    Workers who operate the drill, clear mud, and make sure the drill is in working order are all at risk of injury at an oil field.  The massive torque power and strength of the machinery used to drill can easily cause serious injuries to people near the drill.  This is especially true if the drill malfunctions or if hits material it cannot break through, leading to catastrophic equipment failure.

    Pumping Injuries and Blowouts

    Oil pumps are under high pressure, and the equipment needs to be in working order to prevent injuries.  Broken seals, misaligned joints, and operator mistakes can lead to serious injuries, especially in the presence of sparks.  Talk to an Arlington oil field injury lawyer about whether these injuries can be blamed on an employer or an equipment manufacturer.

    Fires and Explosions

    Oil fires and explosions are incredibly dangerous.  Not only are fires hard to stop if they start near the well itself, but workers are also covered in oil and could be seriously injured if anything near them lights them on fire.  Tool sparks are usually caused by mistakes and deficiencies in safety training, meaning that someone is likely responsible for these accidents.

    Transportation Accidents

    A surprising number of injuries happen because of transportation accidents at a drilling site.  If workers park their cars and are driven across the field to the drill site, the drivers that ferry them around the site need to be ready to react to uneven terrain.  They must also be alert and ready to drive even after long shifts or during late work hours.  Vehicles must also be in proper working order to keep workers safe.


    Accidents also happen on oil fields that might not be a direct result of the oil drilling process.  Unsafe areas lacking railings and safe places to walk can easily lead to trip and fall accidents.  Workers could also fall from machinery, vehicles, or other high places.

    Toxic Exposure Injuries

    Oil extraction often leads to exposure to benzene and other dangerous chemicals.  Inhaling many of these chemicals can be dangerous in high concentrations, and inhaling materials like silica can cause acute or long-term injury.  If you are not given proper respirators and other safety gear, inhalation of these chemicals could be seriously dangerous for your health.  Exposure to silica, the oil itself, and other materials can also be irritating to your eyes or skin, potentially causing injuries.

    Suing for Compensation After an Oil Field Injury in Arlington

    Oil workers in Arlington and throughout Texas are often entitled to sue for compensation for work injuries.  Workers’ compensation rules often prevent workers from suing their employers, but Texas law allows workers to opt out of workers’ compensation at their job.  In fact, employers can also opt out of workers’ comp., so you might not even need to make any choices in the matter if your employer has already opted out.

    When you sue for injuries, you need to prove that the defendant in your case did something wrong that led to your injuries.  An employer can often be held liable for unsafe working conditions, especially where OSHA violations and other safety oversights are the cause of the injury.  Employers are required to properly train employees in a language they can understand, provide them with safety gear, and ensure that proper steps are taken to make sure machinery and work sites are safe.  Failing to do so could put an employer at fault, opening them to a lawsuit.

    You may also be able to sue third parties, such as a negligent equipment manufacturer.  Many injuries are caused by defective safety gear, heavy machinery, and other equipment.  This might not be your employer’s fault, but it is potentially the manufacturer’s fault.  Your Arlington oil field injury lawyer can help you identify the right parties to sue and file your case for you.

    Damages for Oil Field Injury Claims in Arlington, TX

    When you work with an Arlington oil field injury lawyer, your attorney can help explain what damages you can claim in your case.  Damages are often unique to the situation at hand, but most injury victims sue for medical bills, missed wages, and pain and suffering after an injury.  You may also be able to claim damages for any other economic harms you face, such as the cost of installing wheelchair ramps in your house or additional medical expenses for rehab and physical therapy.

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