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    Our attorneys have a diverse range of litigation experience.  With decades of combined experience, our attorneys never balk in the face of a difficult case, and are always willing to go to court to protect our clients’ rights.  Whether you need an advocate who can help you exercise your rights or someone to help defend against claims, our attorneys can help. The best contracts, agreements, and practices are those that plan for problems in the future.  When you come up against a legal obstacle or opponent that your plans did not account for, take your case to an experienced Arlington TX business litigation attorney.

    Types of Matters Our Arlington, TX Business Litigation Attorneys Handle

    For both small businesses and individuals, our attorneys may be able to help with a wide range of corporate and business affairs. The following list contains just a few of the business legal matters that our Arlington, Texas business litigation attorneys have successfully represented:

    Contract Disputes

    When you enter into a contract, that document may control your legal rights, your financial risks, and your livelihood for years to come.  Depending on what the contract is for, it may be able to predict the possible outcomes and dictate each party’s rights and responsibilities under each outcome.  When contract drafting goes wrong, people end up in court.  When contracts fail to account for rights changing hands to other parties, failures to uphold your end of the bargain, or unexpected technicalities, the only way to resolve the contract may be to go to court.

    Unfortunately for many individuals and small businesses in Arlington, Teas, the contracts they sign with large, multi-state and multi-national corporations may be unfair.  Your chance for recovery may require invalidating or reforming clauses that control your ability to go to court or the states that are allowed to hear your case.  Surprising effects may occur when signing these contracts without first seeking legal advice.  Ultimately, if your contract case needs to go to court, it is important to have an experienced advocate in your corner.

    Real Estate

    In the Arlington area, the real estate industry is always making big moves.  The contracts that businesses need to acquire property or rent space means that there are always attorneys working on both sides of the transactions.  If your company is looking to purchase commercial real estate, make sure to have an attorney work with you on your contracts.  If you already had agreements in place, but circumstances changed and now you need to end the agreement or protect your rights under the contract, a business litigation attorney may be able to help.

    Oil and Gas Disputes

    Touching, in part, on real estate transactions is the wide world of oil and natural gas production.  When new pockets of gas, oil, or other natural resources are discovered on property, there can be a race to buy and sell that property.  Often, the contracts that enforce these purchases come into question later when it comes time to pay for the property.  Your property rights might have been violated by unfair or predatory practices.

    Even more common are disputes regarding the piping, producing, or shipping of natural gas and oil products.  Often, the ability to profit from gas and oil production is limited by how much of the resource you can move.  Because of this, Texas has numerous pipelines that pump resources across the state and across the country.  The property concerns involved with these pumping stations, monitoring stations, and land use can have a grave impact on the property owners and those in the surrounding areas.  Protecting your property from predatory land buyers and the obnoxious effects of nearby production facilities can often mean taking your case to court.


    No one plans to lose money when they open a business, but so many companies ultimately end in bankruptcy.  If your business is going under, an experienced attorney may be necessary to help you protect your finances and recover from bankruptcy.  Depending on how your business is organized, you may be able to protect your individual assets from your business’ bankruptcy.

    Instead of filing for bankruptcy in Arlington, whether as a business or an individual, you might have other options.  Our attorneys can help you seek alternatives to a bankruptcy filing that might be able to keep you in the black.  If you do need to file, we may be able to help you recover the assets you need to hold onto.

    Arlington, TX Business Litigation Lawyers Offering Free Consultations

    No matter what your business litigation needs are in Texas, our Arlington business litigation attorneys may be able to help.  Contact the Queenan Law Firm today for a confidential, free consultation on your case.  Call (817) 476-1797 today.