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    If you shared any children with a former spouse, the issue of child custody and care likely arose during divorce proceedings. If one spouse retains custody of the children from a marriage, the other spouse will likely have to pay child support. If you are concerned with the amount of child support that you are required to pay, you should consult with an experienced Arlington, TX child support modification lawyer.

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    How to Modify Child Support in Arlington, TX

    Child support is typically awarded to a parent that has full or primary custody of a child. As a result, the other parent will have to pay a certain sum of money to the parent. A court orders child support in order to ensure that a supporting parent is providing for the ever-growing needs of a child, like healthcare or the costs of education.

    Before understanding how modification of child support is accomplished, it is important to know many circumstances can affect the costs of child support:

    • The salary of a parent ordered to pay child support
    • The age of the child or children
    • How often a parent spends time with a child
    • Whether a spouse is also being paid spousal support
    • How much is being used for childcare expenses

    Eligibility for Child Support Modification

    If you are seeking to modify your child support payments, there are two ways that child support modification in Arlington, TX is allowed. A payer of child support can establish eligibility for a payment modification if the child support order was modified or established more than three years ago, and the amount of support awarded is 20% or $100 different than the amount that should be awarded under Texas child support guidelines.

    The second way that a parent can be eligible for a modification to their child support order is if the parent has a “material and substantial change” that happened since the last child support order. There are multiple circumstances where the court may deem that a material and substantial change occurred:

    • When the noncustodial parent’s income has been increased or reduced
    • The noncustodial parent has had other children or has become financially responsible for other children
    • A recent change to a child’s medical insurance coverage
    • A child or multiple children have changed custodial parents

    Changing a Child Support Order

    In Arlington, TX, there two processes that a parent can use to alter a child support order:

    • Having an in-office negotiation, also referred to as a Child Support Review Process (CRSP)
    • Having a court hearing

    It is important to note that if two parents make an informal agreement regarding child support, the agreement will not be honored unless it is approved during the CPRS or in a court hearing.

    Length of Time for a Child Support Modification

    There is no current timetable for the length of time that a child support modification may take. Under some circumstances, the court may require additional information regarding various issues. For example, if a parent has commenced employment with a new company, the salary of the parent will have to be verified.

    If both parents can agree on matters regarding child support, it would be wise to have a CRSP to establish the details of the agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached between parents, the matter of child support will have to be handled in court.

    The Outcome of Child Support Modification

    Many parents begin the child support modification process in Arlington, TX in the hopes that their child support payments will be reduced. However, many do not suspect that the outcome of the modification could be that the court increases their child support payments.

    As mentioned, there are a number of factors that can affect whether a parent’s child support payments will be increased or reduced. The primary factor is the salary earned by the noncustodial parent. Even a modest increase in salary could result in a parent paying more costs for child support.

    If you are concerned that your child support payments could be increased, you should speak with an experienced attorney regarding the issue. Our firm can examine the details of your case and help determine the appropriate way to proceed during child support proceedings.

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