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Trucks are needed to transport various materials and items between hundreds of locations. Truck drivers are often under pressure to deliver shipments to their destination on time. However, in the course of accomplishing their job, there is a lot that could go wrong and lead to a truck accident. If you were injured after being struck by a truck while driving in Denton, Texas, our Denton truck accident lawyers would like to offer you our legal services.

When it comes to serious truck accidents, The Queenan Law Firm is aggressive in all stages of litigation to get our clients the results they deserve. After being in a truck accident that has likely had a great impact on your life, you need a Denton truck accident lawyer that will fight for you. To schedule an appointment for your free consultation, call our law offices at (817) 476-1797.

Injuries Often Sustained in Truck Accidents in Denton, TX

When a passenger vehicle collides with a truck, it is practically inevitable that the victim will leave the scene with at least one injury; in some cases, the injury may even prove to be fatal. The reason that many victims sustain injuries in truck accidents is due to the differences in weight, size, and strength between cars and trucks. For example, a commercial truck could weigh over 20,000 pounds, whereas a passenger vehicle would typically weigh around 4,000 pounds. As a result, a crash between the two could mean that the passenger car is easily destroyed, and the driver and others in the vehicle are placed in great danger.

Here is a list of some common injuries that are linked to truck accidents:

Broken Bones and Fractures

Broken bones are highly common during truck accidents because the impact of the crash creates too much force against the victim’s body. The truck collision may also push the victim around the car and cause them to hit multiple surfaces, which could cause a bone fracture. For instance, if a victim’s hand slams into the steering wheel during the crash, they may fracture various bones.

Crushing Injuries

As mentioned, the weight of a truck far exceeds that of a car. As a result, when a truck crashes into a car, the occupants of the car may be crushed under the truck or between the truck and another object. Under these circumstances, the victim may have a crushed hand or other crushed extremities if they were pinned inside the vehicle during the crash.

Brain Injuries

A victim of a truck accident may also develop a brain injury if their head hits objects in the car or is struck by debris. Brain or head injuries are especially dangerous because they could cause memory loss, hemorrhaging, and even paralysis.

A victim could also sustain one or more of the following injuries:

  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Spine injuries
  • Sprains and strains

Speak with a Denton truck accident lawyer to explain your injuries and how you could receive damages for them.

Causes of Truck Accidents in Denton

There are a plethora of reasons why a truck driver may negligently cause an accident. If you believe any of the following scenarios apply to your truck accident case, contact a Denton truck accident lawyer to explore your legal options.

Driving Under the Influence

No person should be behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated. This recklessness is especially dangerous for truck drivers as they have the potential to injure many motorists on the road.


When a truck driver follows too close to a vehicle, also known as tailgating, they significantly increase their chances of causing a rear-end accident. Unlike cars, trucks need several feet in order to stop safely. This means that a tailgating truck would cause a collision if the vehicle they are tailgating needs to stop suddenly.

Inexperienced Truck Driver

If a truck driver is not properly trained on how to operate their vehicle, they will be prone to make a number of mistakes. For example, the truck driver may attempt to drive on a road that is too small for the vehicle to safely traverse. Under other circumstances, the truck driver may exceed the speed limit when driving in inclement weather, which could also be hazardous.

Liable Parties for a Truck Accident

A plaintiff in a truck accident lawsuit could name multiple defendants to the case. For example, the truck driver that caused the collision would be an obvious party to hold liable for damages. However, there could be other defendants depending on a variety of factors.

If the truck driver was an employee of a company, the plaintiff may be able to name the company as a defendant. However, if the truck driver was working as an independent contractor, this may pose some problems to the plaintiff.

If you are not sure about what parties may be liable for your truck accident, you should contact our skilled Denton truck accident lawyers that could aid you in your pursuit of damages.

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