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    Natural gas pipelines are often some of the most efficient and safe ways to transport natural gas.  However, leaks and problems with the pipeline can result in explosions and other accidents that are dangerous and often deadly for workers.

    If you or a loved one works on a natural gas pipeline and was injured in a serious accident, contact the Arlington, TX natural gas pipeline explosion accident lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm.  Our attorneys represent injury victims and their families, and we may be able to file a lawsuit against the natural gas pipeline and the operators to get you compensation for your injuries, lost wages, and other damages.  For a free legal consultation, call us today at (817) 476-1797.

    Types of Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion Injuries

    Workers on natural gas pipelines can be seriously injured in the event of an explosion.  Working with natural gas has inherent risks of fires and explosions, but these injuries are often far worse than the workers bargained for.

    Serious explosions can cause substantial burn injuries.  These burns can range from first-degree burns, which are similar to a sunburn, to third-degree burns, which often cause nerve damage and tissue death.  While the injuries themselves can be extremely severe, the medical treatment can also be quite painful.  Skin grafts might be necessary to restore skin to the affected area, requiring long healing periods, medical procedures, additional healing, and intensive medical care.

    Other injuries from fires and explosions can involve injury from the smoke.  Natural gas typically burns without smoke, which means that the fires might not cause substantial smoking to the point that someone near the fire can suffer smoke inhalation injuries, but other materials near the pipeline can burn and create smoke.  The fumes that come off some of these materials while they burn can also cause injuries.

    Other injuries can also be sustained in the fallout of the explosion.  Crews sent to stop the fires and repair the damage might be injured by lingering fire, secondary explosions, falling debris, collapsing pipeline structures, and other risks.

    Suing a Natural Gas Company for Pipeline Explosion Injuries in Arlington, TX

    If you were working for a natural gas company or the pipeline company when the explosion occurred, you may have suffered substantial injuries.  In many cases, workers in Texas are required to file injury claims under their workers’ compensation plan.  This means that they might be barred from suing in court and would instead receive damages to cover a certain portion of their lost wages and medical treatment by an approved doctor.  However, this might fall short of covering their full damages.

    Fortunately, Texas law typically allows workers to opt out of workers’ compensation within a few days of starting a new job.  If you opt out, your right to sue might be protected.  That means that in the event of an injury from an explosion or fire, you might be entitled to file a lawsuit instead of relying on workers’ compensation to cover your injuries.

    In order to get compensation in a lawsuit, you will first need to prove that your employer or another party responsible for the pipeline explosion was negligent.  This negligence can usually be proven with evidence that they failed to keep workers safe by properly maintaining the pipeline, providing workers with proper safety gear, and ensuring proper training.  Many pipeline explosions often happen because of leaks and erosion over the years, which the pipeline company fails to properly address and repair.  If there is evidence that they knew about the risks and continued to put workers in danger, they could be required to pay substantial compensation to the injured workers.

    Other people injured in natural gas pipeline explosions might also be entitled to sue for damages.  If you live or work on land that a pipeline passes through, you might be entitled to sue for injuries if the pipeline explodes and causes you severe injuries or property damage.

    Damages in a Pipeline Explosion Lawsuit in Arlington

    Victims of natural gas pipeline explosions might face a long road to recovery.  The medical treatment required to treat serious burns and other injuries related to a natural gas pipeline accident could be expensive.  In addition, the injury victim might be unable to return to work, meaning that they cannot afford to support themselves and their families.  Lastly, the injury victim will typically face severe pain and suffering.  These damages and more can typically be claimed in a lawsuit for a pipeline explosion filed against a natural gas company.

    The cost of medical care can be claimed in full to cover the treatments you need.  These damages can be some of the most absolutely necessary damages you need covered after an accident, and suing might be the best way to get these damages covered in full instead of relying on workers’ comp.

    Damages for lost wages can be paid to cover the full value of wages you missed while recovering from your injuries.  If you are unable to make a full recovery and you will be out of work for the foreseeable future, you can also claim damages for the ongoing lost wages and lost earning capacity the injury will cause you.

    Damages for pain and suffering can cover not only the physical pain you face but also the psychological effects and mental anguish of a severe injury.  Burn injuries are often very visible, and they can make many activities and tasks difficult, which often results in higher damages for pain and suffering.

    Other damages, such as additional damages for the loss of a loved one, might also be available in your case.  Talk to an Arlington injury lawyer to learn more about what your claim might be worth.

    Call Our Attorneys for Natural Gas Pipeline Explosion Accidents in Arlington, TX

    The Arlington natural gas pipeline explosion lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm have decades of experience representing injury victims and working with oil and natural gas workers and their families to fight for compensation after serious injuries.  For a free legal consultation and help understanding your right to sue and what your case might be worth, call us today at (817) 476-1797.