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    In this day and age, many vehicles are equipped with a variety of technology that could distract a person. In addition, there are many other items, such as cellphones, that could cause a person to look away from the road at crucial moments. When a person is injured due to another driver being distracted, they could pursue that driver for compensation. If you or a family member was involved in a car crash due to a distracted driver, you should consult with an experienced Arlington distracted driving accident lawyer.

    The Queenan Law Firm, P.C. is here for you in your efforts to recover compensation in your distracted driving accident case. Our skilled legal team recognizes the many types of severe accidents that may occur when a driver is not paying attention to the road, and we are ready to aid you in seeking damages for your injuries and other losses. To make an appointment to go over your potential case, contact us by calling (817) 476-1797 for your free consultation. We may also be contacted online to schedule a free case evaluation with one of our skilled attorneys.

    Common Reasons for Distracted Driving Accidents in Arlington, TX

    A distracted driver is a dangerous individual that many motorists must, unfortunately, share the road with every day. Once a driver does not pay attention to the road, there are various circumstances where they could easily cause an accident that could injure motorists or pedestrians. Here are some widespread reasons explaining how a driver may become distracted and cause a serious car crash.

    Cellphone Distractions

    When a person is driving, the last activity they should be performing is using a cellphone. When a driver uses a cellphone, they often become unaware of their surroundings. One of the most dangerous activities a driver could do on a cellphone is texting. When a driver decides to text, they will have to place most of their attention on their phone, which could lead to a rear-end accident or could cause the driver to ignore a traffic light. If available, a driver should always use the hands-free mode for cellphones that are equipped to many vehicles.

    Driving with an Unsecured Pet

    Many drivers travel with their pets for vet visits, vacations, and many other reasons. When traveling with a pet, it is important that the driver ensures that the pet is secure within a cage or other device that will keep the animal from moving throughout the vehicle. Unfortunately, some drivers may allow their pets to roam through the car, which could cause a serious crash if a pet sits in their lap or decides to get close to the pedals.


    On a commute to work or another important event, a driver may recklessly decide that they could perform self-grooming while still making it to their destination safely. Unfortunately, tasks like applying makeup or brushing hair could distract a driver just enough that they could cause an accident.

    Negligent Use of GPS or Radio

    It is normal for many drivers to adjust their music or use GPS when traveling to unfamiliar places. However, drivers should always make an attempt to only do these actions once it is safe to do so. Failing to look at the road for long periods of time for the purpose of adjusting music or using other in-vehicle technology may be the reason for a serious crash.

    Disciplining Children

    Every parent or guardian understands that children may not always act ideally within the confines of a vehicle. However, a driver should be sure that disciplining or speaking with their children does not take precedent over vehicle safety.

    There are countless other scenarios where a driver could become distracted and cause a serious car crash. To gain more knowledge about filing a lawsuit for a distracted driving crash, you should call our Arlington distracted driving accident attorneys.

    Filing Deadline for a Distracted Driver Accident Lawsuit in Arlington, TX

    Victims of an accident caused by a distracted driver should consider filing a lawsuit against the person that caused their car crash. When pursuing a car accident claim against a distracted driver, you should know that you only have a limited amount of time to file your case against the negligent driver because of the statute of limitations.

    This law regulates the length of time that a potential plaintiff possesses to file their lawsuit in the State of Texas. If the plaintiff is not able to bring their claim within the timeframe allocated by the statute of limitations, the plaintiff’s case could be barred or permanently dismissed.

    In Texas, a plaintiff must file their distracted driver lawsuit no more than two years after the crash happened. Any uncertainty about the filing date for your lawsuit or beliefs about a deadline exception should be discussed with an Arlington distracted driving accident lawyer as soon as possible.

    Consult with an Arlington, TX Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

    If you or a loved one sustained injuries due to the actions of a distracted driver, you should speak with an experienced Arlington distracted driving accident attorney. The Queenan Law Firm, P.C. recognizes that a victim’s life could change after a serious car accident, and we believe that you should be well compensated for your injuries. To make an appointment for a free case evaluation to weigh your legal options, call our car accident lawyers in Arlington at (817) 476-1797.