A List of Private Adoption Agencies in Texas

Private adoption is one of the most popular ways to adopt a child.  In Texas, getting a private adoption typically means meeting with the adoption agency, working with them to match you with a child, and working to prove you are a fit parent for adoption.  Throughout this process, you may still need to consult with an adoption attorney who can help you get the court documents prepared and file the necessary paperwork with the court adoption agency to finalize the adoption and set you up as the child’s official parent.  But first, you need to find an adoption agency to work with.

The Dallas adoption lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm have compiled this list of private adoption agencies in Texas to help you start your search for a child.  This does not mean that we personally endorse any of these – and other lists might show more adoption agencies beyond these ones.  Once you have chosen an adoption agency, or for help finding a public adoption agency, contact our lawyers for help with your adoption case.

Using a Lawyer for Adoption in Texas

In many cases, to get your adoption completed and grow your family you will need to go to court to finalize the adoption process.  Working with an attorney can help you make sure that all of the rules and procedures are followed throughout the adoption process to protect your rights and help you complete the adoption.  A lawyer can advocate for your rights and your future child’s rights, working to bring you together.

Adopting from a Private Adoption Agency in TX

Adoption through a private adoption agency is just one of the options you have.  In a private adoption, the adoption agency will work to ensure you have all the necessary qualifications according to their standards.  Many private adoption agencies can use their own standards that public agencies might not use.  For instance, if the private adoption agency is affiliated with a church or a particular religion, they may require any adopting parents to follow that religion and promise to bring their new child up in the faith.

Choosing an adoption agency will often be the hardest part.  Texas has over 100 private adoption agencies listed on its website, and picking between them can be a difficult decision.  Talk to an attorney who has experience dealing with private adoption agencies in your area.  They might have insight into how smooth or rocky the process was working with various adoption agencies in the past.

Other Options for Adopting a Child

Aside from private adoption agencies, there are other options for adopting.  The cost and time requirements might vary depending on what route you take, but it is important to consider all of your options before choosing to adopt from a private adoption agency.

Public adoption agencies are another important option for many parents seeking to adopt.  These work similarly, but they are administered by the government instead of private groups.  Moreover, you may consider adopting through a foster program, where you can get permission to bring a foster child into your house, potentially as a stepping stone on the path toward adoption.

Lastly, there are many options for interstate or international adoption.  While Texas has plenty of children looking for homes, other states have kids who need good homes, too.  You may be able to adopt a child from another state, working with private or public adoption agencies and attorneys in those states.  Moreover, adopting a child from another country is an option as well, but it is typically the most expensive option.  Getting a child from another country often means flying to that country, working with their local adoption agency, working with your adoption agency at home, working your case through the courts at home, and finalizing the adoption.  This may require travel to the child’s home country multiple times, and these adoptions are more likely to fall through.

Whichever route you choose to take, you should always consider working with an experienced adoption attorney to help guide you through the process.

Listings for Adoption Agencies in Texas

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services hosts the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange on its website.  This page lists private adoption agencies and foster agencies in various regions of the state.  If you are in the Arlington-Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex or the Houston areas where our offices are located, you may be interested in any of the following adoption agencies:

These are by no means the only adoption agencies in Texas.  In fact, these aren’t even the only adoption agencies in the Arlington-Dallas-Fort Worth area, nor in the Houston area.  There are hundreds of agencies to explore, and you may be able to get more information about them online.  Also, note that our law offices have no affiliation with any of these agencies, and we are not endorsing any of them.

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If you are looking to adopt in Texas, our Dallas family law attorneys can help.  Whether you are planning on working with a private or public adoption agency, having a lawyer in your corner can help ensure you complete all necessary paperwork fully and honestly, and we can help advocate for you and your future child throughout the process.  For a free consultation with our attorneys, call The Queenan Law Firm today at (817) 476-1797.