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    Child custody disputes can be hard on the children and the parents involved. The fear of losing access to your children or not being able to have them live with you in your house can be incredibly stressful. If you are involved in a child custody dispute, it is important to contact a lawyer.

    The Fort Worth child custody lawyers at The Queenan Law Firm can stand up for you and fight to help you keep or regain custody. We can work to give you fair visitation rights, help you get the power to make decisions for your child’s upbringing, and work to keep your children at home. For a confidential legal consultation, call our law offices at (817) 476-1797.

    Types of Child Custody Disputes in Fort Worth, TX

    Child custody issues can arise in many situations, but any time they do, you run the risk of losing the opportunity to exercise your parental rights, make decisions for your child, or participate in their upbringing. Because of this, it is vital that you talk to a lawyer any time one of these situations arises:

    Custody Issues Without Marriage

    If you have children with someone you are not married to and then you move apart or never live together, you can go to court to get a child custody order dictating who has possession of the children and who has legal custody rights. In some cases where a parent is distant or not involved in the children’s upbringing, the court might try to strip away the parent’s custody rights, potentially leaving them with visitation only or with no parental rights.

    Custody Issues During and After Divorce

    If you are married to the other parent but are going through a separation or a divorce, then you might want to address the child custody issues at the same time. Our attorneys can also represent parents in divorce cases, treating their custody rights as one of the most important legal issues in the divorce case.

    Regaining Custody or Visitation

    If you have lost visitation or custody rights in the past, our attorneys might be able to help you regain these rights and restore your opportunity to spend time with your children and act as a parent. Many parents lose custody rights because of criminal activity, drug use, or abuse, but clear evidence that you are working to improve might help you regain custody rights. Our Fort Worth child custody lawyers can file for visitation or custody modification for you.

    Custody Disputes about Healthcare, Religion, Education, and More

    Once a custody agreement or order is in place, there can still be problems between the parents. Custody rights give you, among other things, the right to make decisions about important things in your children’s lives, including where they go to school, what religion they practice, what healthcare they can undergo, and more. These issues can be big points of contention, and one parent might file with the court to block the other parent from allowing their child to undergo surgical procedures, attend a certain school, or follow certain religious practices. Our Fort Worth child custody attorneys can help you file with the court and work out these issues through negotiations with the other parent and hearings with the court.

    Child Custody Enforcement

    If the other parent refuses to relinquish custody or give you the visitation and access that you are supposed to get under your child custody agreement, our Fort Worth child custody lawyers can take them to court and fight to have the court enforce your rights.


    If either parent wants to move themselves and their children a long distance away from Fort Worth or away from the other parent, they usually need to go to court to get approval. If the parents share custody (if they have a “joint managing conservatorship”), then it would be unfair or unfeasible to institute visitation over long distances. Our Fort Worth child custody lawyers can fight to help you move or work to restrict the other parents’ ability to move far away with your children.

    Adoption by a Parent’s Spouse

    If your child’s other parent seeks to marry or remarry, their spouse might eventually seek to adopt your children. Under Texas law, children can only have two parents, so adoption by a parent’s spouse would block the other biological parent from having many of the parental rights they had before. Our lawyers can fight to help you keep your kids and maintain joint custody/joint managing conservatorship rights in the face of a potential adoption.

    Custody Issues Against Third Parties

    Many parents face unfortunate situations involving addiction, disability, mental illness, bankruptcy, or criminal activity that end with the court or another individual seeking to take custody away from the parents. Whether you and the other parent are a team in this kind of dispute or there is only one parent involved in the child’s life, having the court try to put your kids in foster care or give custody to a grandparent or other family member can be a devastating blow to a parent. Talk to our Fort Worth child custody lawyers for help keeping your children from becoming wards of the state or being put into the foster care system.

    Call Our Fort Worth Child Custody Attorneys for a Confidential Consultation

    If you are having trouble keeping custody, regaining custody, or enforcing custody, or if you face any other child custody or conservatorship issues in the Fort Worth area, contact The Queenan Law Firm right away. Our Fort Worth child custody lawyers can fight to represent you and work to get, keep, or enforce parental rights and child custody rights in Texas. For your legal consultation, call us today at (817) 476-1797.