How is Fault Determined After an 18-Wheeler Accident in Texas?

There are many types of 18-wheeler accidents that can occur. For example, these trucks may be involved in rear-end collisions, rollover accidents, jackknife accidents, or head-on crashes. These accidents can lead to severe injuries and may stem from several different forms of negligence. Fortunately, victims can pursue monetary damages by filing lawsuits against at-fault parties.

Determining fault after 18-wheeler accidents in Texas is not always a straightforward task. There are multiple parties who can be held liable for such accidents. Our attorneys can help potential plaintiffs investigate their accidents, gather evidence, and determine who to sue.

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Who Can Be Held At-Fault for an 18-Wheeler Accident in Texas?

There are multiple parties who may be responsible for an 18-wheeler accident. After such accidents, our truck accident lawyers can help victims evaluate the culpability of the following parties:

Truck Drivers

First, many truck accidents happen because of careless behavior exhibited by truck drivers. For example, drivers can cause 18-wheeler accidents by speeding, driving distracted, or disobeying traffic signals. In any case, our attorneys can help plaintiffs hold truck drivers accountable for crashes they cause.

Trucking Companies

In certain cases, trucking companies can be held accountable for accidents caused by their drivers. For example, a trucking company may cause a crash by forcing their driver to break hours of service regulations, causing them to become tired and commit driving errors. Furthermore, a trucking company may cause an accident by improperly storing cargo or failing to perform maintenance on their vehicles.

After an 18-wheeler crash, you can contact our law firm for help investigating your accident’s source. Our attorneys can help determine if a trucking company is at fault.

Third-Party Drivers

In some cases, third-party drivers are responsible for trucking accidents. For instance, a devastating rollover crash may happen because a reckless motorist swerved out of their lane and in front of a truck driver’s path. Our Plano, TX truck accident attorneys can help find out if your 18-wheeler accident occurred because of negligent actions committed by a third-party motorist.

Manufacturers of Defective Parts

Lastly, some 18-wheeler crashes happen because of defective parts. For example, an accident may occur because defective tiedowns allowed cargo to shift during transit. Furthermore, a catastrophic rear-end collision may occur because an 18-wheeler was equipped with malfunctioning brakes.

Lawsuits filed against manufacturers of defective products can be complicated. Copious amounts of evidence are often necessary to prove fault. Fortunately, if you suffered an 18-wheeler crash caused by a defective part, our truck accident attorneys can help gather the information needed to win your case.

Evidence Used to Determine Fault for 18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas

There are several forms of evidence that may be used to determine who is at fault for an 18-wheeler accident in Texas. The following are all common types of evidence used by our truck accident lawyers:

Police Reports

After an 18-wheeler accident that causes an injury in Texas, the police should visit the scene to draft an official accident report. These reports often offer information that can help attorneys and insurance companies assign fault for crashes. For example, an accident report may contain an officer’s notes regarding how a collision occurred, statements from witnesses, or statements from drivers involved in the crash. If you were injured because of an 18-wheeler accident, you can call our truck accident lawyers for help recovering and reviewing a copy of your police report.

Trucker’s Driving History

Our attorneys will also review a trucker’s driving record when assessing fault for an 18-wheeler accident. If a driver has a bad driving history, then it may be used to establish a pattern of negligence and reckless driving.

Maintenance Records

Some 18-wheeler accidents happen because trucking companies do not perform proper maintenance on their vehicles. Therefore, maintenance records are another piece of evidence that can be used to determine fault. Our McKinney, TX truck accident lawyers can help review such records to determine if a lack of vehicle maintenance played a role in causing your crash.

Witness Statements

Witnesses can provide both written and oral testimony that explains how or why accidents occurred. For instance, an eyewitness may state that they saw a truck driver travelling at illegal speeds before causing an accident. In that case, the witness’s testimony could be used to determine the truck driver is at fault.

Accordingly, if you suffered a truck accident, you should attempt to retrieve contact information for potential witnesses if you can. Afterwards, our attorneys can provide support when reaching out for their cooperation.

Photos from the Scene

Additionally, you should take photos at the scene of your truck accident if possible. Photos from the scene of your crash can be used to identify contributing factors. Further, they can also be used to discredit defendant’s alternative theories of fault. For example, a defendant may state that your 18-wheeler accident happened because of poor road conditions. In that case, photos from the scene of your crash depicting adequate road conditions could be used to disprove the defendant’s assertion. During your free case review, our Denton truck accident lawyers can help review any photos taken at the scene of your crash.

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witnesses are considered experts because they have completed the requisite training, education, and experience in their respective fields. These witnesses are usually used to explain complex theories of fault. For example, an engineering expert may be summoned to explain how a defective tiedown led to a jackknife accident. Thankfully, if you suffered an 18-wheeler crash in Texas, our attorneys can help locate the right experts to support your lawsuit.

Victims of 18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas Can Call Our Law Firm for Help

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