What to Do if You Were Assaulted in a Rideshare in Texas

Many people feel unsafe riding in Ubers and Lyfts.  Background checks for drivers should help ensure that you are protected from potentially violent drivers, but this is not always a guarantee.  If you were assaulted as a passenger in an Uber or Lyft in Texas, there are some steps you should take to report what happened and seek justice.

After being assaulted or sexually assaulted by an Uber or Lyft driver, you should report the case.  You should also talk to an attorney about getting compensation and seeking justice for what happened to you.  Complex laws might not allow you to sue Uber or Lyft in every case, but you should still be entitled to compensation for what happened.

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Who Is Liable if I Am Assaulted in an Uber or Lyft in Texas?

Determining liability after an assault in an Uber or Lyft in Texas can be complex.  In many Uber and Lyft accidents, only the driver is responsible.  Uber and Lyft are not the actual employers of these drivers, so these companies cannot typically be sued for auto accidents their drivers cause.  However, assault is a different story.

When Uber and Lyft drivers start, they usually need to undergo screening and background checks.  Although Uber and Lyft might not ultimately be the employer, they still perform these rigorous checks to determine whether the driver will be safe to put alone in a car with passengers.  If they made mistakes or errors during this process, they can be held liable for those mistakes.

Even if the background check was clean and the screening process did not catch anything, the driver who assaulted you might have done so during a bad day or after undergoing recent changes or stresses in their own life.  That does not excuse what the driver did – and it might not excuse Uber or Lyft either.  Talk to an Arlington car accident lawyer if you were assaulted in an Uber or Lyft to learn more about filing a lawsuit against Uber or Lyft for your injuries.

The same is true of sexual assault, as opposed to physical assault.  Victims of unwanted touching or rape can also sue for what happened to them.  Non-physical acts such as sexual harassment or rude comments might not rise to the level that allows you to sue, but talk to an attorney anyway.  If the driver put hands on you in any way without your consent, that qualifies as assault in most cases.

Steps to Take After Being Assaulted in an Uber or Lyft in Texas

The first thing you should do if you were assaulted by an Uber or Lyft driver is call 911 and get to safety.  Many rideshare assaults take place at night or in secluded areas.  Get yourself to safety and contact the police for help.

Once police respond, they can arrest the driver who assaulted you and begin investigating.  If the driver has already left, you can provide the police with the name of the driver and the make, model, and license plate number because that is all contained within the Uber or Lyft app.

You should also make a complaint through your ridesharing app.  Notifying Lyft or Uber of the driver’s violence or sexual violence is vital to keeping others safe and showing that you are serious about your claim.

Next, contact a Dallas Uber and Lyft lawyer right away for help.

Why Should I Come Forward About Being Assaulted in an Uber or Lyft?

Many victims of assault or sexual assault fear coming forward.  They are afraid that they might not be believed, or that it might be embarrassing to admit what happened.  In any case, you were the victim of a crime, and you deserve justice.  Being strong and coming forward is the only way to make that happen.  Here are some reasons why you should come forward that might help you in your journey:

One important reason to come forward is to prevent future assaults from happening.  If Uber or Lyft receive reports that their rideshare driver assaulted someone, they will usually fire that driver.  That prevents that driver from getting into a situation in the future where they might assault or sexually assault someone else.  Your coming forward can help keep others safe.

Another reason to report what happened is that you might need compensation.  If you were beaten up by an Uber or Lyft driver, you could face serious injuries that lead to expensive medical care.  The same is true if you need medical care or psychological counseling after being the victim of sexual assault.  The best way to get these damages paid for is with a lawsuit against the driver.  Coming forward is the only way to make that happen.

Why Should I Hire an Experienced Uber or Lyft Sexual Assault Attorney in Texas?

Your Texas rideshare assault lawyer can help protect your rights and fight to see that justice is done in your case.  Although a criminal case against the assailant might lead to criminal penalties, it is also important that the victim is taken care of.  Our attorneys can fight to get you damages and payments for your injuries and the mental and emotional effects of what happened to you.

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