Who Is at Fault in a One Car Accident?

Not every accident involves two or more cars.  Sometimes, cars flip due to road conditions, drivers swerve because of animals on the road, or other drivers cause an accident without actually crashing, too.  These kinds of accidents leave drivers and those whose loved ones have died wondering what they can do.  Especially in situations where a passenger dies in a single car crash, there may be options for recovery.  Talk to a Dallas wrongful death attorney like those at the Queenan Law Firm, P.C., today for any personal injury claims, or any other car accident injury claims.

Injuries to Passengers in One Car Crashes

In many one car crashes, all occupants of the car are killed.  This is a tragedy, especially when it happens to young people or because of the driver’s drunk driving.  For these accidents, the family of the passenger – or the passengers themselves, if they survive the crash – can sue the driver for death or injury.
Many times, it can feel like your friends or family members are bad drivers, especially if you are used to being the one who drives.  In some cases, though, they truly are bad drivers, and their bad driving leads to your injury.  In worse cases, your child, parent, or spouse may pay the ultimate price for another driver’s negligence.
Drivers of a vehicle owe a duty to drive their car safely to protect passengers from injury.  In the case of taxis, busses, or other public transportation and common carriers, this duty to keep passengers safe is even higher.  When these drivers crash their car, especially if they are the only car involved in the crash, it often means they breached their duty to their passengers.  This is what lets the injured passengers or their surviving family sue the drivers.
These kinds of accidents may occur with public transportation, friends, or in vehicles used for work.  No matter how the injury occurred, there is usually insurance that can get the injured passengers the payments they need.  Often, getting full compensation requires talking to an Arlington car wreck lawyer, especially to understand what your case is worth.  Sometimes, it even means taking the insurance company and driver to court.

Injuries to the Driver in One Car Crashes

Proving that you, as the driver in a one car crash, deserve compensation from someone else is often a harder case than for a passenger.  When you crash your car, but it is not your fault, it may seem like no one believes you or is willing to help.  In these cases, it is important to talk to a car accident lawyer who can help you get compensation from the parties who actually are at fault.
Sometimes, car accidents are technically “one car crashes,” but someone else on the road caused them.  Sometimes, other cars, passengers, or pedestrians make sudden, dangerous moves that cause us to react.  Those individuals may avoid being a part of the accident, but their poor driving is still what caused you to swerve off the road, for example.  In those cases, those drivers should be made to pay for your injuries the same as if they were also involved in the crash.
In other single car crashes, the crash is caused not by your driving, but by a problem with the car.  Manufacturers and mechanics should be held responsible when their poor manufacturing or bad maintenance causes accidents.  Auto manufacturers issue recalls and change their products when they realize a design is unsafe or that the factory did something wrong.  Until this happens, though, unsafe car designs kill and injure many people.
Other times, the problems are from maintenance or faulty replacement parts.  Auto mechanics may use replacement parts without being aware that the manufacturer of the parts made a bad product.  In other cases, the mechanic might be the negligent one.  Most drivers are not car experts and rely upon mechanics to properly inspect and repair their vehicles.  If the mechanic does something wrong, the driver may not be able to tell until the car crashes or fails.
Even injuries from swerving to avoid road dangers or animals may have routes to recovery.  Your own insurance may cover injuries you sustain in either of these crashes.  For road issues, the local government who owns the roads may be responsible for road condition dangers.

Contact a Dallas-Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer

Even if your car accident involved only one car, you might still be entitled to compensation if the accident was not your fault.  Passengers injured in a one car accident, or the surviving family of passengers who were killed, may have a case against the driver in a one car crash.  To discuss your options with a free consultation, contact the Dallas personal injury lawyers of The Queenan Law Firm, P.C., today at (817) 476-1797.