Can You Sue After A Taxi Accident in Texas?

Each year, thousands of passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists suffer serious injury because of taxi drivers’ negligence. Unfortunately, obtaining compensation for the injured may be difficult without a lawyer.  Assigning fault is more complicated with multiple parties involved.  People harmed in taxi accidents may wonder if there is any legal remedy.

Fortunately, victims of taxi accidents can sue for their injuries.  Texans who have been injured in taxi accidents can recover for medical expenses and lost wages suffered during and after the crash.  Additionally, victims may make a claim for pain and suffering if they have experienced intangible effects such as physical pain, depression, emotional distress, or loss of their enjoyment of life.

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Who Do I Sue After A Taxi Accident in Texas?

If someone was injured because of a taxi accident, they can sue the taxi driver, the taxicab company, a third-party driver, or any combination of these.  Deciding whom to sue will depend on who caused the accident.  Texas uses comparative fault to determine who is liable for an accident.  Accordingly, this means that each party is responsible for its own percentage of an accident.  For example, if 60 % of the blame for an accident is placed on a taxi company and 40% on some other driver, the taxi company will be ordered to pay 60% of the damages caused by the accident and the other driver pays the other 40%.

Cases with multiple parties can be confusing.  Taxi companies will often be held liable for injuries caused by their drivers’ negligent acts.  However, there are exceptions, such as when a taxi driver violates a safety code.  After a taxi accident, the advice of a Dallas personal injury lawyer will be highly beneficial when deciding whom to sue.

Common Carrier Laws for Taxi Accidents in Texas

“Common carriers” are any people or companies that transport passengers or goods for a set rate.  Taxi companies and taxi drivers in Texas must comply with United States common carrier laws.

All drivers must exercise reasonable care and follow the rules of the road.  However, under Tex. Trans. Code § 5.001, common carriers are held to an even higher standard. Common carriers in Texas must use the utmost care while ensuring the safe transport of its passengers.  This means that taxi drivers must exercise more care than an ordinary driver.  Accordingly, behavior that may not be considered negligent for a regular driver can be deemed negligent for a taxi driver. A Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can explain common carrier laws and apply them to your case.

Steps to Take Before Suing for a Taxi Accident in Texas

There are important actions to take after taxi accidents in Texas that can assist in a lawsuit.  First, the victim should call 911.

The next step is to gather information at the scene.  If possible, a victim should gather the name, contact information, and insurance information of any party to the accident – including the taxi company.  A victim’s personal recollection of the accident may also be valuable.  In particular, victims should note the time of the accident, weather, and road conditions. Furthermore, the contact information for any witnesses to the accident should be gathered.  Witness testimony can help prove fault in a future lawsuit.

Additionally, victims should take photos of the scene.  Photos of the crash may assist in determining fault and will help prove any damages suffered.  A Houston personal injury lawyer can provide further assistance regarding what to do before you sue for your injuries.

What Happens in A Taxi Accident Lawsuit in Texas?

After being injured in a taxi accident, the victim must file an insurance claim.  However, insurance companies do not make it easy to recover damages.  They will hire doctors, lawyers, and private investigators to try and minimize the value of your claim.  However, a Texas personal injury lawyer can fight the insurance companies for you after a taxi accident.  A lawyer will be able to gather evidence, build a case, and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.  Therefore, victims of taxi accidents will have a higher chance of receiving a fair settlement if they hire a Texas personal injury lawyer.

Texas Laws on Taxi Accident Lawsuits

After a taxi accident, any people injured because of the accident will typically file a claim with the taxi company’s insurance company or the driver’s insurance company.  There are multiple rules to consider when filing your claim.

First, taxi drivers in Texas must carry at least $300,000 in liability insurance for medical costs in addition to $100,000 in accidental death coverage.  However, if the accident injured multiple parties, the insurance coverage may not be as high as a victim would expect.  It can be difficult for all injured parties to receive fair compensation after a taxi accident.  Furthermore, Texas claimants who are more than more 50% at fault for an accident cannot recover damages.

There are numerous other rules to remember when filing a lawsuit after a taxi accident in Texas.  Remembering all of them can be difficult.  The assistance of an Irving personal injury lawyer will ease victims’ stress by taking responsibility for their case.

Statute of Limitations for Suing for Taxi Accidents in Texas

In Texas, the time period to sue after a taxi accident is the same as it is for other types of vehicle accidents.  Victims have two years from the date of their taxi accident to file for damages.  However, in some situations, injuries do not present themselves until well after a crash.  Back, neck, and head injuries in particular may not show themselves for months after a wreck.  Victims of taxi accidents with these types of injuries may fall into an exception to the time limit.  A Texas personal injury lawyer can assist in filing your case.

If You Have Been Injured in A Taxi Accident in Texas, Our Lawyers Can Help

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