Can You Sue for a Car Accident in Texas if There Is No Visible Damage?

If you were involved in a car accident and faced serious injuries, you may understand that the amount of vehicle damage is not necessarily a good indicator of how “bad” the accident was. Even in relatively low-speed crashes where the cars aren’t damaged, you could still be injured. Never hesitate to talk to an attorney or call the police after a car accident if you are injured. Even if the cars don’t show much damage, your injuries are what are really important in a car crash. To learn about your options for filing a lawsuit for your car accident injuries, schedule a free consultation with the Arlington, TX car accident attorneys at The Queenan Law Firm.

Dallas Car Accident with No Damage

Many car accidents and “near misses” can still cause serious injury, even if your car is alright. Cars are designed to absorb impact, and may not show much, if any, damage for low-speed or minor car accidents. However, your body is not as sturdy.
If you were in another car when you were injured, you could still face injuries even if your car doesn’t show signs of damage. Low-speed car accidents may not even be sufficient to cause your airbag to deploy. In these cases, you could actually face more injuries without an airbag to cushion the crash.

If you were hit as a pedestrian or cyclist, there may not be damage to the car that hit you. However, when a person is hit by a car, the injuries always run the risk of being very severe. Without the protection of seat belts, car walls, windows, and crumple zones, you can face injuries from the initial impact, and more if you are thrown to the ground.

One of the most common injuries in a car accident is whiplash. Car accident whiplash injuries occur when your head is suddenly whipped back and forth. This sudden tension and retraction on your neck can cause damage to the bones, muscles, and tendons there. This injury may occur in only a couple of seconds, but the effects may last for years. Some whiplash victims face pain and discomfort for a prolonged period, but others continue to feel that pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives.

Do not think that just because there is little visible damage to the car that you cannot get your injuries compensated. The important part of a personal injury lawsuit is the injury, not the damage to the car. While damage to the car helps prove that it was involved in the accident, this is not necessary in every case.

Proving Your Car Crash Injuries with No Damage in Texas

One of the best tools for proving you were involved in a car accident is a police report. Police who respond to car accidents file reports of who was involved, how many cars, where the accident occurred, and other important information. These reports and your injuries are often enough to prove that you were involved in a car accident. You do not absolutely need vehicle damage to prove you were in a car accident.

To get compensation for your injuries, you must prove that the injuries had some impact on you. You can receive direct compensation for the pain and suffering resulting from the car crash. In Texas, unlike other states, there is no limit to how much compensation you can receive for these damages. However, you may be entitled to other damages, as well.

First, if you sought medical treatment for your injuries, you could get compensation for the medical bills. These can cover things like emergency transportation, imaging (X-Rays and MRIs), doctor’s exams, hospital visits, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and more. These expenses can become extremely expensive, even for less severe injuries.

Second, you may be able to reclaim lost income if you had to miss work during your recovery. If the injuries kept you out of work while seeking treatment or because the pain was too severe, you may be able to recover those lost wages. If your injuries were severe enough to keep you from returning to work, you may be able to get compensation for lost wages going forward.

Auto insurance may be able to pay for some of the damages from a car accident, but may not cover everything. Damages for pain and suffering may not be available unless you take your case to court. Do not accept a settlement from insurance or from the other driver until you talk to an attorney about your injury case.

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